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Bow escorts


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Bow escorts

Bow escorts – chapter 1

You will let me? – The question hung in the air a moment, Eve thought about it a few times.By no means was it for her nothing new. From time to time Jurek just come and ask. He fought so stable life with her husband and children that she could no worries Jurek give the keys to the apartment. She knew that nothing bad would come of it, Jurek too knew the rules.It began – so the truth – innocently. The situation with work in our beautiful country is not very interesting, regardless of whether you have a years experience two Bow escorts or twenty. Reducing what unnecessary – Eve despite the end of more than thirty years, a happy, if somewhat monotonous marriage and two children of school age, was far from stable lifestyle. Fortunately, though, that her husband had to work so uninteresting that no one wanted him from the position erode.But back to our story – one day, despite best efforts, in rainy, October morning Eve stood in line for office work. Leaden clouds whole sky seemed to hang just above the rooftops of surrounding blocks. To open the door was still plenty of time, still snaking long and silent. Automatic dispensers numbers were merciless to applicants waiting more than sitting behind the windows ladies – anyone who has been here more than once he knew that the incoming nine times scored after just run out. Therefore, long before the arrival of the first employee at the door of the office was setting up the tail worthy of communism. All signs in the heavens and the earth heralded the day as sad and gray hexagonal plates, which was paved square. Return to empty – children in school, her husband at work – home and will read the book, until the time comes to making dinner for having a load to the family home. Sometimes Eve thought to myself that precisely in such moments – alone with a favorite reading, in a quiet apartment on the fifth floor – is really happy. At least resting.I’m sorry, Eve? – Low voice broke her thoughts. She looked at the man standing behind her in a gray woolen coat. This slightly raised an eyebrow and smiled. His smile Eve opened a door in memories and remembered – herb. He changed a lot over these five years. When we worked together, she was Bow escorts less than thirty, he was almost fresh in his early twenties. He cut hair, got rid of earrings, shaved off his goatee, more ridiculous than swashbuckling. But the smile was the same. Slightly questioning, slightly mischievous.

Bow escorts – chapter 2

From that smile he started in total, all their knowledge – quite by chance, when – even as a new employee – Jurek was sitting in the canteen at the back and reading a book, Eve came there to take and your break. Well, Eve had one favorite hobbies – literature fantastic. Perhaps it would develop a passion for science fiction in general but household chores, working, raising children and husband – in fact, a good and loving man, but a terrible bore – meant that for Eve all ended up reading books and dreams of distant, imaginary worlds. And conventions. She was never even on those that took place a few streets away. Sometimes.Then, in the cafeteria, Jurek said its low, the radio voice. Do not remember the beginning of the interview, she remembered her merits: “I bet with you for a beer that lend you the book she read in one breath and in the morning ask for a second volume.” It was like a challenge, like a thrown gauntlet. Some Like It Hot, the bet as anything, and you can gain a lot – interesting reading for the evening. Of course, this facility took Eve.She lost. Honorably, giving the book and asking to borrow a second volume, Jurek also gave a bottle of Budweiser. So it was not that, as part of winning brings him some Bow escorts. From that day until he ceased to work in the shop – over a year later – Herb and Eve were lending each other books and spent their lunch break on the lovable talking about fiction. They differed. She preferred rather a fantasy, he excelled more in science fiction, but could recommend some titles due for taste. But past year, it’s been fourteen months, Jurek said goodbye to the company and – as it turned out – with Eve too. She knew that he plans to marry, remembered how glad that they got engaged. It was not a passionate farewell at sunset on a cliff. Just one day they said to themselves, “bye-bye”. It was not planned, nor was it the result of a great cataclysm – just as sometimes happens in life, that the sheer volume of different issues contact is cut off – Eve, and Jurek had never exchanged words for five years.And now he was here, in front of her – or her – shaved, cut, Bow escorts leather Ramones replaced the less flashy, gray October sky like a cloak. In addition to the whole image of the glasses came in solid, black-rimmed. Completely different man.

Bow escorts

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