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Brixton escorts


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Brixton escorts

Brixton escorts – chapter 1

About my friend Sabina told already in my previous stories, “The blue sneakers in bed” and “Sabinka in black vansach”. She was a teenager of average height with Brixton escorts dark hair, beautiful face, a pretty good figure and a charming disposition. We know each other for many years, and during the last school year we moved to the next stage of knowledge.In the middle of the holidays we agreed to meet. We decided to meet in a nearby grove. When I saw Sabinka was dressed in a black ballerina, short jeans and a green shirt. Sweetly she smiled at me and hugged in greeting. But I kissed her on the cheek. After a few weeks of the end of the school year, so after a few weeks since the last meeting, we had to talk over many different issues. We sat next to each other in the shade of trees, so that Sabina rested his back against the side of my body. At one point she sat on my lap and kissed me lightly on the lips. At once it smiled back. Then I slid his tongue into her mouth and began circling the language of my sweet friend. Then Sabina She returned my passionate kiss, harder to hug me.After a moment’s hand he slipped back to me with a friend on her ass, and then bare thigh. First, I began to grope them gently, then harder and harder to knead the fat sweet Sabinka. It apparently really liked it, because she began increasingly to sigh and stroked my hair. More and passionately we kissed and drowned their language in a passionate dance inside our mouths. After a moment I caught Sabina firmly on both thighs and stood up with her, I  on my hips. Sabina I leaned against a tree and continued kissing and touching her magnificent thighs and bum.After a while I slipped his hands behind his pants and pink panties my friend, and then I began to grope her after a great, firm tyłeczku. Then I decided to put her on the grass, then remove from her short jeans and panties. Yes I did. After a short time revealed to me a little hairy pussy my friend. I began to lick it slowly and relax your fingers. Sabinka more loudly sighed, with Brixton escorts her vaginal juices began to flow out of excitement. It was then that I began to delve into their language more and more into my friend. At the same time Macal and kneaded her firm butt.

Brixton escorts – chapter 2

After a short time Sabina picked me and started kissing. At the same time, hands  my ass and unbutton fly. When finally she succeeded, I slid off a short pants. Sabinka while pulled me black boxers and began to play with my hands, penis and testicles. Then he knelt in front of me and started to make me a blowjob. First he licked the head of my penis, would later put him deeper and deeper into his Brixton escorts mouth, so much so, that at times entered her almost to the throat. They both began to sigh loudly with excitement.When Sabinka did me good mouth drew attention to her black ballet shoes for barefoot, poorly tanned feet. I asked them to let me play with them. With delight she agreed. We sat on the grass, and my friend immediately took off her ballet shoes and put her feet on my face. I licked her feet with nails painted black. They were delightfully sweaty because of prevailing around the heat. Licked these cute, little feet between the fingers, ankles and the soles. At the same time sweet teenager sighed loudly with excitement.When she began her feet to make me well, I asked that she took off her shirt and white bra, so that I could watch her sweet boobs. I also stripped to the end. Then Sabinka again surrounded my penis its feet. At the time of doing footjob seen as Sabinka exciting tits bouncing. I was getting more excited, I felt that I was close to ejaculation. At the same time Sabinka feet pulled away and stood up, then picked up the well and her. I took out from his trouser pocket condom and put on one of them on the penis. I leaned my friend the tree, and then dynamically entered her, causing exciting cry.With further advancing Sabinka, our breaths were getting faster. We were getting close to a common orgasm. During sex Macala buttocks of my mistress, and she with excitement pierced her nails in my back. Suddenly I felt spasms moving Sabina. At the same time, and I ejaculated stream of hot cum. Sabina firmly embraced, and she did the same. Our bare and hot body strongly intertwined, and then Brixton escorts laid side by side on the grass. After some time stroking himself, we decided to dress up and make an appointment in the near future. And so it happened. Just before dispersing into the house Sabinka kissed on the forehead.

Brixton escorts

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