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Castelnau escorts


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Castelnau escorts

Castelnau escorts – chapter 1

I was in my second year of management and marketing in Wroclaw. We were creating, with a few colleagues from the Faculty of Law, harmonious group of girls who like a Friday or Saturday night to go crazy on the dance floor. Some of us were at that time the boys, but among men there was a kind of reluctance to dance. I do not remember which one of us came up with the idea to go to a Castelnau escorts dance at events organized in clubs les-friendly. We liked the atmosphere there. Firstly, we did not have to worry about podrywających persistently lonely girls guys, and secondly and most importantly, no one cared that we dance together.By visiting the club for the first time, we played exclusively in our own company. The following events happened we have to dance with the girls you met at the club and in time to make friends with a few of them. Except in the case of my close friend, who from the beginning of our relationship declared as les trip to the event for lesbian treated only as an opportunity to have fun, dance and conversation with several very nice girls that we met there. Yes, I wondered what it’s like to make love to a woman. I was just curious, but I had no plans, and frankly, it did not have the courage to try to satisfy their curiosity. With time, more and more I thought about it, but still not enough courage to take any steps towards in order to realize a dream.What happened on that dared to go to bed with a woman? The easiest way to explain it would be a drunken alcohol, but it would not be the whole truth. Today would not be able to indicate a clear cause. Certainly there were many, however, that recently split up with her boyfriend, or that the bathroom club eavesdropping, as in the cabin next to two girls grow heavy petting.She was older than me. At first I evaluated it for twenty-eight – thirty. It was later learned that she was closer to forty. A tall, slim brunette with a wonderful smile and beautiful brown eyes. I noticed it when watching me silently at the bar. When I turned her attention came over and proposed a common dance. I agreed without hesitation, even though just a few minutes ago flatly refused another girl. It decided how she looked at me. I did not feel appraisal, as was the case rejected the offer. Marzena, because that was her name, and Dugg danced with me all night. Friends, the discrete ascertained whether I want to break free from my companion had faded from the club. Sipping another drink, listening to her warm voice, trying not to think about the kiss that we exchanged on the dance floor or the goose crust that caused each time her touch. When at the end of the event subtly offered me the night together, I felt anxiety and excitement. I did not answer her right away. Instead, I snuggled into her and swaying to the music, remained silent for a long moment. At the end of the song I gained the courage to whisper in her ear:We stood almost motionless in the midst of dancing people. She smiled and kissed me on the lips. In the interval between successive kisses again he offered me the night together. I agreed.A taxi endured as a real torture. I felt tense and embarrassed and in addition haunted me the impression that the driver knows how to travel together. Fortunately, Marzena, as if sensing my embarrassment, she took me by the hand and gently stroking her fingers started with the driver talking about everything and nothing. Her warm voice and touch made immediately forgot about the fears and the rest of the trip passed quickly.Marzena lived in one of the residential areas of Wroclaw. From the outside, the house looked on post-German structure, but in the middle of the surprised uniquely modern interiors. There was a lot of space, which is not zaśmiecało essential accessories. Impressive were especially kitchen, bedroom and bathroom connected to it. That it landed upon arrival.Marzena not let me even for a moment had time to doubt. Her mouth and scatter my thoughts. As in a dream he led me through the living room to the kitchen, from which We took upstairs to her bedroom, semi-sweet sherry bottle and two glasses. Accustomed to narrow, standing by the wall, the bed in the dorm was speechless when he saw her bedroom. It was at least several times larger than the room in which I lived. In addition to the centrally positioned bed and two night tables there was no other furniture in it. Bedroom adjoins a huge bathroom and a small room with a table for reading and two chairs. In the morning I discovered that her bedroom has a spacious walk-in closet hidden behind a large mirror, which turned out to be a sliding door to her. The bed was impressive. It was so big that it could accommodate at least four people and blue – white, satin sheets until tempted to feel her touch on the naked body.

Castelnau escorts – chapter 2

Absorbed in watching the bedroom back to reality only when Marzena handed me a glass of sherry. I got drunk only two small sips when she took out of my fingers tasting glass and mouth, she began to undress. Not intimidated gained on nothing more than putting kisses. Only when Marzena fingers slipped out of my buttocks panties, I made a few moves her hips to help them fall to the floor. I was naked when Marzena zipper unzipped her dress, and this fluid movement, slid from her body. Not counting pończoszek, he did not have any underwear. For a moment we stood facing each other, absorbing each other eyes. She was thin, her body looked sculpted exercises. She had small, round the impression of firm breasts. Her abdomen was decorated with three fingers wide strip cropped, black hair coming down between her legs. She meat, slightly protruding inner labia and clitoris quite exposed, in which a small stick stuck cap. I wondered then how much is Castelnau escorts truth in the fact that most attracted to opposites. I was lower than it’s round and a bit more, but I had absolutely no unnecessary weight. I was bigger, at least two – three sizes of breasts, very bright, even as the blonde, skin and completely shaved pubes. When her pussy my look a little like a girl. Hairless, smooth, pink, with fine, retracted lips and clitoris hidden.She took me to the bathroom, where together we took a shower. I think that’s when I stopped to think about what I was doing, and instead I started to enjoy it. She was gentle and did not force me to do anything. In the shower, I gave her fingers that washing me, caressed as yet never been petted. It was very different from what I experienced in similar circumstances with men. Not even about the same delicacy. Men most often quickly focused their attention on my breasts, buttocks and what is hidden between her thighs. Marzena if specifically skirted the part of the body, focusing too on the neck, cheeks, shoulders and back. Despite this, I was excited more than during intense petting, and my excitement udzielało is also a partner.I experienced orgasm shortly after the naked schroniłyśmy a pleasantly cool sheets. I was really excited caresses her out of the shower. She was on me, and her thigh was touching my lower abdomen. I could no longer control excitement. When she began to slide down my crotch thigh, hips themselves found the right rhythm, which effectively led me to orgasm. We are pleased barely overpowered strongly about that Marzena increasingly begins to rub against my thigh. Only her mouth, looking at my orgasm, broke me from the sweet torpor. The meeting Candice never kissed the ground floor during his orgasm. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience, I feel how eager they are my one’s mouth.While resting, not przestawałyśmy touch and kiss each other. By doing this, we spoke in short sentences. Wyznawałyśmy exaggerated their love. Nadużywałyśmy the word ‘love’ to describe how we loved touching, or kissing, which itself ofiarowywałyśmy. Trwałyśmy so plaited into each other for so long that I completely lost my sense of reality. A little tired, relaxed and excited again fell into a kind of trance, in which the eyes closed completely gave myself to your partner. Slowly discovering the mouth my body, and it spontaneously reacted to her touch and kisses. The first kiss filed between widely parted thighs had an electrifying impression on me. I was expecting it, and while I did not expect it would be so nice. Each subsequent spławiał delight me, and when I felt her tongue on into the vagina, mad with excitement. What then did the clitoris, surpassed all my expectations. I thought I knew what a good oral sex, but what I experienced was amazing! Also in terms of how effective my lover managed to delay the moment of fulfillment, and how long to keep me at the very top.Although dead tired of depriving consciousness orgasm I was not able to return the favor, Marzena looked more than pleased. It took a good fifteen minutes before I dared to open my eyes and the next ten before I began to reciprocate her caress. Slowly the roles began to turn, and after a while she lay with her eyes closed and my mouth meant her body with kisses. I lacked experience, but using what she like, what you just experienced and relying on intuition led her mouth and slipped two fingers into the vagina to intense orgasm. It was well past three in the morning. We are pleased tired from playing at the club and sex fell asleep.

Castelnau escorts

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