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Chelsea escorts


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Chelsea escorts

Chelsea escorts – chapter 1

For a long time, we planned a joint trip to masuria. The sea was for us too hyped, and in the mountains, you get tired, to feel satisfaction from the trip. There were tranquil beaches and Chelsea escorts clear water. It was to be the first joint vacation spent without chaperones, supervision, and primarily only two. We rented a cottage on the shores of the lake in a forest comfort, far from the people. Just me and him. When we arrived the place was boiling hot, but the wind was strong. So when you have calmed down after the trip, we decided to sail.It was nice to sit in skimpy swimsuits and feel the wind skimming the body. When we sailed quite far from the edge of our little boat began to take blushes. Our Lajb was perfectly in the middle of the water that it rocked. The sail was already collapsed, so we jumped into the cool water. It was fun to swim in his company almost touching our naked bodies, but rather had the courtesy, we went back to our little ship. I spread a towel on the deck, shaking inviting buttocks, thereby increasing its appetite for my body. I sat on him, propped up his hands turning his face towards the sun and exposing my breasts. I liked to pay his attention to his body in the open air, provoke, but never counted with the consequences of his behavior, as has always been with us any outsider. This time we were alone. I thought the “first time” is an event reserved for the bed and its distinctive creak. But to me, fate had other plans. He sat down next to me. He made gentle kisses on my cheeks, then took care of my mouth. I wove his fingers into his soft hair and pulled closer to him. Kisses with delicate turned into passionate, lustful. His tongue danced with Chelsea escorts my giving a foretaste of what to do with the rest of my body. When he took me in his arms and slowly put on a towel I knew what was going to happen. My legs wrapped around his hips, which pressed hard for me. Sensations began to gain power and water rocking the boat further be increased. We were both relaxed, we were looking forward to this approximation, both hungry for each other. Kisses began to roam the floors of my body intensely caressing them. Shoulders, neck, breasts …

Chelsea escorts – chapter 2

I felt like pulling the string of my striped bikini bra, releasing breasts, which are then to take care of. He began by kissing placed on my pink nipples, teasing them with your hot breath, he moved in small circles language around the nipples, chewed it and poszczypywał. He descended lower, consisted of kisses between my ribs, went down to the navel pulled up beside him pampered tongue and his hands Chelsea escorts my body, clutched his chest, irritated nipples. I was excited like never before. I did more and more wet, and my breath galloping. When his hands reached the edge of my pants, I arched her hips in an arc to give it their picture. I was already completely naked. He sat down, and I seated myself astride on his knees, one hand rested on my back and pressed together so that there was between us inch of free space, and the second focused on the buttocks while pressing my crotch into his. I rub against his manhood with increasing fervor. It was deliciously, I was on fire. I kissed him and played with his hair. In the end, I wanted to feel him very own. His swimming trunks were very stretched. With his help, I took off his shorts. I took his manhood in her hands and began to rhythmically move my hand up and down, and he quietly moaned. When he was almost at the top, I stopped. Do not let him be finished without me. I interrupted her needlework and once again kissed najnamiętniej as I could. He thought it’s probably a provocation. He put me back on the towel. Sam lay down beside me, and one his leg locked me I could not join them and without interrupting the kisses began to caress the culmination of my thighs. First, he put his fingers into my wet shell, then quickly rubbed her clitoris. When the orgasm was so close, he withdrew his hand put the other leg between mine, clasped his hands with their mine and slowly slid into me, to the point where the resistance encountered. The second time came with a vengeance, and then something in me snapped, entered me whole. It was an amazing experience. A little sting, but I did not let that get to know each other, and when they rhythmically entered into me again and again the pain turned into a heavenly pleasure, feelings of fullness that made my breathing became spasmodic. Both Chelsea escorts noisy and the culmination of our sailing adventure does not have to wait long, long-awaited orgasm came suddenly. I peaked first, and when he felt a cramp in me, also exploded. Then for a long time we gave ourselves the pleasure. The next day, despite the fact that after yesterday’s excesses were calling my intimate space with a gentle massage, have not lost desire for another quickie.

Chelsea escorts

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