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Chingford escorts


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Chingford escorts

Chingford escorts – chapter 1

The most wonderful woman in the world. I will never forget her beautiful face. And that smile that I saw every morning for five years.I met my wife at age 20, when I was in Chingford escorts college. Judith – because that was her name, she studied economics, I while I started to study law.I lived in a dorm, and my beloved rented a small studio apartment.We met quite by chance on one of the student events. When I saw her the first time I understood that it will be the woman of my life. Soon we started seeing each other. Great understood, we both know what we need.Within three months we saw each other almost every day. One day after school we sat in a cafe, then shyly asked Judith if I could put up with her today, because my roommate in the room organized event in which I did not want to participate. My girlfriend, with his killer smile on her face she replied:Of course, for you.Thank you – I said, looking at this beautiful face.I was happy that things took a turn. Finally, I wanted to start our sex life. Many times in my mind fantasized about having sex with my girlfriend.I was madly in love with it and thought about it I felt happy.
On the same day in the evening before entering the studio Judith, I bought at a flower shop bouquet of red roses. And in the shop I equipped the Bulgarian wine. When my Angel opened the door of his apartment, I felt wonderful smell of her perfume. She at that time accused me his slender arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on the lips.Hello, sweetheart – she said.I am feeling overwhelmed replied:I could not wait for the evening – and went inside.Judith apartment was very small, only room with a kitchen and bathroom. But it was very tastefully decorated. Small pictures on the walls, on the floor fluffy carpet, nice furniture and a large bed. Judith has prepared a modest but delicious dinner and I only He poured wine into our glasses. After dinner we started talking about our plans for the future.After thirty minutes of conversation he rose and addressed the plates to the kitchen. When she returned to the room and stood in front of me, at first he looked deeply into my eyes, and then her eyes rested on my crotch. We stood in silence, staring at each other.After a moment she asked timidly if he could touch my penis, and I eagerly agreed to her proposal. When gently touched my hand through my pants member, he passed me shiver.
I was aware that the first woman who touches my by nature is just her.With a few quick movements took off my pants to his ankles. Judith after a while my penis wrapped her fingers and began to gently go after him up and down. For a moment she asked, laughing:

Chingford escorts – chapter 2

You’ll just stand and begin to caress me?You do not need long to convince me – I replied with a smile on his face.
Timidly I reached out toward her firm hemispheres that I began to lick and pinch. I knew that she just needs it. Sowe stood and pieściliśmy each other.Then I lifted Judith and laid it on the edge of the bed. I knelt before him. Judith at this time got rid of the pants in which she was clothed. She took one of my hand and slowly moved it in the direction of their cave, threw his finger modest thong. Only now I Chingford escorts could look at her treasure in all its glory. She had a beautiful pink pussy with little lips. I began to gently push against the finger at the entrance. Judith faster gasped and began to softly moan. I advanced a finger faster and faster. That was too much for her, I felt her muscles pulsate rhythmically in my fingertips, and a wave of moisture floods my hand dripping onto the floor.She fell on the bed, but I did not want to stop there. I stood up and leaned over the bed, looked at Judith’s eyes, nodded, knowing what I want to ask her. I bent down even lower and kissed her on the lips, it was one of the grander kisses in my life. The woman parted my legs and threw them over their shoulders, wet his penis and entered her in one swift motion. She screamed loudly with delight. I was in seventh heaven. Rhythmically I put my and put forward my pussy tool at my angel. I reached out to the front, and again began to fondle her firm breasts. We were very good. I felt that I come, a few more times strongly pushed and pulled the penis of her shells. I ejaculated sperm warm on bare my belly and beautiful women. Both opadliśmy to bed without power. We lay there for a moment.

Chingford escorts

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