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Clapton escorts


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Clapton escorts

Clapton escorts – chapter 1

You are watching the dance. I’m wearing a short red dress that exactly hug my shapes. You come, we dance together, our bodies touching, skim as if by accident. It’s after midnight. You grab my hand, you attract to yourself and ask if I wanted to go to you.Uh-huh – I say excitedly your touch on Clapton escorts my wrist.We leave the club and we get into a taxi without a word. The journey goes on kissing, touching my thighs, by material satin thong Musk my pussy. I massage your penis through his pants.We go into your apartment, closing the door. You lead me into the bedroom. Kiss, I feel your tongue deep into my mouth – licks my cheeks, our tongues firmly rub against each other. You touch my buttocks, kneading them, sometimes giving me a spanking. You pick up my dress and continue now with no material between us.Unbutton your shirt, I caress your nipples – kneading them and bite. I take off your pants and knead your ass – what is wonderful about the stranger.  my skirt and caress my breasts – your fingers gently, licking nipples, then your foot it more and more. I sigh with delight.I lie down on the bed. You take off my thong and fingers through my thighs and womb to finally slip into my fingers. Your lips suck my pearl. Ah, I feel good.I take off your panties and take it to the mouth, we are in position 69. My hand takes away your kernel. Second hand kneads your ass firm. After a few minutes the two almost come, so we stop for a moment.

Clapton escorts – chapter 2

Removing the drawer vibrator – so what I like best, I smile. You turn it on and inserting in my pussy. Tab massaging my pearl. You raise me and you set the wall. Sliding my ass and inserting his finger into greased with Vaseline. Then you add a second finger. You pull it and enter into Clapton escorts me slowly. My ass tightens, so you wait until it loosens. You walk to the end. You feel how my pussy is filled with vibrating equipment. This further stimulates you. You take me at first slowly, then you accelerate. The pain mixed with pleasure until I feel only pleasure. You hold the vibrator so as not slipped out of my wet narrow slits.You walk faster and deeper until you come almost. You stop for a moment and kiss me on the neck. Good for you? Yes, wonderful.Again, you start with me come and go. Faster and faster. You grab my wrists. The vibrator falls from me, but it does not matter anymore, except that pushes some of our orgasm. One hand move on my neck and squeeze it gently, second hand caress my Clapton escorts. Ah yes! You walk even faster, all your penis slides in and out of my ass. Faster and …Your Sprem poured into my ass. After a while I come too. My pussy and ass shrink with delight.You stay with me a moment. You kiss my neck and back.

Clapton escorts

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