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Clerkenwell escorts – chapter 1

I greet you warmly. My name is Gregory and I would like to present you my story of marriage. Where to start here. Perhaps the best from the beginning. I met my wife in college. We studied together and there it all began. Initially we were good friends but over time it Clerkenwell escorts grew into the great affection that led to marriage and a wonderful daughter. Currently, we are married with 6 years experience. We are both 30 years old, working in our learned profession, that we are doctors. I’m tall dark-haired man 180 cm tall, blue eyes, normal physique. My wife is blond, 166 cm tall, very slim, fairly sizable bust, very firm bottom and the sight of her long legs, you can go crazy. Pregnancy gave her a little toll when it comes to the bust, therefore, he conducted themselves breasts cosmetics would still look like before birth. Living like a fairy tale, a home, family, money but as in every fairy tale has to be a seed of bitterness. We have the seed of bitterness had sexual intercourse spouses. I’m not saying that there was no sex at all, it was but the glory days have diverged considerably. We never with my wife not experimented in bed because Monica is a traditionalist and believes just as normal classic sex and oral sex, oral sex but not fancy, more like foreplay. I have never allowed me to cum in her mouth swallowing ao did not even want to hear because it thought it was disgusting and anal sex. Well, but let’s get back to my story.One day, after how the single sex married Monika said that we need to talk and it seriously. A little scared of that because I did not know what awaits me. Monika announced topic of our conversation that comes to our sex. That is already bored him and that she would like something new in the bedroom and not just monotony. I am very pleased because I never dreamed of anything else to stimulating passion between us. So I asked her about the biggest sexual fantasy about what kind of dreams. She defended for a long time before telling of her but after persuasion has. And this is what I have heard me speechless. She told me that she wanted to try sex with another couple, but not such that they exchange partners, but one that having sex marriage and only to look at each other during this orgietki. I will not say, but I was in shock. For a moment I did not know what to say so I was stunned. The fact that somehow always fantasized about such a thing or even something more but did not expect to hear it from the mouth of my żonki.That evening we discussed this issue at great length, we agreed that we look for the pair together and see what comes out. Search was not easy. We met many couples over coffee to get to know and have always said both that it is not these people are looking for. Already we give it a rest with the search because it is not easy to find people who would we fit in every respect. Until here one day fate smiled to us alone and with most less expected side. He called me by my cousin who announced on a visit with his wife for the weekend. At the moment, even I did not take them into account when choosing a pair for us. There was even such an option.

Clerkenwell escorts – chapter 2

On Friday evening, they both showed up at our house. Chris, my cousin is very similar to me. Once we took for siblings. His wife Agata is a brunette, as shapely as Monica but has a smaller bust from it and is a little lower. For it has very alluring ass. Both were a little travel fatigue as well drove 400km to us. Therefore, in the evening we had dinner and quickly went to sleep. I with my wife cleaned up in Clerkenwell escorts the dining room and also we put to bed. Once it seemed to me that I fall asleep woke me up and asked Monica if I hear? I opened my eyes and asked what I hear? She replied that I hear moans and creaking beds Agatha. I pricked up his ears and listened to what is up in the room next to Chris and Agata. It could be heard clearly patting their bodies against each other, suggesting that that really hard he had to move. Agatha moans were really loud and her request would not stop and fucked her harder and deeper. After a moment of silence. We looked at each other with Monica, I saw in her eyes’m in charge of sex and excitement. I stepped toward her hand and checked if I’m not mistaken. She was on fire and her pussy juice abounded. There was so excited for a very long time. My dick also stood at attention and flexed upwards. When she felt my hand on her pussy I have not been able to stop her. She reacted very quickly. She jumped on me like a lion on its prey, before I realize I already rode his tight . It did not last long due to the state of excitement. After a few moments, I felt like pussy Monica flashes and clamped on my penis which only caused and my orgasm. Flooded the shell of my żonki profusely, I do not remember when I had such a big gush. Monika even for a moment I rode and I watched as my semen mixed with her juices flowing from her grotto delight. She fell next to me and strongly buried her. We fell asleep very quickly both.The next morning at breakfast when everyone has eaten and drank coffee Monika jumped out of the text, it was their last night heard during sex. Chris and Agata until zaczerwienili because of this. Monika a little repented and realized what she said and quickly added that it’s normal and everyone started laughing. Of course, the sex remained a cup of coffee. Agata explained that it is a silent Women do not always loud groans and cries when Chris it goes. Chris but added that they heard us when they have finished with Agata. Now that we scored beet. I said that Monica after your performance was so horny that my little dick does not ridden. Of course I got for that blow from his wife’s hand but again everyone laughed. After coffee we all went to the garden to have a rest in the sun. Of course browarek, vodka and various drinks flowed. About sex began to really gain momentum. After alcohol to all developed languages. We remembered their first times, we talked various sexual adventures. Until finally we came down on fantasy. Monika told quickly as it spins and why. Even the fact that we are looking for parks. Agata Christopher Robin looked at you with a smile. Agata told their fantasies. She said that she would like to see how it feels to be Nudge two whips. I never did and she and Christopher Robin are dreaming about it. After this statement, there was a moment of silence, everyone looked thoughtful and drank only alcohol until Christopher Robin fired up with a proposal. Listen to how you want to fulfill your fantasy we Agata we are at your service. We know each other for so many years and understand how bald horses. What stands in the way we have sex with him. Monika looked at me with sparkles in his eyes and waited for my approval. I replied that agreement and that let’s drink for that.

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