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Croydon escorts


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Croydon escorts

Croydon escorts – chapter 1

About an hour 13 called me mate, I came to the bus stop, where he usually drank beer. I met at the bus stop. colleagues. parallel class. After a while the conversation turned out that they brought vodka, we had only to jump to the shop for cigarettes. As I live in the countryside, it is to the nearest store I was about. km. Together. Conrad went to the store, Matthew was. When we returned from the store at the stop I noticed Natalia friend. class. Natalia was quite tall blonde. beautiful, long hair, beautiful shapes bottom. bulky chest. After a while the conversation I found that time to start drinking. After some time, it appeared that ended vodka. Natalia said to drink something else. I replied that I had no money because I spent all my savings on a new graphics card. Konrad. Matthew also did not take the money with you. Fortunately, Natalia had with Croydon escorts. I went along. it to the shop for vodka. some drinking. After. Konrad bottle. Matthew said that they have time, got on a scooter. slowly they drove away ,. Natalia was a bit worse, it was obvious that this one. bottle gave her misery. I decided that I will take her to my house to get some rest. Natalia came bike, so I asked brother, and to bring her bike. stop.Natalia lay down on my bed. she fell asleep. About an hour 19 called me worried mother Natalia. He asked whether this has already gone home, I assured her that Natalia felt bad. she fell asleep. Natalia’s mother told him to not wake her. Natalia’s parents. My parents knew each other well. Natalia did not once slept like. I. her, so her parents, not afraid that something happens to her. I brought his mattress. I lay down to sleep beside the bed where she slept Natalia.As I mentioned earlier, Natalia was very attractive. When she slept, I could admire her beautiful, rotund ass. I decided to sleep, but still had the eyes of her curves. I took out my penis. boxer. I began to masturbate looking at her. When I was close to the final Natalia said: Where am I, what happened? You are. me, I drank a little too much. I replied, quickly tucking the penis. Does it seemed to me, or to masturbowałeś. – Said Natalia –

Croydon escorts – chapter 2

For a moment I did not say anything. She reached into my boxers, pulled standing at attention, my knight. I was overwhelmed when fondled my penis with your tongue. The change was sucking him. Suwała language of the hearth, when I felt that I was close to orgasm held not long ago, I took out my penis. Natalia paragraph. I took off my panties. Natalia beautiful legs. My eyes appeared beautiful, young, neatly shaved pussy Natalia. Quickly I took up her licking. The change sucked her clitoris, her pussy licked .Natalia stated that it was ready for me. he entered her. Slowly, unhurriedly I put my head penis into her vagina. When I dipped the entire head Natalia already doubled over. pain. She told me he continued, but slowly. So I continued. When I slipped yet cm or two I felt like I pierce the membrane, Natalia screamed. pain. Slow movements put my entire 16 cm penis into her vagina, at first slowly, then faster and faster, I suddenly felt a spasm of the vagina Natalia. her loud cry, then experienced an orgasm, I continued what I started. After several movements from the Croydon escorts moment of orgasm Natalia, I felt approaching what is not inevitable. Natalia suggested what was happening, she said that is not yet ready for it, so I dropped out. her pussy. I took out my penis. her vagina. Natalia began to suck. I was rapt, her tongue provide me such excitement we have not had a chance to survive. I felt that my ejaculation is big. I took out my penis. Natalia paragraph. I stimulated by hand. I knew that I can not do anymore, I felt like a heat wave piercing me from head to toe, suddenly fired a few bullets semen on the face of Natalia, both We fell on the bed. exhausted, covered the the blanket, Natalia said:Thank you, it was wonderful.

Croydon escorts

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