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Dalston escorts


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Dalston escorts

Dalston escorts – chapter 1

It’s been a while since last night with Cornelius. Do not slowed him, despite the promises, my father did not agree to it. I had to give a specific reason to do so, and he would not, after all, that I want to make love to his own bodyguard. I could not do until Cornelius was our employee. It ended up that I wandered farther behind me, so that a great offense. He did not like the idea of ​​releasing them. I had no idea why. But soon he would find a new job and we could sleep with each other.Since then staying with him was a pure anguish. There was not nice, not at least not in public. I just became a stranger. I could always talk to him, laugh. Now he was barbaric. He walked with a sullen face and answered in monosyllables to the questions asked. It changed only when we were alone. Then, in his words he crept real venom. He commented on everything I did. I tried not to care, but I will not lie, it hurt me a little bit.Cornelius was twenty-five years. Extremely young age, as a bodyguard. Especially, that took care of a wild teenager, daughter of a famous millionaire. Father Cornelius was a military and Dalston escorts began training her son when he was fifteen years. Four years later she sent him to the army. In twenty-two years old, Cornelius got a job at my dad. He had to protect me, just watch me not doing stupid things. Not really him coming out. I think that continuous erotic adventures, which consumed him, not for Cornelius stupidities.But I knew, as I worked for Cornelius. I’ve always been more developed for his age. At the age of sixteen, my breasts grew to a size DD. I took care of myself, I practiced yoga. Been interested in science, so many adults have with me the common topics of conversation. I belonged to a grouping , which were taking in Poland only from an IQ above 148. One of the downsides was my pride. However, he did not show up with her, so it was not noticeable. Back to the topic. Cornelius truly electrifying. Even before our quarrel, night after night went to my room to watch you masturbate. Once I simply dragged him to bed. Me too excited. His muscular body hard training, even in clothes meant that came to mind impure thoughts. In addition, Cornelius fondness for tight T-shirts short sleeve drove me to the erotic agony. Worst of all, not had sex since the last time with Cornelius. Nobody was able to lead me to such a state. I was like a time bomb, which Dalston escorts  no mercy approached the counter to zero. And I had no idea what would happen when explode.

Dalston escorts – chapter 2

Cornelius always slept in a separate wing of the house, where the rest of the staff. Everything changed after the attack. Someone attacked me in the ladies’ room at the cinema. Then, to my mailbox they began to arrive threats. My dad just dealt with a very important customer, and someone did not like it. I was assigned two more minor bodyguards. This is not the end. They moved me to the guest rooms. No such ordinary and double, made with a view to guests who arrive with children. Two rooms have a common door and a shared bathroom. It is clear who became my roommate. Cornelius. As if constantly being with him was giving me pain, it is still told to listen to his breathing behind the wall. These sexy agony did not give me sleep at night. And when I was able to have sleep, I dreamed of such things, that zbudzałam up all wet with his hand between her thighs.My bodyguard also did not accept it better. He did not go longer sulking and angry. He did not answer in monosyllables, only odburkiwał, and in private was becoming unbearable. Apparently, the constant proximity of the Dalston escorts hated person, bad influence on him. That night everything went downhill. The dream was so real that I could not believe that it was not true. We were on the boat. Cornelius was wearing only a short swimming trunks. We loved passionately in the rhythm of the waves. His lips were everywhere. Well, my neck, neck, breasts. Cornelius face, heaped freckles from sunburn was so close to mine. He whispered to me that he loves me, and I answered him the same way. The only possible thing. The person that I love, I am myself. I woke up sweating, mucus flowing from my pussy. I tried to ease the pain of some toys, but in vain. Only one person could help me. That was two meters away from me, did not allow me back to sleep.The whole day went horny. Mere steps putting me stimulated. I wanted to somehow improve your mood, so I arranged on the eighteenth with a friend. Much we flirted, though we both knew that nothing will come of it. I met with him at the restaurant. We had to sit near the bar to Cornelius could watch over me. By this also all I heard, but I did not care. My colleague, moreover, not. Our subjects went quickly on this, which usually talking teenagers – sex. I admired his shoulders under his shirt, he’s my shapes. Not without continuous, innocent touch and looks deep into her eyes. I do not feel like I had him. I just played the show. My life is one big scene, and I was playing a major role.

Dalston escorts

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