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Dollis Hill escorts


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Dollis Hill escorts

Dollis Hill escorts – chapter 1

Winter holidays spent with his parents in a small hut in the forest. When parents have two days to return to his native village, it seemed to me that within a few kilometers there is none. Father instructed me on the issue of smoking in the fireplace and my mother prepared the soup, which I had just reheat. Therefore, despite cold weather, I decided to stay in the house in the middle of Dollis Hill escorts the forest. I really liked the winter landscape, so I walked around the area, but not too far away from the residence. The area was not dangerous animals, or any people. Or so I thought. In the distance I heard a girl’s muffled cry. Quickly, I went in this direction, without thinking of who grew up in these parts. As you approach the sound source, more accurately seen girlish figure. She was a short and very slim, red-haired teenager. Her face was red from hypothermia and crying. The most he shocked me her outfit. It was quite barefoot, wearing only a thin, black leggings, long white shirt and thin, gray sweater.She heard my running, she looked at me with frightened, green eyes and a trembling step approached me and then ran, jumped on me and hugged strongly. She began to sob loudly and icy hands to touch my hot face. When I could finally utter something of myself, I asked:What are you doing here? Who are you and how did you find yourself in the middle of the forest, in this cold ?! And so thinly dressed, barefoot! I was somewhere here in the area for kolonii.- whispered, still płacząc- educators kicked me out of the pavilion for bad behavior, I had to go out dressed in what I was wearing at the moment …- broke out louder płaczem- I was terribly cold so when I saw in the distance a light, I ran in their direction. Unfortunately, at a certain moment the light is moved and disappeared from my field of vision … It seems to me that it could be a car … Unfortunately, I could not find the way back and completely lost in the woods! Since that time, it was nearly two doby.- at this point she could not pronounce another word, she began to cry.Calm down, you’re safe, I’ll take you to my hut. You warm up by the fireplace, you borrow something to wear, you will sleep networks whispered in her ear, stroking a rude Italian.Ore Dominika- only later learned that has so on name- but she would not let me go. When asked about the reason, he pointed at his bare feet. She asked that I carried her, because the council can not go on. I agreed, but my apartment was still a long road. On the way she told me she has 14 years where he lives, and the like. When we finally arrived, sat her on a chair that dopchałem next to the fireplace. Immediately I went to the blanket and thick socks. I knelt in front of her, I looked at wychłodzonym stópkom and gently kissed. I rubbed with no hands, so that at least a little warmed, then dressed for not thick, already warmed by the fireplace socks in blue. They were at her a little too big, but in such a situation did not mind the fact … gratefully looked me in the eye, did not see anything wrong even in my kiss. But for me it was not an act of fetish, but care and nurturing.Later, as I did the girl warm tea and reheated soup. Instantly ate three plates, then kissed me on the cheek and sat wrapped in a blanket on my lap. I hugged her to his own, stroking with the long, hard red Italian. Its beautiful but tired eyes intently staring at me, but said very little. And I did not see the need to now tormenting her additional questions. Her head slowly fell, until Dollis Hill escorts finally completely snuggled into my chest. Lost redhead fell asleep. Just a few minutes I watched this incredible girl, trying to understand this amazing event. Very sorry for her, imagining what had to live by spending all night and all day in an unfamiliar forest. Finally, I decided to take her to the bed, which was in a room next to my bedroom. Carefully I covered her with a thick duvet and kissed her forehead.

Dollis Hill escorts – chapter 2

In the middle of the night I heard a scream of terror. I was confused, I did not know what was happening. It Dominic screamed my name. Quickly I ran to the room next door and I saw the little red-haired girl, all red and crying. I sat on the side of the bed and hugged her into his home. She told me about his nightmare. It seemed to her that again in the forest, no one is around, and on top was attacked by wolves. The whole time crying. I offered to sit with her until asleep. But at this point she Dollis Hill escorts began to cry even louder. She embraced me with all his might and asked me promise not to leave her alone. I could feel the shakes. She was really scared. Saying nothing, he picked her up and carried her to his big bed. I covered the girl quilt, and then he jumped at it. When I wanted to kiss her on the lips at night, Ron held my head and continued to kiss passionately. She whispered in my ear that I am very grateful and fell in love with me. Suddenly he took off his and my grades. Boosted my dick his agile tongue, and then started to make me well its feet in borrowed her my blue socks. At the same time he masturbated and moaned, looking at my puzzled face. She had a small, red pussy. It was incredibly exciting for me is how she put her their delicate, nimble fingers. Wonderfully it worked for me too, what did your feet.But it was not the end of surprises on this day. Dominic stood up, took saliva on her hand and touched my penis, and then with all his strength at him Nabil. I was surprised that he wants to do it with virtually no foreplay with her Dollis Hill escorts boyfriend, whom she knew for several hours. But she passionately jumping on my penis, driving at him, again and again screaming and sighing. We arrived at the same time, after about 10 minutes. At the moment of orgasm the body of the red-haired angel swung toward me, looked me in the eyes and kissed me passionately. After a moment fell on me. We had strength only for it to again wear a pants. Then the girl again took my arms and legs after a while we fell asleep in this position. She no longer had any nightmares, slept until noon, feeling all through the night very strange, but happily.

Dollis Hill escorts

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