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East End escorts


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East End escorts

East End escorts – chapter 1

My name is Martyna and I will tell you my amazing story. I was 16 years old and I was a shy girl with red hair and green eyes, I 180cm height and I am quite slim. I was not ugly but very worried about me absolute lack of breasts, what stood out from my class. Shame I East End escorts was wiped out with other girls, proudly displaying their charms. The guys also did not pay me much attention. That day I was in the newly opened shopping center. Browsed range of shops with clothes, unable to find anything in my size, except for the children’s department. Resigned, I wanted to go home when he suddenly caught me a woman. He invited to participate in a lottery for the opening of the store. I agreed to try it, but I never had luck always liked such fun, but in order to see the rewards. Timidly I pulled out his fate and to my surprise I realized that I had won. The text on the coupon said “changing the image in a beauty salon.” Assumed I never won anything, let alone something like that. Immediately I asked the woman where is the living room, and she pointed me to an inconspicuous door with no signs or information. After a moment’s hesitation I approached them, I opened it slowly and went inside. Before me stood waiting room. It was empty if you do not count a single woman at the desk. It was a very tall blonde dressed in a black jacket and a leather mini. In the eyes she threw her huge cleavage and firmer thick lips. I walked over to her, introduced myself and showed her my ticket. She looked at me, smiled and asked, “So you would like to change your look? We’ll help you.” She got up, she was taller than me so that my face was at the height of her breasts. She moved closer to me and whispered into his ear: “We’ll give you everything you always wanted.” He then slid my face between her breasts. They were very warm, pleasant … I felt like I lose strength as waste, I wanted to scream but I could not. When you lay barely conscious kissed me and I fell asleep.I woke up in my own bed. I could not tell how I got here or how much time has passed. Something lay heavy on my chest, I wanted to throw off but I could not. I turned on the light and I saw the unusual sight. Nothing lay on my chest it was my breasts. They were huge, flat, round and protruding. Also nipples were huge, fairly clear, they looked like bottle tops. I could not believe that. They have made me silicones. But I could not understand why there are no stitches, scars, how did they know East End escorts where I live? However, all doubts disappeared when I looked again at my new melons. I got up out of bed and went into the bathroom look in the mirror. “But the man lucky that my parents right now, just yesterday left for a month and I’m alone in the house. And just as well that we have available in the school.” I was thinking on the way. With each step, my breasts were jumping in all directions. When I stood before the mirror fell into complete stupor. It turns out that breasts are not the only thing I enlarged.

East End escorts – chapter 2

Almost as big was now my buttocks. Inflated like a football artificially looked amazing in conjunction with my skinny thighs. Another striking change was the mouth, once East End escorts a small and narrow, now were thick and swollen. They shone a beautiful deep red. There were also extremely well-muscled, I could be bent into any shape. also changed my silhouette. I’ve always been quite skinny, come to anorexics I missed a lot. Now my stomach was beautifully sculpted, and my calves and arms beautifully muscled. I stretched them proudly and kissed my female biceps. I turned my head sideways when I noticed another detail. My ears formerly slightly protruding lay both also were longer and completed. At first I did not like that look like an elf, but then hair styling and fell in love with it. The total was completed by my light, milky skin and enormous blue eyes. I looked again at my reflection in the mirror and realized: I’m perfect. I decided to get dressed. I was hoping that come the past several too-big clothes will fit me. To my surprise, my wardrobe was empty, except for one drawer. In it I found very short top tank top and denim shorts. But it was not any underwear. I wore what it was. From the masthead firmly stuck my nipples and shorts barely covered the half of my ass. Even though I knew how wrong is this outfit liked what he saw. I felt something hard in the pocket of his shorts. That’s what pulled it turned out to be a discount card with the reduction – 100% for all stores in the mall. I knew what I had to do. I’m going to the biggest purchases in life.The store began to buy everything. Price was not playing the role and I finally had to rebuild entire wardrobe again. In addition, a number of pleasure caused me to look to other customers. Children pointed fingers at me, a woman stared with contempt and the guys took pictures and undressed me up and down. I looked through just swimwear in sizes XXXL behind him when I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and saw Matthias. It was the handsomest boy in our class. Tall, athletic, kind and wise. Once Upon a Time in the crush but I never had the courage to talk to him. Now also he overflowed me panic, but then stopped. I felt confident as ever. “Oh hey, nice to see you.” He looked me up on a longer stopping at my breasts. “you too … I have to admit that a lot has changed, wow,” I felt something I never experienced before, I was extremely horny, I did not know why but I wanted it immediately. “You know I have a little problem, I do not know which dress to choose. Can you judge a man, in whom I am better?” He stopped probably did not expect such a request. “of course happy to help.” He replied calmly, barely suppressing excitement. Sauntered went into the dressing room. I dressed down but gora from the outfit specially East End escorts left. “You need to come help me.” I cried. When you walked in, I asked him to tied my bra. The poor man was unable to do so. His hands were trembling too much excitement. “You know, maybe we can get the peace of mind.” I threw outfit aside and turned to him topless. “But, but they are beautiful,” he mumbled, then put his hands on my boobs. I started stroking and massaging his crotch. I’ve never been with a guy but I knew instinctively what to do. I knelt before him and unbuttoned his pants. Below them were boxers. To my horror, one of them protruded thick as my forearm and as long dick. “Not only can you boast large size” he smiled and pulled boxer shorts, revealing big balls the size of tennis balls. Paralyzed by the sight tentatively I grabbed it up and unable to cover his hand started to suck dick. After some time I moved him closer to his mouth. At first only I licked the tip, after a while I took it to his mouth. With surprise I posted it in spite of its thickness. Now, I understand what they are thick, muscular lips. My great warami could embrace him completely. I swallowed him deeper and deeper. Quickly I realized that I start to push it down your throat. Despite my fears This went very easily. I did not feel pain and even was pleasant. slow proceeded farther. After a few minutes I approached the same root, so that heavy nuclei fell on my beard. Carefully and slowly I began to slide down with lieves on which I was stuffed. And when I removed it from the lips I choked on air. “Impossible none has come even halfway. Got talent is not what” congratulated me. I let him know that he sat on a stool. I went closer to him and I put his dick between my tits. I started to hug him and rub. In time, I moved faster and faster once both equally, once alternately. Despite its size penis she sank between my balloons. After a few minutes, Maciej stood up and began banging himself. “I’m gonna pop. Set up”. I knelt in front of him with his mouth open, holding hands boobs. Then I heard a low cry, and my whole body heat flooded sperm. The entire face and belly were covered with it. I swallowed loudly what I caught in his mouth, brushed back her eyes and looked around. Maciej lay exhausted against the wall and everything around me was white. Even my hair was so plastered with sperm that seemed to be gray. Without thinking, I took to licking her, with myself and him. “Mmm but I had eaten” I laughed and then I started to wear my clothes miraculously rescued. Maciej asleep, not having the heart to wake him left the dressing room. “Tomorrow call him for more,” I thought, and started playing with her nipples under the shirt.

East End escorts

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