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East Ham escorts

East Ham escorts – chapter 1

Wojtek and Chris went to a wedding Danka to Wroclaw without their partners. Cousins ​​were almost contemporaries and knew each other very well because from early childhood to the age of about 15 years together spent almost the whole summer with his grandmother in the countryside. It was then, at the same time rozprawiczyła them nearly four years older present bride. This year both began their studies in September and here the wedding. They decided to sharply drink and so sat at the table next to each other. Immediately after oczepinach felt so tired that they began to look for a secluded place. On the other side of the building where the event took place found a small Kanciapa in which the desk were two comfy chairs and spread permanently covered with a blanket sleeper sofa. Barely sat down comfortably and the room burst into Aunt Magda with her daughter Elunią.It’s nice that you here found. Take care of Ela because probably a little too much to drink – aunt asked, and put them East Ham escorts on the couch.Do not worry, auntie, take care of a small – but Chris had to terminate her aunt was no longer in the room.Both began to look carefully teenager or what or five years younger than them. She lay on her belly and seemed asleep. Long black braid her hair braided with lay writhing on wersalce. She was really pretty little face, which turned out much earlier. Large dark eyes, upturned nose, full, sensuous lips and these two cute dimples when she smiled.Why do not we with her  – Chris whispered.Oh you. It is probably too young – tried to argue Wojtek.What are you talking about? Now, the girls quickly ripen and middle school no longer the most cnotek – Chris insisted.But this is our cousin and see how soundly asleep – still defended Wojtek.Well, maybe we would have done even ice cream – Chris switched to the bed next to the sleeping girl and started stroking her black head.The girl suddenly opened her eyes and saw close podpitego cousin, with fear in her eyes began to look around the room. Chris, who was sitting next to her, quickly put his hand on the girl’s chest and began to apply gentle pressure.What are you doing? You had to take care of me and you what? – He huffed and sat down leaving your feet on a small rug lying next to the couch.Nothing else will do as I want to take care of you – almost whispered in her ear Chris – You’ll see will not regret it – suddenly, using surprise, he embraced the girl and kissed her on the lips firmly.Oh you. I do not want – she squealed and began to strongly repel each other.Come cousin to help me because I can not do – Chris turned to his brother and has taken hold of her hands grasping them in their joints strong hand. With his other hand firmly he pushed kuzyneczkę, knocking her to the couch. Then, firmly pinned pinning his body. Still, however, strongly defended and firmly kicked the legs.I’m telling you is still too young and this is our sister – tried to argue Wojtek but its also view sharply Eli fighting began strongly excite. He felt his large kutasowi gets very tight pants. Particularly exciting to work on his flat belly of a girl who appeared to him as Chris lifted up her very brief, wide skirt. East Ham escorts their feet and even more exciting to work on both cousins. Small muttered something through your nose, because her mouth was filled with tucked up to her face Chris language. Wojtek got up from his chair and sat down on the other side of the fighting girls. He put his hands on her knees and legs held tight teenagers. Now he began to bend and tight hip toss up. Its bottom wandered into the edge of the couch and held hands, feet firmly resisted cousin of the rug. Both knew her even more furious resistance leads to what was already inevitable, to the fact that in a moment with her consent or without both her sharply .Whore Get the fuck up – loudly screamed with tears in her eyes when she managed to break free mouth kiss Chris – I’m still chaste and do not want … – the rest was already gibberish because Chris again clung to her mouth and pushed his into her mouth his tongue .

East Ham escorts – chapter 2

But it was too late. Blocking trousers two freshly baked students as popping a large oval shapes. Chris with one hand holding up her hands and the other buttons unbuttoned her white blouse. Wojtek this time undid her very brief skirt and forcibly pulled throwing a nearby chair. Now one of them unfastened bra fastened at the front and one back by the force pulled her panties, which landed next to skirts. The girl was completely naked. Now both strikers advantage of the fact that they had at least one hand free and pulled their shirts and pants span, which left knees. Then, as if on cue, both freed his substantial in size XL, almost eighteen inch dick that this was almost identically thick. They differed only in that dick Wojtek was bent on bail and dick Chris was simple. The girl, who still defended with all his strength not yet know that their horses are really substantial and what awaits her at the moment of deflowering, which was already inevitable. Chris now free hand began to caress her beautiful tits, admiring their wonderful girlish shape of pyramids with large nipples, which stuck out stiff and swollen nipples. At that time, Wojtek knelt between her legs, which necessarily tight spread and dipped his tongue in a lovely pizdeczce girl. Despite the struggle waged teenager had to be very excited because Wojtek licked her scallop huge amount of soczków and swallowed with gusto. Since, moreover, the boy pushed her vulva your tongue, resistance kuzyneczki started by the second wane. Maybe she realized that the council can not hold back much stronger from the harsh fucking guys and maybe it drunk alcohol and violent caresses caused weakness of its defense. Anyway it’s bottom now resting peacefully on the edge of the couch and even more broadly, as if in a gesture of invitation, threw his zgrabniutkie feet. He not already shook it in a defensive gesture as if indulged head and kiss Krzysiek also Frolicking his tongue in his mouth. Or he could finally let go of her hands and better deal with cycuszkami which now stuck up in their symmetrical, pyramidal shape. Only two large tears streaming down her cheeks, testified about a recent battle fought by East Ham escorts and losing as a result of overwhelming force attackers. Chris saw that the girl’s resistance is weakening rapidly knelt next to her head and held very near the mouth of his giant.Oh dear what a large – squealed and slightly raising his head looked toward the fuck cousin – whore, the first time I’ve organ boyfriend and it was so close. And what you want such giants push into my tiny pussy? – She gasped and her eyes disappeared excitement and terror there. Ela again with a vengeance began to tighten, kicking feet and waving freed handles.Now suck tiny, because you’ll have to drain the beating – he hissed Chris and uncrossed her hands over the girl’s head and gently pressed straddling his bum on her chest.Now get ready to have a little bit will not hurt – said Wojtek and pinned her legs grabbing the calf and tight extending them to the sides. His dick was on the front of narrow slits her firmly but wet vulva. He put his thick acorn on her labia and began heavily push against it to them.About whore but it hurts – the girl screamed loudly – Fuck you – hissed sucking air through his teeth when her pussy tightly wrapped around his thick stem tensioned walls at the height of his giant folds of the foreskin. The boy pushed the now almost full force your hips forward. From the mouth of the girl blurted out wheeze and very loud cries of pain. The huge dick quickly immersed himself in its interior more than ten centimeters of its length. Now he began acute pelvic thrust deeper into her going until a few minutes later struck his thighs to her lovely buttocks. Cheers now completely changed his tone. Do not stuck with them enormous pain as in deflowering and increasingly they can be distinguished boundless delight of their first orgasm. The boy fuck her now all the power of his dick constantly changing blankly, angle and speed of penetration. Chris saw that ceased to defend itself and is getting more gracious, let go of her hands and again knelt around her head, he turned toward his crotch. Her lips touched the head of his dick and the girl almost instinctively reached out gently with your tongue and licked a large drop of mucus coming out of it. She opened her mouth a cry of delight which took advantage of waiting for the boy and shoved it into her mouth his big dick. Now, they are banging it into two holes. Little of the huge state of horror and powerful pain deflowering now gone into a state of euphoric bliss of their first vaginal orgasm. Suddenly Wojtek suddenly pulled out his thick cock and scored on a belly right up to the pyramids cycuszków a powerful salvo of sperm. He let go of her legs and quickly moved towards her mouth. During this time Chris had gone out of his back, he knelt between her legs zgrabniutkimi and now he packed his straight dick into her vagina stretched by his predecessor. She moaned loudly and rhythmically began to pant like a cousin pulled and shoved to the inside of his rigid and hard dick. She could not scream because at that time, Wojtek packed dripping sperm, its soczkami and blood from the deflowering of their falling dick into her mouth, which after a while it housed the whole. In contrast, Chris Jebal at the time the girl very sharply. Little after some time this bullshit started to tremble in a powerful, continuous orgasm a total. After a few minutes, and the second cousin advantage of the fact that her face was free, he pulled his dick out of her pizdeczki and packed up into the throat firing in salvo not dense, brackish sperm. The little choked up but swallowed whole seed thrown out of the fucking cousin. Almost simultaneously, both lay panting next to the girl.

East Ham escorts

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