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Eltham escorts

Eltham escorts – chapter 1

That day, Anka came out of the house to the decision: today I lose my virginity. Why? To get it over with and enjoy sex just a pleasure. No matter who or how. She was 17 years old. She was on vacation with a friend. She dressed very sexy: black tights, a red mini skirt and white top with a high neckline and lace around him. Lingerie was not wearing any.Anka is a tall, slim, has big green eyes and long black hair. Her friend – Iza – a tall blonde with blue eyes, both of them very nice, but Anka prettier. Thus they were on vacation in Eltham escorts London. They came out of the house approx. 22 They went to his favorite club, where some potańczyły, but quickly changed place, he stated that there is one interesting. In the second club he was stick to them, a group of Italians. There were 5. They put their drinks, Anka began dancing with one to tears while he sat closer to the second. The remaining transitioned to another table to continue their hunt.Anka with one Italian returned to the table and she found Iza already heavily licking the second Italian (I will not mention names, because neither cup nor Iza do not remember). Italians as Italians – dark complexion, very handsome. One of them – the one who attached himself to Anka – he had his own restaurant in London, and the rest was his cousins. Anka went to the bathroom, and her Italian advantage of the opportunity unnoticed poured her drink white powder so that Iza can not see. When Anka returned, Italy, invited me into his lap. They began to passionately kiss his hands found their way under her blouse. After approx. Half an hour they left the club. Italy Anka offered to go to his apartment, but Iza did not want.So they went to the park at a Protestant church. Iza with his Italian sat on the bench, where he continued licking and touching, Anka while with his Italian was up against the wall of the church. Italy Eltham escorts I firmly to the wall and began groping. He took off her blouse, which jumped from her shapely breasts. He began to knead them firmly, making her a slight pain. Then she pulled her skirt and his eyes appeared to her innocent mouse only obscured tights. Quickly removed them too and Anka was now dressed Eve. Italy pulled pants and panties and put his hand Anka on your giant penis – has approx. 20cm. She know what to do, he began to slowly move her hand up and down as she saw it on pornosach, but too weakly squeezed him, because Italy grabbed and squeezed her hand tighter. He reminded what it is.Italy slipped his hand between her legs and began to caress her clitoris. After a while Anka felt very strange. It started shooting her in the head and fell down. For Italy it was not, however, no problem, even rejoiced because of this, because he was already very much excited and immediately wanted to penetrate her pussy.He did not know, however, that Anka is a virgin. He put me on the back and parted her legs. He tried to push his bird in its rubella, but it turned out that she puts strong resistance. Anka did not say anything, all the while spinning her head and began to hallucinate. She stared at the Italian and instead his face she saw the faces of different people, with Christ inclusive. She was terrified. When Italy tried again enter her, she found that it was all a bad idea and would prefer to lose my virginity in other circumstances, certainly not the church. She tried to move an Italian, but obviously he was not going to stop. He realized now that Anka is a virgin and even more it is aroused.

Eltham escorts – chapter 2

In the end Anka gave up. She knew he had no chance with a strong Italian and scream for some reason could not – as if amputated her voice. She turned his head, would not see his face, which constantly changed in her eyes. The most frightened her when she saw Christ. She thought for what he does will be cursed for life. Italy, meanwhile, was breathing on her, trying to pierce the membrane, it Eltham escorts took him about 10 minutes. In the end Anka felt a huge pain, and her pussy trickle of blood flowed. But he was not thinking cease until he came to fianłu. Of course, he ended up in her, which frightened her even more. Then he rubbed the penis with blood on her blouse lying next to, got up, dressed, and if anything went away. He disappeared quickly in the dark.Anka lay further stunned, bled very heavily. However, after some time he managed to pick up. She did not want to Iza learned what had happened. Barely holding on his feet got dressed and walked di tears, to which other Italian hard to chose, but Iza restrained him. Iza was pleased at the sight of Anka. She got up and went home together. All the way did not talk. When reached Anka aunt’s house, where he lived, Iza went into the room and Anka to the bathroom. All the time was bleeding heavily. She sat on the toilet so as not to dirty the bathroom. She was extremely exhausted experiences and loss of blood. She decided to take a hot bath, which turned out to be a very bad idea. Anka fainted in the bath, and when she woke up, the window was already clear. With a huge wysikiem got up and went to sleep, assuming earlier napkin, because still bleeding.

Eltham escorts

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