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Enfield escort


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Enfield escort

Enfield escort – chapter 1

Fields recently completed 14 years. She was quite low and very slender blonde. For several months she went to my school, but only recently had an opportunity to get to know. It was a cold and dark days of February. Holidays recently came to an end. The only positive issue was that just reached the end of the eight-hour Monday. When I walked into the locker room, virtually anyone already in it was not. Right after I ran Paulina. She stumbled over something and flew straight at me. At the last moment I realized and caught her in his arms. Her body clung tightly to mine. It took tens of seconds before she realized what was happening. Then she looked at me with her sweet, blue eyes and blushed. She thanked for the “salvation”, and together they went on their jackets and shoes.We sat on a bench next to each other and began to dress. Gently I glanced at the girl, when Enfield escort shoes. Slowly he took off his pink, low sneakers under which she colored, red-black-and-white striped socks. When you put a shoe I read that it is number 34! Poly feet was indeed very small, which I thought was extremely charming. Prior to founding winter boots, my younger colleague gently moved her charming fingers and improved socks. In doing so, suddenly he looked at me and seeing my dreamy eyes, smiled at me slightly, causing me embarrassment. Then she put on her little legs black on a light-heeled boots, insulated from the inside. When dressed jacket, I also was ready to leave. I overcame my shyness by asking Paulina if she would like me to escort her home. To my great delight, the answer was yes. Along the way better met, and that same evening we invited to your friends on Facebook and we know better.Our collegial relationship lasted several weeks, with each day getting to know better and getting more liked. Several times I had the opportunity to observe feet Poli in different socks. When my friend dressed up in the locker room after the day on which she practiced for WF-ie, I had the opportunity also to ensure that feel the coup Her feet. He was unearthly and incredibly excited me. With smiles Paulina conclude that she began to notice my tastes. And I still dreamed at night about seeing her bare feet, taking a look at podeszwom fresh teenagers, seeing the delicate bones and sticks. For the realization of the Enfield escort dreams I had to wait until the end of March. Then organized a trip to the swimming pool. I wrote to both myself and fields, despite the fact that my colleagues and her colleagues decided not to take part in it. And well, probably because with them it is impossible to experience this adventure.

Enfield escort – chapter 2

It was a small pool, so the dressing rooms were available, male-female. In the dressing room I took a seat next to Pauline. I looked at exactly the moment when Enfield escort the took off his boots and was in pink socks, while moving the small fingers. The greatest moment was supposed to come only after a while. The girl pulled out of the backpack white flip-flops, and then handle pullers grabbed his socks. Slowly, she began to take them off, revealing one after another tiny cubes, delicate, różowiutkie heel and ball of the foot soles, and finally sticks painted a charming, light pink color. She smiled to himself as the sight of her tootsies fell out of my hand backpack, which removed just putting on my shirt. Laughter is slightly faze me, but nevertheless happy to show images looked the other socks. Bare feet after a while were in white, tiny japonkach. Despite the fact that after a while Fields was covered with only a skimpy, two-piece bathing suit, my greatest attention attracted her tiny feet.After disguise himself, we went to the swimming pool. A very good time, swam together, often rubbing shoulders with their bodies. When we got in the basin when there was no one except us, I grabbed Pola gently foot when floating a piece of me. I pulled her into his home, triggering laughter caused by tickling her soles. When she was with me, he stood to his feet and smiled at me broadly. She spread her hands and hugged me tightly. She told him that she liked and saw my fetish, which he sees as charming. She said that if I wanted it I could come to her in the afternoon, because her parents will not be home. Then I would rub her feet and play with them as soon as I wanted. With great joy I agreed, hugged her tightly against him and kissed her forehead. We continued swimming until the moment when caregivers announced that the time out of the water. We went to the locker room, where he watched donning socks and shoes on the little slope Paulina. I no longer had to pretend, because I knew that my friend liked my worship.On the bus I called my parents, that later return home. When you arrive to our town, I immediately went to the apartment Poly. She opened me, and then in the shoes went to his room. She lay down on the bed and told me to kneel before him and fulfill his dream. First, gently kissed the black boots, but after a while I decided to take them off. I moved my head to socks to wwąchać in their wonderful smell, kiss and lick them. First licked socks in the fingers, then walked up, until I got to the pullers. Poly foot licked over socks, and then decided to release her teeth treasures. I watched one after another every place girly feet, Enfield escort in her scent. After a while I did the same thing with the other sock. My Hero began to move his icy fingers of feet and whispered that her cold. Immediately put into the mouth Her big toe and began to suck him. The same thing happened to another fingers. They had amazing flavor, I felt as a bitter aftertaste light pink paint Paulina, which implies that painted fingernails until this morning. Maybe just for me? After tiptoeing came the rest of the foot. I wanted to smother with kisses every place on legs skinny girls. She had a very delicate soles. Kissing them was a haven for mouth, and if heaven exists, it probably is just kissing the soles of Poli …

Enfield escort

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