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Finchley escorts


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Finchley escorts

Finchley escorts – chapter 1

Girl with small stature passed through the threshold of the door. In Finchley escorts less than a second as my penis twitched in his boxers at her greeting. I had to learn, because the girl came here for an interview, not for me. I greeted with blond oeuvre and pointed out the place where after a while rested its sleek and surprisingly a round ass. I did not think that with such a fine figure it can have the suitcase. Positively surprised me. With the rest and her breasts they were not bad. It is true that I could not thoroughly examine their eyes, because first girlie to be embarrassed, and secondly, it was covered with a cotton blouse in cream-colored, with a very low neckline. Blouse perfectly composed with her caramel tan and sarnimi oczętami. Below, or on a neat butt was firmly tight-fitting white pants, and at its foot cream pins. The girl has taste, it can be seen at first glance. The bag, which is still just dangling in her neat hand, hung over a chair. I closed the door and I walked pretty eyes on the place. Then he went toward her and sat firmly on the leather chair. He was a very warm day and the room was no air conditioning or fan. How to annoy both had to ruin it. I was dressed with elegant black pants suit and polished leather shoes, white shirt buttoned to the collar slightly. Tie in the color of the sky, perfectly matching to my azure eyes. I’m a man at a young age, I’m twenty-eight years. Girl sitting here right now in front of me was just eighteen years old student of high school. Even before graduation, very young filly who came here today to meet me for the job. I am a director of the company, which is engaged in publishing newspapers. When the position of secretary slowed Anita, desperately looking for the ideal candidate to take her place. And I found, or at least I think so. Finchley escorts was a few years older than eighteen Marlene, she was twenty-three years and complete job in hand. Handle the man she could, Skuba even with the door open, not once was working my dick

Finchley escorts – chapter 2

She was at my beck and call, so my personal bitch. Unluckily, that immediately had to move out of the city and continue to work in my office was simply impossible. After she left the office we lost contact for good, after all, was not going to keep in contact with my subordinate outside of work, I’m a professional.I, however, am lucky, so very young, pretty girl like Marlene wrote back to my ad. From the time I looked in her Finchley escorts I knew it was her, that is ideal. She wrote that she is athletic and professional volleyball, also knows computers and knows three languages, English, French and Italian. The fact that his French is no doubt. The great advantage is not only her body but also that it is the exchange rate for the post, hehe.I smiled to małolatki, and this tentatively returned the smile. Slightly she blushed and looked embarrassed fleeing elsewhere. Soon, however, her eyes returned to my person, now I have seen how carefully watching me. Her face showed so much emotion, I had the feeling that going to explode. Her left hand slid limply down her thigh, and improved right blouse as if afraid that too much I see. I looked at her papers and began a conversation.Why are you interested in the position of answering?Beware that ideally the’m no good, I’m on the course, besides fluent in three languages ​​which I suspect … useful. -sweet, gentle voice.On Certainly come in handy. I would like to know what stage you speak French, hm? The language for more than ten years, because once lived in France for a short time after returning to Polish continued my education and so on that I use it as their mother tongue, which is Polish.

Finchley escorts

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