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Finsbury escorts

Finsbury escorts – chapter 1

Cool chair give you a shiver. Twilight Dining room no. 5, which took place in physics classes created with the October autumn unique atmosphere. Therefore, I sit and wait for judgment, because he had already fallen at a time when I was called. The air smells of dust and old junk, once brought to the classroom. I have before my eyes a window through which sadly I admire dressed in Finsbury escorts autumn colors of trees, from time to time my attention turns flying leaf. I occurred in the head, what could be the reason for calling me by Mrs. M. former professor of the class teacher. I do not recall that I recently gave her reason for doing so. I hear the exact sound of her high heels and a calm voice, although lectures are taking place behind the wall. She loved high heels, I never saw her on flat soles. The boots were always carefully matched to the rest of the dressing room. As for the pins … were all sorts. From leather boots, patent leather shoe for the summer, also on a pin. She was no longer young. Mrs. M. had nearly forty years. However, stood out against the background of other professors. In part because of the clothes, of course, but even the most fashionable clothes do not do the neglected female model. So Mrs. M. is not only able to dress, also took care of the line, it showed. She had long legs, small feet. Full, firm thighs suggested that Mrs. M. no remains at home watching cheap television series. Curve of her thighs reaching from the waist to the knees protrude slightly in front of her, looking at it is not anything I had not even imagine … heart beat faster and trousers did cramped. Well, but back to Mrs. M … her bum. It was not the ideal size, but not much miss her. What was strange to me is that despite the slightly built, she had a round ass and full thighs. Its bottom may have been even slightly higher than ideal but I liked it. Mrs. M. was not just your legs and bum so she still waistline, all in all perfect, it could have been with her as being a model. Simple back kept at the ideal body posture Mrs M. belly flat, completely. And breast … Her breasts were tiny. It is difficult to define me their size, 2 balls just were, fortunately, “balls”, “pencils” zepsułyby the whole effect. And finally face Mrs. M. It was evident that it was at the solarium … it was obvious to me her face was a model. I wondered why such a woman devoted to science. I would see her on every cover color magazine. She reminded J. Lopez, even very much, but had its individual, unique qualities. Her hair was long, fell on his back, ended up “triangle”, a few centimeters below the shoulder blades. Writing triangle I mean hair where the trimming that resemble an inverted triangle, falling on his back just. In a classroom silence. Complete. Heels also ceased to tap the wooden floor. The sense of hearing at this time strengthened enough that I was able to hear the rustling cards notebooks some classes there … I felt a huge stress. Mrs M. in a moment will come here. Terribly he intimidated me, this woman. Her eyes caused me chills. Eye contact broke off after the end of the conversation, sometimes I feel that I did not blink. I felt on the skin of the chest strong heartbeat. It showed up on the shirt in which I was dressed. Although nothing wrong, which could give her a reason to call me, I did not do, the mere fact of her presence alone was a strong impetus. After they fantasized about it unless all students in the school sex ugly … Do not be surprised if professors with teaching staff as well. I heard the sound odsuwającego chairs, clatter of heels rang out across the classroom, heart I’ve had in my throat. I heard the creak of the door handle, after a while the sound of the door closing and re creak of the door handle. She walked past me, just passed me sitting on a chair, she walked straight ahead, his back to me. Dark jeans tight ass opinały Mrs. M. Black leather boots on a pin, with a silver crest already rattled gently, black leather jacket seemed peculiar sound. When she came to the window, she turned to face me, rested her bum with a radiator, which was under the window. She looked me in the eye. It was another impulse, then probably trembled. She watched quietly. I did not know what to expect. I tried in some way to chill out but to no avail. When she spoke, almost drygnąłem. She had such a beautiful and warm voice … – “Mr. Martin, so what happened last Thursday …?” (asked as she so calm and composed voice … almost hypnotized) were stoked me, how does he know? I lived far from the school, I had to get there somehow. I served as a transport vehicle. Last Thursday, I got off the brakes. Luckily nothing happened, the car is intact. But how did she know …? I told only a few people in the class. – “Little professor failure …” I replied nervously. – “Are you okay? Definitely nothing you not?” – Further he asked. – “Yes, nothing serious happened professor …” I did not know where this is all headed. After all, someone told her about the accident, surely also said that it all ended well. Here it should be added that day I was not in the mood. In addition, the melancholy weather cause me depressed. Fell another question – “Are you sure that you do not need help?” But how you can help me a woman? – I thought. Mrs. M. took a chair and sat down across from me. Continued … – “Martin, you know that if you have a problem you can count on me, I like you not only as a student but also as a guy, you’re a decent and serious, I can not tell you about your peers, we can talk about everything. ” Despite the fact that we had 20 years … that my peers were far from mental maturity. Mrs. M. has blessed me sympathy due to the fact that often helped her. I had a knack for computers. Several times even visited her at home because she had a small problem. Not once then I saw her husband was huge. Bald, approx. 200 cm height and wide. Well, yes … this woman must feel safe. But back to back … – “I can see that something is wrong …” I kept silent, but now I looked at the floor. It’s been maybe two minutes in silence. I had a void in my head. I assume that if there is anything interesting to say … better left unsaid, therefore silent. Suddenly something changed … I felt her warm hands on my forearms, which were already cold. Despite being on the back of a radiator, he was always cold. The autumn weather had no mercy so lightly froze. At that moment it struck me that a long eye contact lessons physics or accidental abrasion … were not accidental. Often it did too, so that Mrs. M. thrown out ass right next to my face or in my direction, as if not intentionally. Heat wave has washed me, I got goosebumps. Mrs. M. noticed withdrawing the warm hands. I looked at her, smiled, and put them back on my forearms, rubbing them quickly. We sat there in silence while I struggled not to look her in the neck. He was deep so the battle was not the easiest. In the end, I could not stand and broke, I was sure I had seen it, and finally the whole time staring at me. Tanned skin and round breasts until asked to look again, again could not stand … Embarrassed, I looked at her, smiled again. As soon as she dropped her head, he took one hand from the forearm of my right hand and pulling my beard finger upward suggested that he wants me to head lifted. I did it so I looked into her eyes. This is what they saw caused another shiver and then I got goosebumps. Her eyes almost sparkled, she did not have anything to say, speak for her. I saw in them the desire and curiosity. All these stimuli caused me an instant erection. Despite the fairly loose denim pants and every effort on my part that erection highlight the dżinsie eye-catching Mrs. M. She took her finger down my chin and began to stroke my cheek back of your hands. I stiffened, it was me so well, though to anything special has not yet been … – “You’re a lovely boy …” I heard from her mouth. Despite 20 years, fair in stature and that I was quite tall, she saw in me the boy. The fact that you have 20 years I thought I was still a puppy, but the term “boy” … I do not know what came over me, but I grabbed her hand smoothing his cheek and started to kiss her outer side. Then I applied to the inner side of the cheek. She tilted her head slightly to one side for a moment to kiss me on the forehead. That was too much for me, with a huge erection, heart pounding like a hammer and trembling hands also tipped his head and approached his lips to hers. On his face I could feel her warm and slightly rapid breathing, on the forehead of her hair froze but did not pull away. So much felt odor … smell of coffee mixed with mint fragrance may be a chewing gum. The smell of hair spray, perfume. In addition, the warmth of her skin, he accidentally brushed the different parts of the face … It was something extraordinary. I had to take a chance, there was no turning back. Gently I brushed her lips with his own. They were warm, if not hot. He immediately came up with an initiative like quite some time waiting for my step. I felt her they open my mouth and her warm tongue penetrates in order to find a common rhythm with mine. The kiss was gentle and kind of … in slow motion. Never in my life have I felt such excitement. It was not the same as fantasy and masturbation, it was a completely different dimension of excitement. Already I kissed not once, not once I was also in an intimate situation with the girls, but something I felt for the first time. I felt trembled, her hand was still on my cheek, while the other rested on my forearm for some time without moving. His free hand put on her hot thigh and remaining in that kiss gently stroked the thigh. It was firm, but rather a thought through tight jeans. Every time when engagement with Finsbury escorts inner thigh where the skin is very sensitive, trembling, which further excited me.

Finsbury escorts – chapter 2

I felt now that I wet boxers, every guy probably knows what it is. We broke away from each other. Mrs. M. started to get up and gave me clear to me and I stood up. She pushed back her chair, she began to walk toward an empty table, which stood against the wall. She looked behind me, so I went. She sat down on it, her legs hanging in the air were not given to the wooden floor. She spread them wide. I stood between them, approached her. I inserted her hands in her hair while kissing passionately. I felt like Mrs. M puts his hands under my shirt and heading upward, gently massaging my chest. Coming back down on his stomach stopped that gently scraping claws. Chills brought back for the third time today creeps. Mrs. M. leaving one hand on her stomach, the other moved back. Take turns massaging them and gently scratched … It was amazing. I felt like my legs charge more or less on the bottom. I pulled away from her breaking the passionate kiss, sunk into her neck, kissing also the neckline. Now I began to slowly but surely put his hands under her shirt. The whole situation seemed to last an eternity. Fortunately, what happened to me was indescribable. It all meant that I was indifferent, if someone comes to facilities, or the bell rings … I felt a warm wave, again. This time with a warm wave of the future emotions. I shrugged that it all came so naturally, just that I am so well that Mrs. M. in itself gives me so much happiness. I wanted her. His hands reached already to her chest. Although they were small, they were extremely firm. I have not Finsbury escorts seen her nipples, but I felt them gently through her bra. He was slippery to the touch and kept warm breast Mrs M. Through her deep breath quickened and I heard a sigh. It was for me a boost. I had not thought to unhook her bra, I immediately feel her piersiątka in his hands. So I put his hands under her bra and although it was tight, I was able to quit her breasts in his hands. At this point docisnęła my legs to each other even more. His hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face close to his. The kiss was no longer so gentle as at the beginning, it was more wild and passionate. Her hands were on my buttocks. I still kept my hands on her breasts, not thinking about rozpinaniu bra. I felt like attracts me even more. Without breaking the kiss started to rub up kroczami through my pants, stimulating attitude. I am writing this now I think it’s silly, but then it was so wild and exciting that ejaculated in boxers. I had never happened to me something like this, a little of that … my penis did not weakened after ejaculation, he was non-stop as hard. Excitement is also not subsided, I wanted to break up with her clothes and do it here, now, the most wildly as possible … … the bell rang. Both drygnęliśmy how electrocuted. We broke away from each other in a hurry. I looked at her … she looked great. Hairstyle in disarray, removed her bra down blouse obscured, the nipples were characterized on that rumpled shirt. She was breathing very quickly. She sat and stared at me. He calmed himself. My heart was pounding like crazy, I broke into a cold sweat. I even had sweaty palms. – “We have to go …” she said. It was not clear to me. I felt as if I woke up with the best sleep I’ve ever would come at night. He drove to the right. She looked at me and saw my  face. She smiled, took a step toward me and stroked my cheek. – “Relax …” I heard. She began to move towards the door, buttoning on the way leather jacket. I looked at her ass … moment, something is wrong here. She had a small patch between her legs. On dżinsie! – “So it was fine …” I thought. She left. Just. He not even said, “I hope that this will be our secret,” nothing like that, as if she knew I’d leave it for himself. The cold air made the mind began to sober up and work. On my jeans, I saw no stains. Disturbed while the charge, which landed in his boxers. Quickly I pulled out crumpled handkerchief and started to do with this order. Normally I would feel terribly uncomfortable but now … do not bother me at all.

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