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Hampstead escorts


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Hampstead escorts

Hampstead escorts – chapter 1

So my story is about my classmate, which until recently did not pay attention. Karina was low, short-haired blonde with green eyes. The first thing I noticed this with her large breasts. So why not pay attention? Not belonged to slim girls.But once he stood on a chair when I saw how wonderful is ass, going down below his eyes I saw a beautiful white socks sticking out from under the Hampstead escorts feet gently Shine, which I liked terribly. Since then, otherwise I looked at her. Sometimes longer talked to her, I somehow interest in her, she began to like.Karina had problems with math and asked me to help. I agreed. I invited her to him, perhaps after two days I took her after school to her home. She was dressed in white, fairly tight blouse, tubes, vansy black and white feet, which protruded from under them. We were alone in the house. We took up a teaching position frequently changing, once we were on the floor, one on the bed, once at his desk. When Karina was lying on the bed, on his stomach reading task I had my head at her feet. I liked, I could not pass up such an opportunity. I began to gently massage her feet, gently turned around and saw her smile, so I continued. Karina closed the book, placed it on the floor, turned and started kissing me passionately. I did not even notice when I took off my shirt, so I took off her blouse. I saw beautiful breasts, hidden in a white bra and, after all, a nice belly. I started kissing her neck, going down lower and lower, kissed her breasts, Karina undid her bra, gently took off. I saw her whole tits, once I started to caress their hands, suck your nipples, kiss them. I was in paradise. She told me to get back to his feet, saying that excites me feet, socks. So what me. I kissed her feet, massaging them. Their smell was awesome. Slowly I Hampstead escorts took off her one sock, I saw a beautiful, well-groomed, a small footer. Sock gave Karina, it drew strongly, I meanwhile licked her bare foot, licked, sucked each finger in turn. I lick it between his fingers, the entire footer.

Hampstead escorts – chapter 2

Karina gave a passionate kiss, pushed me onto my back and began to unbutton my pants, I helped her remove them from me. She started kissing my feet which were also white feet, kissed them thoroughly. She said that in them is, because it excites her. She returned to Hampstead escorts mich boxers, where my dick was already up tension through it. Quickly removed them from me, took my penis in his mouth and began to lick, eggs caressed her hand firmly sucking me, his mouth was moving faster and faster, she took him into her mouth deeper and deeper. After some time, she took her sock, which it previously gave and put on my dick. Moments potrzepała him hand and left anyway. Button unbuttoned his pants, he took it from her. Karina was wearing a beautiful red panties, which she quickly slipped, I removed them it end. She had shaved, różowiutką pussy. She was already wet, I took to be her licking, tongue hang around circles on it and in it. I licked as deep, one hand massaging her breasts. Her hands clenched harder on my head. I kissed her higher and higher. When my dick was within her hand, he took off his sock. They both smelled it. After that I started to put his penis in her pretty pussy. She asked me to put slowly. So I did, slowly I put it all over, faster and faster before I moved, Karina seemed the sounds of pain mixed with the sounds of excitement that after some time turned into the same noises excitement. I mentioned at the beginning that Karina has unearthly ass. I offered her, I took her from behind. I was a little scared, but she agreed. She stuck her up, felt around her buttocks, licked her hole very carefully. Sometimes I touched her feet. When I felt that it put him at ease slowly. Sam began to move together so that was part of it and went out. Karina almost squealed at first, but then just moaned with excitement. When I started coming she said she wanted me to do good feet. She took it between the feet, she wore one sock, the other founded on my dick. She pounded it slowly, more and more deftly, helping her hands, keeping your feet. She took off with his foot, took him into her mouth, quickly came when he was in his mouth. All my sperm was on her face, hair on his chest a little bit Hampstead escorts. Alone in the house were still more than three hours so we went together to bathe.After all, she told me she fulfilled her dream. A few days after this event we were a couple, fell in love with her and today we have a similar adventure. And the fact that Karina and I have the same fetish further enhances our relationship in bed.

Hampstead escorts

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