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Harlesden escorts


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Harlesden escorts

Harlesden escorts – chapter 1

It was a hot day. Some of these holiday days that release the senses. Especially when around a lot of cool girls dressed in the minimum of what you need to cover these cute space they have. It is in Harlesden escorts such a day, I went shopping, which in my performance ended on a particular purchase and return home. I walked quickly to the mall, which was situated quite close to home. My goal were new denim jeans. There had already stalked, I have been there a few times. Unfortunately, in perspective, I had a conversation with a boring clerk. A woman of about fifty, always przynudzała and squeezed “something else” which quickly guided toward the exit of the store. This shop was located on the third floor of the mall, where he usually was the least of customers, and often even they could not see. So it was this time. One was to change, however, and it’s much better. Armed with as much patience as is necessary to abolish saying salaried clerk and drove payment card on the floor escalator and headed towards the store. On the first floor, of course, no one thought “as usual”. Entering the store almost speechless to see who is behind the cash register. Pretty, dark-haired, having what it takes to spot a teenager.Hello, can I help you? – She asked.There should not be such a, um, another lady? – I answered a question with a question.And yes! – He replied after a moment’s hesitation – Sure you are, it means you are a regular customer – improved, with a charming smile. I nodded, so she continued – Ms. Hanka will not be until the end of the week, it replaces it – she added quickly.Uhmm- I grumbled and asked for denim jeans.Merchant has not been large. At around its circumference wsiały clothes, and in the middle was a small table with the articles of discount. When I gave their size began to look around the shop for the appropriate pants, and I could look at her zaftig, firm bottom. She was wedged in tight denim shorts and could see its stately, slender legs were lightly tanned.Please can you these covenants? – It was thought appropriate pants.Oh, no you, but Janek my name – I smiledAnne – returned the smile – Try these pants – she said, and showed the changing rooms behind the curtain, right from the ticket office, which was in the left corner of the store.Neither I took the pants and the long moments I watched her, my eyes gently descended below the neck of a young girl. And it was a funny sight. Two cool, natural breasts. She was dressed in a white blouse, through which glimpses of a black bra. Immediately I ran away from there Harlesden escorts eyes and hid behind the curtain. I could see the smile on her face. I started to dress I was wearing shorts and boxer shorts underneath. Shorts landed on a stool and soon jumped jeans. Pants good lay. But then already gone shopping on the other side, and the main goal was Anne. I emerged from the dressing room and asked to have any pants. Ania with the same smile went to search for new jeans. I was delighted to see her and somehow I had to talk to her, to get even meet.

Harlesden escorts – chapter 2

What are you doing after work today? – I asked, without hesitation – Nothing – she replied with the same smile – But now too much going on – she added.I did not know what to answer such comeback. I took just given my pants again disappeared behind the curtain. I do not hurry me out of Harlesden escorts the dressing because I thought his answer. I have not even noticed when Anne was surprised by exposing the curtain! – Hey, Johnny! – She said only, still smiling brightly. – Eee what are you doing here? – I could only answer. But I heard in response was: “shh”. He slid the curtain and took off my jeans baring his boxers sticking dick in their midst.Well well. Disputes that Hansel – purred.Then not even taking off his boxers ran his mouth on my penis. Then he licked his widely distributed language. I managed only to groan and stood silently to a halt, before kneeling girl. Ania one movement took off my boxers. Arguing that “there will be no longer needed me.” In an instant, he grabbed my swollen member of the mouth and began to suck. She moved from her mouth up and down and licked his tongue. Then he took her head and kissed his lips, then toured her tongue, and again the whole head disappeared into her mouth. Soon it was the end of her play, topped with my moan. She unencumbered swallowed all the warm liquid, which presses the mine warrior.Do not worry Jasiek, I left facia “be right back”, no one here would look – she added a moment later – Now it’s your turn – said with the same smile.Then she took off her shorts and white panties, revealing a nearly shaved pussy have left behind, rectangular fuzz on itself a shell. Then usiadała on a stool, legs spread invitingly. He immediately took for caresses her pussy. I began to lick her, and Ania silent groans but my excitement was stirring. First I licked her outside, teasing the most sensitive places, then gradually stepped in young . Quiet gasps and groans finally made the more my cock became hard. Lick every inch of her shells, was getting wetter at some point tightened on my head your lovely legs so that I could concentrate on her sweet interior. Then came her hot orgasm.  even broader smile, my tongue was deep in her warm and wet inside. I decided to go further and leaned his hands against the wall of the dressing room, putting her pussy licked my swollen warrior.Do it- she moaned softly.I gripped spread my legs. I slowly put my swollen member in a warm and wet pussy Ani. Slowly and rhythmically, I advanced it. More and more excited she began to moan loudly to the rhythm of my movements. We did not mind the cramped dressing room. Our Harlesden escorts bodies intertwined in one when Anne tightly around my waist your lovely legs. My swollen member eventually fired inside the seed lover. Her orgasm was as wonderful as I felt almost shiver all over her body and her cry of satisfaction almost blew a small changing rooms. When we finished, we were exhausted, Annie kiss and hug thanked me. I was shocked and at the same time proud of myself that so well I went in the company of such amazing sex machine. Anne expertly dressed and mentioned something about reopening the store. We parted with a kiss again. I finished my shopping and I went out with Anna at the next meeting in a more intimate setting.

Harlesden escorts

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