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Havering Escorts


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Havering Escorts

Havering Escorts – chapter 1

I finished the first class of high school – I was 16 – and it seemed to me that I was already an adult. In the summer, for two weeks, she went to her aunt to the country. My aunt was a teacher and willingly visited me at home during the holidays, because she was lonely widow and Havering Escorts summer had a lot of free time. In the countryside I had a few friends and spent days at a relaxed atmosphere on the lake or in the woods. At home, my aunt, experienced only during meals and at night.
My aunt was a woman aged about 45 years old, right in stature, tall and rather plump although with its growth that it can be a powerful person to name rather than fat. She had a huge bust that extended almost to her waist, extremely wide hips and thick thighs. She was a very nice lady, did not have their own children and always treated me like their own son, sometimes outright was tiring with their hugs and kisses. Moreover, treated me like a little boy. For years, I was on vacation with her and probably not noticed that already ceased to be a kid. Almost never closed the door to his room. My bed was in front of the door and it happened in the morning, with the half-closed eyelids I saw aunts how you dress. Big, white, flabby tits navel reached az, white, stylonowe briefs could no cover black hair oscillate on both sides. When I observed it, I felt like my dick swells rapidly and long afterwards did not dare to get up ashamed “tent”, which was getting out of underpants. Something similar happened in the evening. Aunt quite early bathed, then devised on the presumption long silk robe and sit before the TV.
One night after a very hot day, I was awakened by the storm. She was so violent, lightning bily one by one, with really scared. Then – perhaps for the last time in my life – said the little boy in me.
– Aunt – I said a frightened voice, loud enough to drown out the thunder.
– Yes, boy – she replied.
– I can not sleep, I’m afraid – I said.
– Do not be afraid, the storm will pass soon.
– And … I come to you? – I asked timidly, further scared.
Of course, although fast, hugging path and immediately fall asleep – Aunt responded quickly.
Without hesitation, I got up and went into her room. It was dark, but every now and then lightning lit up the room with blue light. Aunt She pulled away on the edge of a wide Twin – was covered and slightly inclined quilt showed the place for me. Quickly lay down and covered lightweight quilt. Aunt planted his hand under my head and said:
– Come on, cuddles up to me baby, soon everything will be fine.
Boldly clung to her breasts. They were naked – she had dressed only in panties – but I was so sleepy and scared that does not pay enough attention. Snuggled up to the big, warm, fragrant breasts, he took them hand, I felt her hot legs and thighs … I fell asleep immediately. At night I had an erotic dream. I do not remember the details, but it was great. I woke up when the sun was shining. I lay outdoor with a dick easternmost behind the briefs and sticking to its full length. Quickly pulled on his quilt. At the same time I noticed that my aunt lying side, facing me sideways and sleeping, only in her panties. Her big breasts fell on the bed sheet. Under the influence of my eyes aunt started to wake up.

Havering Escorts – chapter 2

And how did you sleep? – She asked, not covering their Havering Escorts
– Very well – he replied a little confused with the face on the pulsing of blushes.
– You must have been a nice dream, because I really in the night you shot, and at the end of the seed You shoot at me – she said sincerely.
Quickly touched his cock. He was stuck  already slightly sperm, panties too. That was too much. Embarrassed and red in the face I said quietly:
– I’m sorry, I did not want.
– Do not apologize, do not mention it. Only now I noticed that matures and becomes a man. That’s what’s happened to you is completely natural – a pleasant voice replied aunt.
– But … dirtying aunts – I added.
– Ha, ha – I laughed – it’s not dirty!. As soon as it rubbed itself. It’s the best cream for women. See.
Here I stood up and showed me her belly and thighs. From the panties were emerging black curly hair.
– You see, there is no trace!
– I have to wash – I said and started to rise.
– Wait, boy – here Aunt touched my arm.
– Take your time, he added – since we started this conversation is let out of me ask you something. Yes ?
– Do parents have already talked with you about these topics? – She asked.
– About what? – I answered the question, I did not know what was going on.
– Well, you know, about male-women, about sex, love – he explained.
– Well … no, but I already know – I replied quietly, ashamed.
– I guess from my colleagues what? – She asked my aunt.
I do not say anything, just lowered his head. My aunt began to lecture. We sat on the bed, she with bare breasts, which at times he looked furtively, with a quilt I pulled over to the waist to hide my dick sticking out, the state and so could be seen.
– That’s what happened to you in the night – she continued aunt after a brief preface – men generally survive in moments of great passions, along with the beloved woman. I ejaculation, which occurred with you on the briefs and bedding, then it goes into the body of woman. Then, if circumstances are favorable and fertilization occurs.
I listened to this lecture, constantly, feeling pulsing in my head and penis blood.
– Tell me, do you know the woman’s body? – She asked suddenly.
– Well … I guess a little – I replied.
– I thought so too. You only know what you reveal to the pictures. But do not you see what I mean. But it is already late and we have to get up. We’ll finish this conversation tonight, okay?
– Yes – I replied.
– Now get up and take off those shorts, I’ll be Wypiór – aunt she added.
I sat on the bed and took off panties. Then I got up and reversed all the time I went to the bathroom. They quickly rinsed and stood in front of the mirror. Member of an already calmed down and hung lazy, but still strongly reddened. But my face was still in stripes. I washed the cold water, wiped and left obwiniety towel.
– When going to wear Come for breakfast – I heard my aunt’s voice from the kitchen.
– Well – I replied.
After a while, I was already in the kitchen. He sat down and after a while my aunt handed me a breakfast. At the same time he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.
– Bon Appetit. I hope about what happened tonight did not tell my parents or anyone in the village, huh? – She asked, smiling.
– Aunt Nay, of course not, he would have burned with shame – I replied.
– Well, well, eat already. Now, and I wash and apparel.
Minal again, hot day. Almost all the time I thought about what happened. In the end I decided that nothing will happen when this aunt put me in the mysteries of sex. In the evening the neighbor came to visit. The women were sitting in the kitchen and gossiped loudly. When talking Tincture aunt sipping work. At that time I was watching TV. It was already quite dark when she went to the neighbor himself.  had to drink quite sharply and tincture had probably a big power, because when Aunt zagladnela the room was clearly inserted.
– You’re not hungry? – She asked.
– No, you ate for dinner, thank you – I answered.
– That I will go to have a bath – she replied aunt and went to the bathroom.
Aunt bath lasted quite a long time I’ve even started to get nervous, because the bathroom was completely silent on the door and asked:
– Auntie, all right?
– Yeah, boy. Do you want to enter? – Responded.
– No, but I thought that something happened.
– No, no, just go out – my aunt she added.
After a while my aunt came out of the bathroom. As usual, she was in her silk robe. She came to the chair where I sat and said:
– Dear you are, with so worried about me.
And here I leaned over and kissed me on the lips this time.
– I’ll go to bed. A little too much to drink. You come, my boy to me like yesterday? Yeah, I slept well last night with you – she asked.
My aunt always treated me like a son, so it does not surprise me too much.
– Well Aunt, for a minute will come.

Havering Escorts

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