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Herne Hill escorts


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Herne Hill escorts

Herne Hill escorts – chapter 1

In a large, dimly lit room in a comfortable chair, he sat a dark-haired, well-built man. His face was enveloped thick smoke. He was smoking a big fat cigar, and every now and then looked at the clock hanging in front of him. However, he did not look for someone to somewhere in Herne Hill escorts a hurry – behaved calmly, and his movements were slow. He drank found in whiskey, dopalił the end of the cigar and stood up. Slowly he walked toward the exit. Per hour ceremony began with the funeral of his brother, who a few days ago was brutally murdered. He got in the car and headed for the church, which was to be held a farewell mass.He was ahead of time. He went to the temple and walked slowly beneath the altar. Apart from him, almost no one was inside. He thought that all old friends of his brother forgot about him and not even turning up at the funeral. He was wrong, however. He knelt before the coffin and crossed himself, then he sat in the first pew. Waiting until Mass begins, every now and then she heard footsteps, coming increasingly flocking to the church. But friends did not forget about his brother – rejoiced.With the families of the deceased at the funeral were the only two people – his fifteen year old daughter Gabi and brother – Albert. Another family, moreover, had only a few people who were with him, however distantly related and do not maintain contacts, probably not even aware of his death. His wife has left him quite a few years ago, leaving him alone with his daughter. Despite this, a lot of people came to see him off – for the life he had many good friends. Unfortunately – he thought Mr. Albert – friends is not the same as a family. He did not like the fact that he, as the closest relative of the deceased, besides the godfather of his daughter, he will have to deal with it. This meant that the girl will live under his roof. He was afraid that it completely change his life – until now always lived alone, did not have to worry about anyone, anyone deal with, in a word, he did not care anything except his own ass. He was forty bachelor who lived for himself and he was fine with it. Fortunately, that Gabi was no longer a child but an Herne Hill escorts adolescent girl who will not require a lot of care and soon, when he reaches the age of majority, move out of it. He thought that a matter of fact only has to watch, to go to school to avoid doing bad things, including how drinking alcohol, taking drugs and smoking, and keep it, but that in his case there was a problem, because the money had galore. It might not be so bad – he consoled himself. After the ceremony came to a girl, cautiously he patted her on the shoulder and said:

Herne Hill escorts – chapter 2

I’m sorry, Gabrysiu.Thank you, Uncle – niece replied with tears, and hugged him tightly and cried even more.
When all those present at the funeral of men have already submitted their condolences, Albert of Gabrysia got into his car and walked toward the large estate Uncle Al, as she called him a girl.It’s been a few months since the death of his father Gabriela. Albert fears allayed at that time completely – no small were caused him any trouble, she learned well, not szlajała with friends and did nothing wrong. He did not have to spend her too much time, moreover, used as he could, dealt exclusively with their own affairs and his contact with her daughter’s godmother was limited to conversations at meals. A matter of fact, Gabi has not changed much of Herne Hill escorts his past life. He felt, however, for this reason conscience, he saw that little needs to contact and conversations that drawn to him, and he is concerned only with themselves. His late brother would not be glad you did it neglect. When Albert he realized, he decided that it will change and will be spending more time with his godchild. He would do this for her father. He then started to more take care of her, asking about school, about her problems and other things that do not care about it too much. He realized that Gabi is a very nice girl and good to him talking to her. It’s nice to linger him with her time, she has become a happier person, opening up to her, and she seemed to be more pleased. Unfortunately, life is not just a nice conversation, the girl also needed it to deal with its problems. She asked him for advice in various old wives matters on which Albert did not know, but I always tried to advise her somehow. She was helped in science when she was trouble with something. The man, however, knew that growing up has other problems that need to be addressed and that is what he will fall this embarrassing affair …

Herne Hill escorts

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