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High Barnet escorts


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High Barnet escorts

High Barnet escorts – chapter 1

A day like every day, come home tired and sleepy. Yet this unfortunate disease. But I do not get sick, only once in a while. Apparently finally the day has come. I was driving as usual 503, the music was getting to me with my MP3 player, I thought that it will High Barnet escorts improve my mood but without effect. Next stop, the people at the entrance mix, we all come back after a hard day at work. In the crowd of tired faces I see a young brunette with glasses, slim face, I guess that is a year, maybe two years younger. She was wearing black boots, jeans and a bright green jacket covering her rear end. She stood next to me with a carefree smile on his face. I felt her beautiful eyes on my body but I could not look at her, paralyzed me the grace and the beauty .. I pretended thoughtful, I moved to a different world.Approaching the bus more often peeked at her, hoping that this will not notice. In the end, I found that leaving will do something unexpected. I’ll tell her something. But what? “You’re beautiful,” too obvious, you probably hear this every day. “Shall we go for coffee?” Not too directly. “Cool boots,” so it will be suitable.
In the end we arrived, the bus stops, people tilt forward, my heart goes into my throat. Time to get out. I look at her, our eyes set on straight, we look at each other and I can not say anything, total paralysis. “Tell that whore” I repeat in my mind and my mouth sluggish flies “cool boots.” She looks at me like I was a refugee from an asylum. Quickly I look away and head for the exit, but for me I hear the beautiful female voice, “Thanks.” She answered me. This beautiful creature I replied! I feel that  inside and lose touch with reality, I leave the bus, and I lose my balance. I passed out.After a while (or maybe shorter?) I woke up, I’m coming from another dimension. Lying on the sidewalk turn my head to the right and in front of the eyes loom black boots. The same black boots that I saw on the bus. I look up and I see a beautiful stranger which acquired facial expression looks at me from under her dark bangs falling on its brown and big eyes. , Call an ambulance? “He asks a stranger. , No need, I’ll be fine. I live near ‘answer getting up from the ground with its help. ,Thank you’. ,You’re welcome. I’ll walk you, also live in the area , I will made you the trouble, really I can handle it ‘smile weakly. “You see these boots? You do not want to feel how it hurts when you have to kick them on their feet? “Corresponds to discovering your perfect white teeth intimidating me. “You’re right, I do not. What’s your name?”. “Ewelina, do you?”. “Michael”. So Ewelina. I want to shout this name all tonight …
“Can you get inside? At least, that I can repay you for your help. ” “Well I guess you did not think I’d leave you the same door, after all, I need to see that all is well with you. You’ll be my first patient “. “The first patient?” I asked, puzzled. “Yes, I am studying medicine.” I open the door to the house and let in the front. I strip off her jacket and the first time I can see the perfect female curves which are hidden beneath tight-fitting and matching clothes. I can feel it in my pants running out of space. It suffices that it is dressed, what would happen if I saw her nag …
“What are you drinking?” I ask. “I’ll have a cup of tea, thank you. Nice apartment. You live here alone? “” Yes, the company where I work rents an apartment for me, “I had to lie, yet I will not tell her the truth. “Oh. This company must be rich ‘. Yes, this company is and yes I am rich but I do not like to brag about. “Rich, but not talk about it, I do not like this work,” disposes of it. “Please,” I give a warm cup of High Barnet escorts tea. “Strawberry. I adore her. So you like my boots? “I look at them and then at me. Blush slightly, “Yes. There are black “what the hell are you fuck ?! I hear a loud laugh, “Yeah, this knock-black. Literally”.

High Barnet escorts – chapter 2

Suddenly I got up, I feel as if something had guided me, I do not contain myself. I stood in front of her and asked her to also rose. “Can I do something?” I asked. She narrowed her eyes as if he wondered, however, after a moment nodded his head affirmatively. I grabbed her High Barnet escorts hand lightly expecting her fists on her cheek. But nothing happened, only her face reddened under the influence of blood. I felt like makes me hot. Without asking I grabbed her other hand and gently pulled her toward him. Her cheeks every second became redder and eyes getting bigger. She was very close. Very close to him, I felt how much he wants to enter into it and to make screamed with delight. That it make her well. I let go of her hands and pulled the glasses. Without them look even more charming. “May I?” I asked, and without waiting for a reply had gotten into her sweet mouth. We started this where it all begins. Our tongues intertwined in hugs, passed out. Suddenly I felt a pleasant pressure on the teeth. “Ideally, my dear,” I whispered in her ear then kissed them. Later neck, the cheek and again to his mouth. My hands roamed over her body, from top to bottom hampered by shapely ass. I took her in my arms and przyparłem to the wall. “You have nowhere to run.” “Nowhere I do not want to run, unless your bed.” “I do not know where it is.” “So you have to carry me.” My body wrapped her legs, threw her arms around his neck and kissed passionately.In the end we got to the bedroom by smashing the way mirror and bouncing off the walls in a frenzy of hugs. We fell on the bed. Lying on me began to undress each other, at first I pulled her blouse and T-shirt. She had beautiful, black, lace bodice that accentuated her femininity. They are wandering hands on her chest, but Ewelina suddenly grabbed me by saying, “Not so fast, buddy. I also want to see something “. Wasting no time elegant tore my shirt and went to unfasten his trousers. I threw it so suddenly that I was lying to her, pulled her bra and began to fondle her perfect breasts. I felt swollen with excitement nipples. My mouth is guided by the lower neck, chest, abdomen. In the meantime, I pulled her pants and lacy panties that matched her bra. Mouth descended lower and lower, until her femininity. I fondled her as best as I could, I felt like a little slide my finger inside her temple while staggering the language of rings around the clitoris. She squirmed with excitement. I led her to a state from which there was no turning back. The mouth again roamed her body up. She felt his teeth clench on her breast while pushing the already wet fingers into her place of bliss. Suddenly she clenched her legs around me so that I could not move. I knew it was close to the explosion, I could not afford to wait any longer. In the end, there was an explosion, shout, scream and delight on which so much waiting. I was proud of myself, I felt invincible.Again we started kissing and she pulled my pants and began to massage the swollen friend who could not wait to touch women’s hands. She turned me so that was on me again. She looked me in the eye, smiled, and I knew he was going to feel him put it in his mouth, sucks and moves back and forth. She did it with childlike ease, she knew how to drive me crazy. After a while she sat astride and High Barnet escorts slipped into it a little trying to be careful. We started to fuck sharply. My hands still wandered after her breasts, belly, butt. I felt that makes her a pleasure. Just what I wanted, I carry her to the skies, to end her suffering and lead to a second orgasm. We came at the same time screaming and falling from power. Ewelina slumped to the side, she leaned into me and fell asleep without saying a word. I felt that this will not stop …

High Barnet escorts

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