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Highgate escorts


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Highgate escorts

Highgate escorts – chapter 1

Hi all. I’m Luke, I am currently 26 years old.I’m gay. I would like to tell you all of my sexual adventures here’s the first one.I have yet to talk sense as the current look, but I will tell how I looked on my first time.I was then 16 years old, I was low (150 cm), thin (50 kg), I’m brown hair, wore as a boy long hair cut on a mushroom, generally Displeased girl and old masters. Highgate escorts hormones in me and I really wanted to experience his first time.I was looking for a candidate for my first lover online, mainly in chat rooms.It lasted long after an hour spent chatting I met Chris. He was 18, he was skinny, tall, bald and very handsome. He went to high school near my then-middle school.We agreed to meet the next day to play hooky. He offered me to come to him, he gave me the address, he wanted us to spend the whole day together. That is what happened.Promptly at 8:00 am I arrived at under the block, I was greeted by a friendly hug, and my heart pounded and pummeled as a hammer, excitement swelled in me.To my surprise, he invited me to his basement, because in the apartment were his parents.The cellar was small, steady in the three things that almost all filled its interior, namely it was a sofa, an armchair and a huge old clock. We went to the basement, we sat on the couch, until we talked and then it became my Krzysztof approached me mouth Highgate escorts in a passionate kiss, I felt its wonderful smell of deodorant, I put his hand on his crotch.I felt the hard hand protruding, without thinking knelt before him, undid his pants, pulled out his bird. He had a long approx. 20 cm penis, but very thin, slightly curved. I took it into his mouth, slowly at first language toured the acorn then I started to suck it.Krzysiu my treatments be loved, groaned and slightly moving his hips from side to side.

Highgate escorts – chapter 2

After sucking the glans pierced for dressing as seen on porn movies. I moved his head so that the penis Chris every movement slipped deeper and deeper into my mouth until you’ve stumbled on my throat. At this point, Christopher grabbed my head and started to sit Highgate escorts tight, a little choked his penis but it made me even more have directed.Christopher suddenly stopped moving my head stood up. He said undress.They both stripped and zwarliśmy in a passionate kiss while my Christopher Robin clutching my buttocks moving them. In the end, the magic moment came, he ordered me to kneel on a chair, unplugged, yes I did. First neatly he licked my hole until she was all wet with his saliva. He put his penis into the hole and slowly shoved, went reluctantly because it was my first time and was cramped.But in the end a hole opened up in front of his advancing stiff penis, I felt in the middle of the wonderful warmth and throbbing. I moved slowly at first, and I moaned softly with pleasure.Holding my buttocks slowly and rhythmically moving in me, my lover, it was a beautiful moment, I was very happy. A few minutes I was moving so slowly until finally accelerated.He moved me faster and faster bumping up his body on my ass, it was a beautiful sound obijającego the body of flesh.I no longer hold back moaned loudly and screamed oh yeah oh so Krzysiu.After 10 minutes, the rapid advance of Christopher Robin came to me, I felt in my ass as wstrzeliwuje in me huge amounts of sperm, wave after Highgate escorts wave, moaning at the same time. There came right away, all the while in the middle clung to my back and repeat, “I was horny”.In the end, he broke away from me pulled away a little, he opened my buttocks and watched as his cum slowly dripping from my interior.Thus ended my first time. It was wonderful.Yet moments talked. We sat in the basement, two times yet did Krzysiu ice cream. Then approx. 11 parted, and as it turned ever more Chris never met.

Highgate escorts

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