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Islington escorts


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Islington escorts

Islington escorts – chapter 1

Along with my new job began a new Islington escorts in my life. I studied it more and more new people on the background of official and private. Of course, as a new person had to go through a lot of training and I had to also pass the theory test and practical to be able to help the team, which is already working together and fight for sales plans. I am a young man as a 23 year old, comes to 3-person team: Monika 36 years old brunetka- having 2 children, shapely, Islington escorts, keen wear short dresses, which her lace stockings, and Norbert 28 years old linen with a keen mind and expertise on pharmacy. The first days at work were very distinctive, everyone wanted me to meet with my team and headquarters and managers who watch over our work. The first missions with Monica, were heavy because she wanted to tell me as much as possible. Unfortunately I could not concentrate to the end, as always walking by Monika saw red heels, black tights and tunic barely covering her lovely ass, which odwzorowały tempting thong. End of the month was tough, because we fought for the highest plan, and of course for the highest bonus. Unfortunately, that day I could not help my team, because I studied and I had important exams at school. Monika informed me SMS about their struggle and to achieve a good result. Writing SMS came to the fact that we wrote about personal matters, eg. If I have a girlfriend, she needs someone to meet because there is no one like. So we agreed …. I knew that it would not be a regular meeting, not I could not believe the 23 year old boy the first time in my life will be able to include 36-year ,, mama “. We agreed to meet on 21 and drove after her in his car. I saw her … black high heels, black tights and short black dress with a black-leather short jacket. This view bricked me and yet I was happy. We went to a quiet place where it was around a lot of trees. With Monica we talked a lot about work, how to work, who to watch and how to act to make it right. During this conversation Monika drank beer, which increasingly spurred her to talk and various fantasy. Suddenly … I ended up beer and Monika- ,, came here in obvious reasons, what are you waiting. ” When I heard those words at once threw myself on the seat where she was sitting and began passionately kissing. She kissed as if he had come end of the world.

Islington escorts – chapter 2

She threw me on the seat and at the same time I began to walk, move spherical movements after my crotch. My little warrior immediately stood and could hardly wait to penetrate her moist slits. She felt his readiness and got down to release it from my pants. Quickly he began to rub his hand and lick at the same time. Quickly he pulled the skin of acorns and immediately began to treat him professionally. I’ve never experienced anything like this. His throat was very deep, you can see her huge experience and Islington escorts passion at the same time. ,, Are you ready to fuck her friend from work? ”. Immediately reaching for the eraser, but I heard today ,, fuck me without condom and to the end “Could not wait any longer,  to dodging your thong and rapidly dug into my warrior. Immediately I felt her juices flowing from her pussy. It was a wonderful feeling, wailed, squirming on it, pierced her as far as the same eggs. I wondered how long I can stand it?!. During Monika I commuted I began to fondle her medium-sized breasts, kissing them from time to time and listening to the howls. Suddenly there was an orgasm of her. So hot cipeczki have not felt before. She said that now it’s my turn and went with me and started to work again. I have not had to wait so I shot her mouth … I just have not had an erection long. After all my orgasm Monika swallow my sperm, she licked my bird and said that next time we’ll do it much differently. And the return Monica home he stretched my bird every now and again began to raise and treat mouth. In this way, he is saying goodbye to my warrior, and it encouraged further meetings

Islington escorts

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