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Kensal Green escorts


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Kensal Green escorts

Kensal Green escorts – chapter 1

That day earlier returned from work. I had free, so all day I lay in bed eating chips Kensal Green escorts and watching TV. I heard how quickly takes off her shoes, throws his briefcase on the cabinet. Suddenly he appeared in my room. He had already almost unbuttoned shirt. I felt that he is horny. Looking at him shiver went through me. After a moment, he was already with me. Even though he did not speak. Quick movement pulled off my robe, and I was naked. He started kissing me caress. He put me on his back, and he began to undress. A second later, he was sprawled on me, kissing me on the lips. I was not prepared for such a course of events but feeling his desire she was already on fire, I wanted more. I wandered hands on his hot body, touching muscled back and buttocks, which no man would not be ashamed.She could feel his penis hardens. I was already wet. Suddenly he stopped kissing me, just looked deeply into his eyes and in one motion came at me. I screamed. Slowly at first, slightly circular motion moved once in front, one in back. Then only I could feel his rubbing against my wet body and his penis, which like crazy penetrated my pussy. I screamed like a possessed, I was awfully good. He probably also because every now and then groaned. In the end we changed our position. Now he took me from behind. Its core irritated my clitoris. I wilam with delight.

Kensal Green escorts – chapter 2

After some time he threw me again on my back and my legs got tangled in his neck. Now slowly he entered me all the time looking me in the eye. Nothing remained silent but I could see in Kensal Green escorts  his eyes that slowly is coming. Suddenly he accelerated and after a few minutes came out with me and dropped to my stomach.He got up and went to the bathroom. He said nothing. I lay still as if in a trance, I had no strength for anything. After a few minutes left bathed, he walked over to the bed, leaned over me and whispered only that, thank you and it was great. He gave me a kiss and went to the kitchen. I have been left for even just a moment, and she went to take a bath. I stood in the shower perhaps half an hour, thinking about the incident. Mario has never been so preserved. Deep down, I liked that it is such lion.When I came out of the bathroom Mariusz was already dressed and waiting for me with dinner. It was nice. While eating, he told me what happened in work- or how every day. Looking at me, he smiled gracefully. I also I smiled, remembering his deep, crazy eyes when he walked me an hour earlier.

Kensal Green escorts

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