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Lambeth escorts


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Lambeth escorts

Lambeth escorts – chapter 1

Have you ever wondered what all carry out sexual fantasies after winning a few million on the lottery .. recently occurred to me that thought, and this story is Lambeth escorts its fruit.I am 20 some years, studying and like most citizens of this country do not deceive myself that after graduation I will find a well-paid job in the profession. It will be good as I will be able to support my family without seasonal trips abroad. I am a realist, yet from time to time (mostly at birthday) I let the lottery. From that, just once a year you can. I do so for years, probably since I was elementary school. And you know what two months ago came six. Pula 8 000 000, the only winner. So after tax just over 7 000 000 zł. I must admit when I got the money to the account two days I sat in the room and I thought what to do next. Two days I knew it just me, never, but it never felt such excitement .. but ignorance of what to do next. Living from day to day suddenly had to start planning. And not a week or two ahead but a dozen years, and even I would venture to say that the generations. I left myself about half a million on the “current” spending the rest polokowałem on some deposits and funds. With the money for current expenses in a month fulfilled all the material needs of my family for the next decade. I sent the parents for the holidays. And he also went on a two week tripping through Europe without a specific plan, just drove, flew or swam where I came across urge, I had where I wanted, I slept where and with whom I wanted without having to worry how much I spend. But the details of this expedition and established friendships can tell you some other time. Sitting in a small diner somewhere in Andalusia (excuse at the moment can not even remember the name of this little town) some subtle sipping local wine began to plan in detail the implementation of its sexual fantasies.Two days later, with a detailed action plan was already in Poland.
The first point: room.I rented a detached house on the outskirts of Warsaw. A small story about 100 meters + plot next to the wood. Nothing in it changed my not specifically because why invest in a rented house. The only room that remade a room on the first floor. In addition to changing the furniture has been installed a suspended ceiling and broken passage in the wall into the next room (size for doors), Swimming However, this was camouflaged huge Venetian mirror, also from the adjoining room you could watch exactly what is going on on the other side of the mirror.

Lambeth escorts – chapter 2

A similar solution was used in the suspended ceiling. What furniture there were not so much: bedside table with lamp, wardrobe, desk, chair, bed, a stereo and dance .. Lambeth escorts centrally mounted opposite the bay with one-way mirror, roughly in the middle of the room. I ordered extra money to the pipe two “ears” at 10 and 30 centimeters from the floor. After alterations and re-painting the room looked quite luxurious but not cheesy. Just a playroom for the big boys. In the room there were 6 of hidden cameras + one for a Venetian mirror in the room next door and two in the bathroom.The second point: searchingI started to look for Women, known requirements sexy look – I do not have a specific type: invalid length or hair color, construction rather petite, color, type of beauty invalid. In that case, what was the key exploration .. Age. I was not looking young chicks, a student who had just pulled away from under the wings of their parents and gives ass left and right, using every weekend of freedom. I was looking for a woman near 30stki, maybe a little after. Do not prostitutes, I never twirled me paying for sex, especially that my system was not one-sided because not only I had derive pleasure from it. I needed just a grown woman working on a monotonous position, preferably in some corporation or office, generally bored with life. A woman who with fine zaintrygowaniu herself out of curiosity come into my system.It lasted about 10 days, hundreds of hours at the computer, dozens of e-mails, conversations in chat rooms, dating sites or social networks. In the end I found. Bozena 33 years divorcee with 9letnim son, a worker at the office, red straight hair around the neck, impeccable figure known top models but not proportional, super shapely bottom, breasts not big but firm and light brown eyes. I found her chatting in her work hours, several conversations (already gg), such general about life, what it was, what it is. I found her on a social network, it was not difficult unless forgot how detailed data reported gg. In the pictures really looked appealing, especially in translucent light, summer green dress, spans the entire lightly on her breasts and buttocks. But I had to see with my own eyes. To this end, I went to the office where she worked. Knowing the name quickly found a room. I pushed the door ..

Lambeth escorts

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