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Lewisham escorts


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Lewisham escorts

Lewisham escorts – chapter 1

In life there is nothing I miss everything I’ve got. I am a 35 years old, his own company, an apartment in the city center and three cars that have always been my dream. I love to spend money for their own pleasure, and that which I describe today, was one of the greatest pleasures in my life.I love sex and I am from him hooked.However, due to its almost sick fantasies, I can not be a constant partner. Even if such be found – once I had betrayed her. I love the young and tight pussy. I’m looking for them online and pay well for what they do.I am the Lord. I love ordering. That I’m in charge.It was Friday evening and I was horny as ever. I went to my proven side, where I am looking for girls to bed, while I looked for the girls, because the choice was really disputes. One ad in particular caught my eye – 18 year-old blonde from her face looked for some fourteen years … I am writing simply that he needed the money. Cute and innocent Cornelia after a few minutes of conversation, she agreed to come to me for an hour. I wrote the amount you receive and the fact that I want her to fulfill my fantasies. Do not inquired what kind of have to be fantasies, but maybe better, because it’s quite likely that if she knew what awaited her, it would not come to me.I did not have to do that, because in the end it should not pay and I do something special to celebrate what they think of me, but I took a quick shower, shaved and bathrobe opened her door.She stood and stared uncertainly their angelic blue eyes. I invited her inside and offered a drink. Cornelia had her hair to the waist, chest about D cups, was in a light dress and high heels.The same little drunk from his glass. We talked a while, it turned out that Cornelia is in the first year of high school. I can not say I was a little piqued. It excites me very much. And the very fact that it is 18 years old and looks from his face very young … madness. I wanted as soon as you find in it.After a few minutes it was obvious that Cornelia to intercede. There I poured her more alcohol because I’m not going to fuck teens unconscious.I took her to a room which I adapted specifically for their … hobby. Under sex.In the middle was a bed with a hard mattress with no sheets. It was simple, had only two pairs of powerful shackles, two pieces on hand at the top, two pieces on their feet at the bottom. The side of the desk lay a toy that I prepared for the afternoon and night: three vibrators (one of cyberskóry, strong and very realistic, one curved to stimulate the G-spot and one huge, black, with a really strong option vibration), two balls vibrating on a chain (I love this kind stumulacji balls usually put on the woman’s vagina and enter her his huge penis, I felt the vibration of this great toys in the middle of the women), special clips on nipples, whip made of natural leather, butt plug and a silicone ball to clog mouth woman to not scream.

Lewisham escorts – chapter 2

I looked at Cornelia. She was pale and frightened, she looked like a shy schoolgirl who came to tutoring to his teacher.It excites me, because my penis enlarged right away (I would add that nature and in this regard I generously provides 20 cm of pure pleasure).I Will not mince words, zerżnę you sharp and in many ways, I’m sure at some point you’ll be begging for mercy, but I will Lewisham escorts not be to listen. From this moment I am your Lord. Will you do everything I tell you, even if you are hurt and you’d have enough. Do you understand? – I said firmly to Cornelia.I saw the horror on the girl’s face.She said something under his breath.Listen? Speak to me as you pay – walked up to her and yanked her hair so that it cried out.I Understand, but I’m a virgin-she said a little louder.That’s great. I am glad that I’ll show you what it seks.- laughed and efficient movement broke up with her dress. She stood before me in the bra and panties on her feet she had pins.Now see what you can do … Stop and do not move, put your hands on your głowę- said, and approached her from behind, took off my robe and clung to her back, still we stood.My hard cock pressed on her shapely bottom. I downloaded her panties, then rubbing against her buttocks penis, a hand reached forward and began to rub her clitoris.She groaned loudly, frowningOoo So, I feel that it will be very pleasant for several hours – I whispered in her ear, faster and more intense massaging her clitoris. Cornelia breathing deeper and harder, still holding his hands on his head. I told her to do it so she could not push me away or refrain from intense caressing her young pussy.We are constantly massaged her clitoris with your right hand and the middle finger of his left hand firmly and quickly slipped into her pussy feeling strong resistance and incredible tightness, but not bothered.Cornelia immediately cried, I noticed on her cheeks, she began to struggle Will all be over, stop and do not move – I growled in her ear, pressing her to him.I stopped caressing her clitoris and now with one hand while holding her waist, put my second and put forward with her finger. Cornelia screamed, but I knew that soon it will pass. I noticed blood on his finger and little thinking shoved him straight to the throat screaming Cornelia.hissed and without warning I put her two fingers the ends.Cornelia good cried, begged me to stop.Neither did I dream. It has not even begun, and already she her reaction on her fingers inside her pussy very well stimulated my imagination as a wiry my dick inside her.I told Cornelia still stand, he walked over to the desk. I took it latches on nipples and agile movements they founded her shapely breasts. I saw the grimace of pain on her angelic face when I did, but it just me aroused. I wanted to ask her pain. This satisfaction that it depended only on me … that this girl is just my own and I can in any way humiliate her … Actually, I was even more aroused. I turned them as hard as they could and looked at her.Location On the bed on his back – ordered Cornelia. She obediently lay down on a hard mattress. I saw him wince with every step, because her breasts swayed to the rhythm of her movements which intensified the pain and her feelings.Cornelia already lying on the bed. Rapid movements pinned her arms and legs. It turned out that the girl is tightly stretched, so his feet were practically in the position of splits, very widely spread, I saw perfectly sweet and tiny pussy with clear pubic hair, and I knew that in a few moments pierce her hymen to the end and Cornelia feel me very intensely in itself.

Lewisham escorts

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