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Mayfair escorts


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Mayfair escorts

Mayfair escorts – chapter 1

About Sabina told already in one of my previous stories, “The blue sneakers in bed”. She was of medium height brunette with a pretty face, a pretty good figure and pretty calm character. We know each other and been friends since early childhood, but only recently, during a joint study Mayfair escorts chemistry there between us for the first kiss. Previous story describes a footjob made to me by Sabina. Now I would like to write a continuation of our relations.As expected, test chemistry we went very well. We sat together and when one of us does not know something, we helped each other. Sabina sweet to me smiling and at times she caught me by the hand. I thought it was very sweet. Also I remember the event that took place yesterday. As expected, Sabina did not come to school in their blue, which certainly were still wet from sperm. She wore white socks and black vansy. In addition, she was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt.Chemistry was our first lesson. Immediately after the bell time we walked out of class and headed for the hall of mathematics in which we have the next lesson. We sat next to each other, very close. So close that it touched and  of yourself. Sabina shook my hand, which was still very cold. I grabbed it firmly and with both his hands brushed for it to warm up. Sabinka sweetly smiled and leaned her sweet little head at me. We started to gently hug. Nobody marveled sensitivity which he okazywaliśmy. In the end, we were good friends for many years.So she passed pause for a break and a lesson with a lesson. During the last lesson Sabina offered me that afternoon we will go together to the park, talk with each other and up. With pleasure I accepted her proposal. I had other plans, and pespektywa afternoon spent with my sweet friend, was simply wonderful. Immediately after school I walked Sabinka to her house, and then I went to her. When I did have lessons called Sabina, to find out what time she would like to meet. She said that also almost finished and I can come after her.Quickly I got dressed and headed to the house of my friend. As soon as she saw me through the window, I immediately ran out Mayfair escorts of the house. She smiled a beautiful and soon ran out of the house immediately snuggled up to me. Gently patted her on the back and head, then kissed her forehead. After a moment of staring into each other’s eyes, Sabina grabbed my hand and pulled toward the park. Unrelated weave our hands we walked toward the park happy. Only at the end of the park was free bench where we could sit down.

Mayfair escorts – chapter 2

Immediately after I sat down on the bench, Sabinka jumped into my lap. I strongly embraced what smiled back as strong hug. During cuddle  of himself faces, we kissed the forehead, nose, mouth. We were very pleasant and despite the low temperatures air- quite warm. At one point Sabinka went with Mayfair escorts me and lay down on the bench. His feet in white socks and black vansach put on me. Gently stroked them, smile at the same time to my beautiful friend. I held her growing affection which metamorphosed into something even more.After a while stroking  Sabina, I removed them from her. Now I was playing only her feet shielded white, fairly high socks. They were very pleasant to the touch. Sabinka from time to time he raises his feet to my face, making sure beforehand that around us no one there. With the desire to be kissed. It gave me great pleasure, like Sabina, smiling more and looking at me more weselszymi eyes. After some time kissing socks, I found that I would see a soft, girlish Footer my friend. I took off slowly both socks. My eyes appeared a wonderful, gentle and  feet of my girls. Immediately gently I kissed so sweet ball of the foot. Sabinka fingers began to move sweetly whose fingernails were as always very briefly trimmed and unpainted. I could not stop staring at it, what Sabina commented only charming laugh.Then Sabina  that some time in the park virtually no people ordered me to kneel before her. Then she put her delicate soles of the feet to my face. I began to tickle her tongue and kiss. She had beautiful soles, gently, immature and Mayfair escorts. At that moment I could honestly say that I had before me the most beautiful feet in the world, fourteen feet gently girl of my contemporaries. After careful  soles of my beloved, I took to be her delicate fingers. They were fairly small and short, which lent them additional charm. Exactly also I licked everything between the sticks Sabinka.After the end of the play, she approached already nose, dressed Sabinka vansy on bare feet, sweaty socks stopped for yourself. My friend worried me say that tomorrow after school will not be able to meet. She promised me, however, that if the warmth will show me your feet at school, because intends to clothe a Roman. I am very happy. With a smile on his face as I walked Sabina and myself went to the house.

Mayfair escorts

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