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Merton escorts


Merton escorts woman sitting on a chair partneta wrapping his arms and legs, while he kneels in front of her. The Merton escorts woman can lean back a little and he grab the back of the seat, giving him the opportunity to perform, if necessary big thrusts. Changing places where you have sex is a great way to refresh your sex and discover something new in it.

Merton escorts

Merton escorts – chapter 1

I am a woman who likes to experiment. Overall, I do a lot of different things and I hate to be limited. For the things that I like most, among other things my garden. This is admittedly a tiny piece of land, with a small gazebo and rabatkami occupying most of the space, but I loved to spend time lounging on a blanket or burying in the ground.He took advantage of every opportunity that the occasion was a little tan, which in Merton escorts the case of my pale skin was a difficult task. Every warmer day parading on his plot in the bikini, because they belonged to these women, what they get crazy when they have to show up in skimpy clothes. Anyway, that was my piece of land and I could do for him what I wanted. And from what I wanted.Even when this day came in the plot, I felt that something is different. As soon as I looked to the side, I slapped his forehead and muttered to herself, “Idiot”. I had new neighbors, because previous had moved and could not commute to take care of the garden. With curiosity I examined the new neighbors who have not been idle, and probably in the morning working on the changes. I corrected a baseball cap and cheerfully yelled them good morning. The two men also turned in my direction. They were both quite young, well-built and no shirts. I gave them a wink and hid in the gazebo to dress up your outfit, “working”. I knew that in the gazebo I have a window and only the white curtain divided me from the greedy eyes of neighbors, but without embarrassment kicked off with each other all the clothes to wear skimpy bikini.When I left the gazebo both men stopped painting. There was surprised them because they had ahead 175cm slim body with breasts the size of the C and legs as rails. Simply I say that she liked at each other with big blue eyes with a dark rim and brown, long hair, spiętymi now in a ponytail. It is precisely because of their dark color Merton escorts had to wear a hat in order not to overheat their heads. At the sight of the neighbors I took suntan oil and slowly rubbed thick white liquid into the skin. As soon as I could exhibited at the long legs and too long to get away as normal, I rubbed his neck. Already a long time I did not have such observers.I smiled slightly in their direction.Is One can smear me back? – I asked innocently, blinking his big eyes. I thought that they both just languish, but fortunately mastered and how to order both walked over to the fence. I gave om oil and let to two hot, big hands reverently caressed my back.You Here this long? – I asked, when he finally broke his Total, This also answered one of them, a shy but deep voice. He had brown eyes, dark curly hair and almost brown skin. His colleague differed only in that the hair was colored siana.- lady needs some help?
I smiled.

Merton escorts – chapter 2

First Not you, because I feel old. I am Laura- said, giving both hands-and so, I needed help, but a little later. Of course, for a favor I’ll give you a beer. I also hope that we will drink it together with me in the pool as silly me drink so alone.They both nodded with delight.It We Merton escorts– said, and headed toward tools, shaking her bum at the same time. I heard the boys talking quietly among themselves. My ears there was even the word “fucking great”, but so far I ignored them. Although I had plans for them.Today I decided to Plewica. I leaned over-beds and I felt that my breasts just slips out of the frail Bust cup. I wanted to take it off, but I did not want to do them this pleasure. Just a little wait. Copal is turning his back on them, exposing tight butt, then again I kicked ahead for them to be able to watch my breasts. With each wyrywanym weed I imagine what will happen later. I could feel every centimeter of skin have wet. Most of the heat, rest with excitement.Before I finished, the boys have watched me intently on the other side of the fence. I gave up and I called them to help me in some trivial matters.In the end, we ended up in the pool. The boys in the same underpants, I’m in my outfit. The water was cool, what worked relaxing. The three of them drank beer, savoring its taste. Sometimes “by accident” my leg brushed against one or another excitedly watched their reaction. Between us we waged a light conversation. I learned that dark is Paul, and his colleague Peter said. In the end, I sighed and stretched and both my legs went on their crotch. The boys were really surprised.You Can help me solve this knot? – I asked, turning his back on them. The fingers of one of them solved only string that held my breasts on a leash. I felt a tickle on his neck, and then a bra began to float in front of me. Taking this opportunity I leaned against Peter, and my hand went to his crotch. Emboldened beer Paul began to massage my breasts. With my mouth, let out a groan when his mouth that first began to irritate my skin on his neck.No Here- I said slowly and pointed to his head gazebo. Although she was small, she could safely accommodate 5 five people, AIW was in the middle of the bed. Paul took me in his arms and they both moved firmly into my gazebo. Piotr one motion threw up a bed on which lay a moment, kissed before their greedy lips. I grabbed the head of one of them and clues for the direction of my warm interior. The second fondled my breasts, sucking on them and gently biting.

Merton escorts

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