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Millwall escorts


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Millwall escorts

Millwall escorts – chapter 1

Have time to it at the end of July, we met a group of young people in the priest Marek (our friend).Quite often encountered in such a group, organized bonfires, trips to the lake, in the mountains. Just the end of July we arranged to meet for dinner at the priest. We sat, talked, laughed networks as usual. 23:00 Circle began to collect all the houses, I decided that I was closest to the moment yet to be. While the priest escorted visitors to the door I went to the toilet. When I returned to the living room, the priest was not yet. So I sat on the sofa and was looking at something on the phone. Suddenly light up Millwall escorts. He went priest sat down next to me. I felt warm, but nothing I did not let him know (Father Marek was a handsome man in his 40). Suddenly he suggested that we went to you, because we knew each other long enough. I agreed. Marcus said that many no one can sip wine. After some time it was us cheerfully laughed.I felt his hand on my shoulder. Moments later, he was close enough that I could feel his warmth. I shivered, I think he felt he smiled gently. He kissed me on the cheek. Then again. I turned to him, looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I let him kiss her on the lips. Wpiliśmy at each other for a good few minutes. I was over the moon. I felt his gentle touch and warm exhaled air. He took me to my knees, put my arms around him. After a while he began to undress me, he kissed on the neck, shoulders, chest. Now it was my turn. I took off his black shirt while kissing him. When I finished he put me on the back saying that I’m beautiful. He took off my shorts and slowly approached the place. When I felt his breath on my clam doused with hot me shiver. He kissed me there and I played with his black hair. Each brush gave me pleasure, I started to moan. I think he liked it because he tightened his fingers to penetrate my hole. After a few minutes he asked me to be reciprocated. Quickly I slid his pants and boxers in a gray mouse. His penis was big, throbbing. I began to gently kiss his penis while caressing his testicles. He also began to moan. I took it to my mouth and slow movements shove himself in the mouth in addition caressing tongue. On one point, Mark pulled me to him so that our faces to touching and gave me a juicy kiss.

Millwall escorts – chapter 2

He put me on his back and entered me. First, while kissing me gently. Later, he stood up and began to accelerate. I writhed with pleasure. Then we changed our position. He was downstairs and I was upstairs. I felt that now he belongs to me. She rode him gently shaking his hips, and during this time Millwall escorts he fondled my breasts. All the time I looked into his eyes seething with lust. I felt great. On the one hand I could feel his energetic movements and on the other its delicacy. It could not be better. After a long time romping went out with me saying that just happens. I took his penis into her mouth and after a few movements gushed into my throat. I swallowed everything and he just smiled. He in return for caressed my Pipka until I came. I experienced a great orgasm.Marcus lay hugged me to his chest. We lay so happy for 10 minutes. It was after 24, so I had to collect home. I did not want but unfortunately, I could not stay with him. At the exit he gave me a juicy kiss and said he had never experienced anything like this. I went happy and disheveled home. I knew that I probably would never survive something like that but it was enough to me that I would see him often.

Millwall escorts

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