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Northolt escorts


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Northolt escorts

Northolt escorts – chapter 1

Northolt escorts was a fifty man, a typical representative of the working class in Poland. Wage quite low – two thousand  a month and spending big, barely make ends meet tied. For this was a person heavily dependent on alcohol, which often seemed to be the only thing holding him alive. He lived in Warsaw in old and dingy building. Three months ago in a car accident he killed his wife, she had three children from his first marriage, first husband fled abroad after narobieniu his debts in the country and for several years did not speak either to her or to children who do not even know if he’s still alive . After the death of his wife care of her children fell to him, it was for this reason too happy, did not like children, he never had his and he did not want to have, and those of his wife treated with neglect. Confer him the only problems in his opinion, especially financial, as she lived wife, who also worked household budget was twice as big, now it was only 2000 for which he had to survive on, three children, had to be enough for bills and alcohol without which Zdzisiu no longer able to function. It was not easy.Three children were the same girl. Truthfully very attractive girls, transformative slowly into beautiful women. The first had long brown hair, 165 cm, 47kg, shapely legs, slim and incredibly seductive feminine shapes, sensual waistline, firm buttocks (as they say, was what grab) and a delicate bust size was a B face painted, radiant smile and beautiful facial features. She was 16 years old and went to high school. Her name was Eve. The second daughter it was a year older Dominica, simple, shiny blond hair, big green eyes, 170 cm tall, athletic body – trained volleyball. She weighed 48kg and her bust was just right, not too big, not too small. She stood her angelic complexion, very smooth and delicate. She was graceful and rather long legs. Her face was something which made you could look at it for hours. The last daughter is eighteen years old Sylwia Northolt escorts. Mature, beautiful, successful with guys brave – so it can be briefly described. When my mother was alive, she mostly baby-sit younger sisters, cooked, cleaned, etc. She had brown hair and brown eyes, slim, with small but very shapely breasts, which often liked to expose wearing necklines.

Northolt escorts – chapter 2

Butt also had extremely sexy, knew this assumption is often tight pants or miniówki emphasizing its perfect shape. She had a wonderfully smooth body for which no one moved his eyes. Simply put – bubbling sex. And I think the above-described beauty is one of the few good things that has given them a lot, everyday reality in which they live, especially after her mother’s death was not enviable. All three lived in one small room, measuring three to four meters, stacked bed and enough free space at all. Stepfather lived in the room next door, so if the “lounge” where ever drank with his friends or without them and watching TV. Zdzislaw did not give them money for nothing, because he did not have them, and what he had – drank. Were sometimes not what to put into the pot in the house, so have something of approaches from one of her friends. They feared eyes, knew that when he drank, frequented unpredictable, sometimes hit them intoxicated, shouted after them, poniewierał them and sometimes he happened to throw out any of the girls out of the house for the night. In the summer there was a problem, it was warm, they can sleep in the woods or wherever, but when it was winter, as now, terribly afraid to attract attention in any way Northolt escorts, because I knew they would have to spend the night either at the station or the cellars, ashamed to tell colleagues what situation they have at home, so quite reluctantly benefited from their help. Such nocki ended normally quite severe frostbite various parts of the body. Rigor in this house was amazing, the girls went like clockwork, which said the stepfather – was sacred. None of them tried to argue with him or oppose. They had to clean, cook, shop, laundry, ironing, a total is the same as before her mother’s death, but now even on weekends when none of this does not always came home from work about 16:15 that day was Sylvia’s turn to prepare dinner, bad luck like that when coming out of school was a terrible blizzard and the bus had more than hour delay. As she was in a hurry to dinner straight quarter after quarter was served on the table perfectly warm (when stated that it was summer or cold, it’s always the girls strongly). It’s almost she could, potatoes and meat were on the plate, salad already mixed when the apartment came stepfather. It was evident that he was angry, he was an unpleasant conversation with the boss, who again felt the alcohol from him and gave him an ultimatum that if I ever come in such a state that it release. Additionally, he cut off part of the payment for the last month. He slammed the door in muddy boots into the kitchen and sat down to a meal. Sylwia that day she wore a short, tight black skirt and thick but translucent tights, this camisole with a slight neck.

Northolt escorts

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