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Paddington escorts


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Paddington escorts

Paddington escorts – chapter 1

Anne is a few months my girlfriend. I wrote about her already in two stories: “In the room with Anna” and “With my sweet Anne”. The story I want to tell you about another extraordinary adventure with my Paddington escorts and green-angel who looked like he jumped down to me from heaven. The second story is the heroine’s best friend Anne, her beauty peer with lighter hair and lightly freckled nose. Her name Marcelina and she was like, not very large increase, as Anne. I did not know her too much, but in spite of this Anne often told me about his charming best friend. In truth there is in the world one more beautiful than Ani, but also Marcellina was really beautiful teenager. I was not surprised when she Ania told me how cute is her friend. It was indeed true.One, the holiday day together with Anna decided to go over a small lake under a tent. Anne insisted on bring Marceline. Convinced me that they stayed together with Marcelina is really cool, and besides, it will not bother us in any way. I was on a different opinion, but I did not want to argue with my angel and I gave in. In all I knew that Marcellina will not in any way interfere. Also, I liked it, although not very well known, but nevertheless I preferred to stay with Anna alone. As it turned out Ania well done, that convinced me to take Marcelina.The next morning, after the conviction of parents, we packed up and got on the bus, which had disappoint us to the nearby village where there was a small, not very popular lake. My Anne was dressed in sneakers on bare graphite its foot, jeans and a black shirt with a large white patterns. On the other hand Marcelinka was wearing a black vansy, white socks with blue stripes on the cuffs, jeans and a blouse with white and blue stripes. They both looked wonderful. I was glad that I have such a beautiful girl, and she me almost as beautiful friend. On the bus we took the rear, in the middle sat Anka, and we after her two sides. Ania first grabbed my hand, then leaned against me and hugged me. I immediately kissed her on the forehead, which caused to her small, sweet ustkach smile. Marcelina apparently also wanted to cuddle, because after a while closer to Anna and firmly embraced. Until I smiled at the sight of two Paddington escorts to friends with whom I will spend the following night in a tent. While hugging shortly journey passed very quickly. We arrived at the place. We took our luggage and rolled up the tent, and then headed toward the lake. We were delighted when as predicted by anyone around him was not.

Paddington escorts – chapter 2

A little Paddington escorts big tent, then went inside to deploy our stuff and test the tent. We spread their luggage, and in the middle of the tent laid out blankets on which we sleep at night and one long quilt, we had to cover. It was obvious that we sleep in the same order in which they were sitting on the bus, ie. Anne in the middle, and I and Marcelina sides.The day was not too warm and not too sunny, but nevertheless decided to bathe in the lake and catching some rays in moments in which the sun came out. We we got along well and swam. I felt that very well integrated into the charming best friend of my girlfriend. I was glad because of this, because before leaving also because accurately the knowledge of Marcelina had reservations about agreeing on a joint trip. Well we played the whole evening, but soon the sun went down and found it was time to enter the tent and go to sleep. Yes we did. We changed into pajamas (course time dressing up her and the girls had to go outside the tent). I was wearing black pants and a black T-shirt with short sleeves. Anne was dressed in green pajamas: underside and blouse with long sleeves. In contrast, Marcelina was wearing a shirt with long sleeves in Paddington escorts white and black stripes and short white shorts. Both really I liked.The first lay Anne, the middle of the spread in the tent of blankets. Quickly I lay down beside her and hugged her tight. Right after me on the other side Ani, he lays down Marcelina. I heard a peck on the cheek Marcelina my lovely Ani. Once again on this day, I noticed that these sweet teens really love. We lay in Ania in the arms, back Ania included her best friend. The tent was completely dark, so very surprised when someone jumped on me and began to gently simmer. As it turned out that someone was Marcellina.

Paddington escorts

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