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Penge escorts

Penge escorts – chapter 1

The story 100% true, that happened a year ago. We met at one of the portals erotic. I am tall (192cm), 28-year-old, they mature couple Krystal 54 years and Nancy 58. As I lived quite far from each other (400km) we had to wait a bit for a meeting, but in the end we managed to sort out dates.I got in Penge escorts the car and drove them home, because they had a house on the outskirts of Krakow. On the way thought of various scenarios that could happen, overlapped me more and more excited and desired, because Christie was a dream come true – mature, heavy woman, with a great desire for sex, while Zbigniew it as it seemed to settle down the Lord before 60 who liked look like a young guy fucks his wife. The closer was the meeting place, the more thoughts pounding in my head, and excitement is becoming increasingly intensified. Penis every now and then stuck my pants at the thought of meeting. Finally, after a few nice hours I reached the place without major adventures along the way, according to the agreement called Zbyszko came out to get me in front of the house. Shortly after the phone appeared Zbigniew opened the gate and drove onto the property, I took with me my luggage and we went together to the house.Zbigniew looked exactly like On the photos, but he was a little embarrassed as I am but that’s normal at the first meeting. We walked into the house and practically at the door greeted us Krysia, was dressed normally “after the Home-” a T-shirt, bra and sweatpants. They invited me on, stripped, left luggage in the hallway and went after them. Christie invited me to the dining room where he was waiting for me a hot dinner, because as said that after such a long journey I have to eat well. We sat together at a table and talked about trivialities, we were all abashed, I  that drove many kilometers to complete strangers with whom I had sex and that they did not know what to expect from me.After dinner we sat on the couch watching TV, Zbigniew brought 0.5l vodka for us and for Krysia bottle of wine just for relaxation. We sat and talked about his desires and what each of us wanted to do in life. After a few drinks the conversation had become increasingly open, Zbigniew turned erotic movie about exactly the same fantasies as ours.Despite travel fatigue and a few glasses of vodka, my dick was hard taut in his pants as carefully noted Christie sat down next to me and started to gently massage it to me by the pants, not at all looking at me and continued talking as if nothing had happened, I thought I would go mad because from the beginning as I saw it, I knew that this is the woman of my dreams. Zbigniew sat opposite us and he glanced from us on TV it was obvious that his dick can barely housed in pants. After a few minutes the fun took over Krysia and I moved firmly to each other and we started to passionately kiss, touched her breasts, which were huge, touched her belly, thighs moved higher once again lower, touched by her pussy pants.Christie made the whole heat began to pant, her cheeks took a red color, I could not break away from her and eyesight and hands. Swift motion sat astride me on his knees, took off her blouse I was wearing and I unbuckled her bra. My eyes appeared huge breasts, with big brown nipples protruding, where no where to be seen with breast hair. Me very excited, I thought he was going to explode. We started sharply kiss, our tongues again and again curling up in a passionate embrace. I felt the smell was terribly excited, took off my shirt and started squeezing my nipples with your fingers,  in my mouth. I totally forgot about Zbyszko and the fact that he looks at it all. Suddenly came down with me, I looked over to the couch and sat there Zbigniew undressed and did do well looking at us.Christie grabbed me by the hand and gently pulled me got up, she started to lead me to the top when going up the stairs I could not get a good look at her large shapely butt, you could see a wet spot in and around her crotch, you will see that she was just as excited as I am, too Zbigniew us started. Then I knew that for this woman I can do everything he wants. We went to the bathroom, was very large, had a great shower. Christie stood facing me and took off his pants with pants, I saw the beautiful hairy pussy, 100% truly natural feminine Italian were already wet from Penge escorts pussy and looked gorgeous. Wytedy crouched in front of me and unbuttoned my pants and removing his trousers fly together with the briefs. My dick was stiff as never before. Christie said then that we enter the shower and wash it and relaxes me after the trip. It all looked Zbigniew silently, his cock also got a hand out, but I just looked at the situation.

Penge escorts – chapter 2

We walked together into the shower, Christie began to lather my body excited, her touch Seasoned me chills, I also started lathering her and caress. Circular motion lathered her breasts, pinching a protruding nipples, soaped her belly, and when I got to the pussy until lightly move. I began to fondle her pussy Penge escorts fingers all over my pussy, Christie stood more apart that I had better access and I caressed her pussy, clitoris, she closed her eyes you could see that it is terribly excited again and again was getting chills. Suddenly she pulled my hand and crouched in front of me and took my wyprężonego dick into her mouth, she began to lick, suck, reached out and licked the head of the language, his hand clutching an egg because she knew from previous conversations that awfully like it. I leaned against the wall and she made me stick harder, faster and faster movements and deeper sometimes up to choking and then I felt that I come, you will see she also knew it was getting close with one hand grabbed me by the balls the other on the butt and hard and deep stuffed wearing my dick mouth. I exploded, sperm doll straight to his throat and she squeezed my balls as if to squeeze out every drop them. When you have a whole load of my testicles, I found myself in her mouth stood up and without a word walked out of the shower, I went out behind her. She came to Zbyszko, who himself brushed the looking at our fun and unceremoniously asked if he liked, he said, that’s what he wanted. And that was just the beginning of our playground.After a shower the three of us went into the bedroom, where there was a huge wooden bed, a small table with two chairs and a big TV, the whole bedroom was very tastefully decorated. Christie wet because I did not wiped out after a shower fell on the bed on her back, her big breasts wavered, her pussy looked stunning, her body was amazing ideal to caress. Then he bent his knees and said, I made you well now it’s your turn, immediately moved in her direction knelt on his knees and began to kiss her legs, first the feet, had large but also very neat feet, toenails painted a crisp red, then kissed its calf walked up, her thighs were beautiful, large, plump and inside brown like I like most, I began to lick her there to kiss caress. Then she grabbed my head and sharply came to her pussy, she was more excited pussy juices flowed. I started to suck, kiss lick put his tongue deeper and deeper, then again pulled out and licked and sucked her clitoris, wonderful feeling to feel the Italian under the tongue. Zbigniew at that time was sitting on one of the chairs on against us and did us pics. Christie began to writhe, moan I once again was putting her fingers into pussy and mouth dealt with the clitoris and then it felt her body had already begun to tear chills groaned, thighs began to shake in the throes of orgasm and I have never ceased to further licked her wet pussy .My dick had long been ready for further action, got up and walked firmly in the red-hot pussy, she groaned again, I started to fuck her hard, my balls again and again pounded in her ass. Then Zbigniew got up to stand beside her and gotten her his dick in his mouth and so for a long while fucked Krysia. When I felt that inexorably approaching the end I pulled the cock from her pussy and again, bent over her pussy I started to lick the clitoris was a large very swollen, but this time his fingers began to caress her cocoa eye. First, gentle circular movements on the rosette then I started to press a finger deeper and deeper as he entered a whole, licked her pussy and finger Penge escorts in , he began to clench the buttocks and let you see that she liked began to push a second finger to make a place for my dick. Then Christie clutched firmly under her knees and pulled his feet up and groaned, “Lick my ass”. I began to lick her tongue asshole, was a wonderful entirely covered soczkami pussy. Driving me variations, I got up and walked her in one powerful movement, she groaned, she could not scream because she had a dick in her mouth Zbyszko.I started to fuck her tight ass, I felt on the dick like hairs on her ass scrub me the glans me terribly excited, I entered into it deeply and greedily finishing off until the very end. Then I heard the groan Zbyszko, who came in her mouth. I held her now for feet and fucked in the ass again and again licking the soles of her feet, Krysia was moaning, screaming, I saw her holding Zbyszko’s hand. And then I started feeling accelerate the approaching orgasm. And then something happened I did not expect, Zbigniew got stood behind me, I already felt the approaching orgasm, and he grabbed my testicles as I like and then ejaculated with a loud cry in the middle of her ass. He moved there for a while my balls, at first it was kind of strange but then delight prevailed.

Penge escorts

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