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Richmond escorts


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Richmond escorts

Richmond escorts – chapter 1

From early morning, I was excited and highly excited. Thomas met through Internet-Standard ot the story. Thomas was 38 years old, from the very beginning has had on me fantastic Richmond escorts– intelligent, level and for that damn handsome. Simply ideal, tall well-built with a slightly overgrown chests. My fantasies about men began relatively recently, but the more “researched the” do it the more I began to rankle, absorb and draw. This forbidden fruit and fascinating. My idealized man had to have something in itself, this electrifying spark, be smart, masculine guy. Such was precisely Thomas. We started with an innocent pants, over time talked more and more, began to phones, skype etc. I was fascinated by its sophistication and intelligence, and when we exchanged the first time Richmond escorts was stunned, I could not uwierzyć- man of my dreams. Quality dainty, he tall and well built. Unless such a “system” also liked him right away. Finally the day came spotkania- in spite of everything we treated it cool. But the closer was on this day that the tension in me grew, tension, curiosity, excitement, the heart beat faster and … excitement. I tried to cool down the emotions but it was stronger than me. In the end, we agreed with him in the house on the proverbial – had his own apartment in the city, large, spacious and cozy. Well, finally I dared, I thought it was just a jackdaw, innocent meeting chat. I felt that I probably lose my mind from these – knocking on his door. However greeted me warmly and so normally, without pressure, we sat in the living room, we started – immediately sensed in his eye flash, everything that united us even wirtualnie- now became a reality. The pressure eased slightly, but in my excitement grew, he probably felt it flawlessly. Winko more relaxed atmosphere, I suddenly realized I was late … I do not dare to do anything else at this point, to any initiative, just waiting for his movement. In the end, I heard those magic words, “you could be the night?”. My heart started pounding like mad. I wanted, I wanted it. I asked if I could take a shower. I went to the bathroom, jumped into the shower, I was strongly stimulated think what’s going to happen soon. I stood, leaning on his hands, hot water flowed through my body when I heard a knock at the door. “Please come in” – I said. Thomas slowly slipped into the bathroom, I saw the hazy cabin and bathrobe hangs up after a while I heard already just above my ear: “I want you”. I thought I would go mad. I have been to him with his back, Thomas hugged me around the waist and leaned closer, clung to me and ran their hands over my body, I felt his manhood on my buttocks, loudly sighed and gently touched even more melting into him and feeling his penis hardens further. Then slowly turned to face him, the water flowed for us and I touched his face and my hands went down through the arms, chest. I grabbed at the end of his cock and swollen testicles from the bottom and touched a little harder hand. Our lips met in a wild and deep kiss. I first tasted a man, the first time I felt someone’s masculinity. My mouth quickly found their way down, I started to suck his nipples, belly until he slid back down, kneeling beside him, while not letting go of his hand his hard cock. I was excited, as amok. I embraced her mouth his testicles. moaning softly to them more and more. My hand went between his buttocks, I began to rhythmically move his fingers on his Richmond escorts keyhole and at that moment I closed her lips tightly on his cock head pressing firmly tongue to the palate. I moved my head shyly, Thomas loud grunt, I felt his manhood hot flashes, began to move deeper into the head, tongue firmly pushing and moving the bridle. Faster and harder.

Richmond escorts – chapter 2

Thomas at one point put his hands on my head and started to vigorously move your hips. I missed my breath, I took it out of the mouth for a moment, Richmond escorts to his testicles still working hard with one hand over his hole and the other on his penis. Then his cock with the whole impetus came into my compressed lips, Thomas drew a loud grunt, curled up almost in half, pulled even tighter on my head and still moving rhythmically in my hot mouth. I felt like flashes harder and then the heat wave sperm flooded my throat, mouth, pouring outside, we were together in ecstasy. I stepped a little bit his dick to swallow when the second wave of hot cum landed in my mouth. I was unable to accept all, part flowed freely in my mouth, but still gently massaging worked lips head and moving along the penis to the kernel. I let him rest a little bit, alternately licking his groin, testicles, reaching up to his nostril. Water pouring over a stream on our bodies, Thomas loud but more calmly puffing picked me up from my knees, strongly attracted to each other and sunk into my mouth thanking … We walked out of the shower, calmed down a little and then moved into the bedroom on his big bed. So much it wanted to continue. Recovering somewhat laid side by side touching each other. We have not had enough. Thomas turned me onto my back and then clung to me, so that our penises can rub against each other, stimulating each other to take action. I felt the weight of his body on him, my hands went to his buttocks, tightly squeezed them fingernails, then Thomas knelt down right above my cage, I was lying on his back and his dick stuck right next to my mouth with one hand I began to incite the other had along the trunk. so that I had no room for maneuver. After a while sitting almost on my chest Thomas slid his cock into my mouth began to move vigorously but then stopped. He knew that I wanted something more, I wanted him to feel in itself. He came down with me turned me onto his stomach, instinctively I put forward the buttocks slightly backward. I felt as Thomas begins to rub, then reached for the olive, which was already waiting beside, put a good portion of the hand and began to massage me. I was ready, hot and thirsty. Thomas clung to me all over the body and slowly entered me. He grunted loudly, froze for Richmond escorts a moment, I felt the whole dick in myself as I filled, pulsing, I thought I would go mad. After a while he began to move gently, every movement caused our common grunt and sigh. I whispered to him: “fuck me”. Thomas increased the intensity, moving ever more vigorously, I also banged his hand. I felt that coming to our joint summit. But I wanted to feel it again in his mouth, I asked again for me to sit down. Hastily I lay down on his back again, and Thomas simply lay down on me, putting his swollen cock in my mouth, touched him several times and after a while a huge, hot wave of sperm filled my mouth. We came at the same time, prężąc and groaning in a frenzy. Swallowing sperm, inadvertently spilled some on my face and chin, limply to the side, lying and panting another minute and fell asleep …

Richmond escorts

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