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South Kensington escorts


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South Kensington escorts

South Kensington escorts – chapter 1

The situation took place in the friend’s house, on a small “Stratford escorts“. I’ve been on it myself, Peter, Octavia and Paulina. We had a little, at that time we watched the movie, we talked about nothing. The movie jumped it got boring, we decided to play in the bottle. We sat on the floor and started. At the beginning on whom fell the question is received from the person who shook. With time and we got bored, so she started a game in the dismantling of the bottle.I should add that Octavia is a wonderful girl. It has a small but beautiful breasts, butt it is breathtaking, otherworldly figure. That evening, she was dressed in a white boxer, denim shorts, white feet and a white bra and panties. Paulina, however, is higher than the Octavia has prominent breasts, butt not as nice as Octavia, but it looks great. She also has a perfect figure. She was dressed almost identically as Octavia, with the exception of socks that had black. Both are blondes with long hair. Peter is pretty quiet, she had jeans, a green shirt. Well, I was wearing shorts, a white shirt and white feet.Going back to our game, we started shooting, fell to Piotr, took off his shirt. A few turns later, the girls were without shirts, socks, I have no socks, and Peter in his boxers. He could see his erections. I shake my bottle, fell on him. Despite the urging surrendered, flushed he decided to go home. We were three of us. We play on, during the time I lost what I had been my boxer shorts. I fell on me, to the delight of the girls, he took it. We play on, Okti took off her shorts and retry fell on me. Pauline said that I do not have that with myself I have to take it from them. In this way, the girls were sitting in their underwear, and I’m naked. My friend decided to get up. But what surprised two beautiful girls in their underwear in front of me. Looking at me, I gave them a lot of joy. We finished, we sit in three naked. I saw their firm breasts, both were perfectly shaved pussy, both had the same pink, beautiful.We continue the game, it’s time for challenges. Initially, the challenge was the kiss with someone. His mouth we’ve looked at very carefully, each successive kiss was more passionate. The challenges have become more and more erotic. The first of these was the challenge of Okti for me to already hard nipples licked Pauli. I took care of them, at the beginning of gently licked them the language, then kissed in the end it sucked and fondled her fingers. Another challenge for Pauli me. Also he had the task take care of the nipples, but Octavia. They were smaller than the nipples Paulina, but Paula did not mind, caressed them mouth with great gusto, it was obvious that they enjoy it. Next challenges were already without bottles. This time, Paulina told Okti pamper my chest. Octavia got down to it with my mouth, hands, massaging me, kissed several times wiped out of my penis. Paulina looking at holding hair Okti. Turn to the challenge of Octavia, I had a foot massage them both. So I started to massage them, Paula feet were the first, gently massaging them, oppress sole, ankle, feet up, Okti did the same thing. Returning to Paulina I used the extra mouth, I kissed her whole feet, licked them, sucked fingers. With the Octavia did exactly the same thing. Okti also was moving fingers when I had them in my mouth. My penis was already at the breaking point. When I was busy with her feet Okti, Paul set up your socks, saying that her cold feet, Okti did the same. They made me a moment to close your eyes and lie back, listened to them, after a while I felt their lips on my feet, kissed them sucked his fingers. After a while the fun and founded my feet. Okti found it quite fun, she took my dick in his hand and started to move it, in the end, for the moment I’d take this one. Paulina at that time took my mouth kisses, during which our tongues met in a mad dance. I stopped one kiss, covering mouth when I felt my member, I felt like Okti him kissing his head, he takes it into his mouth, sucks.

South Kensington escorts – chapter 2

She took him into her mouth deeper and deeper. Paulina decided to help her, she took my testicles in his hand and massaged it after a while and she had it in her mouth. Not much time has passed when Okti exploded in his mouth, held it to the end in the mouth, Paulina licked it clean. He became soft. Kisses exchanged my sperm and swallow it in the end. Paulina fell on panels. I leaned over her legs spread, my mouth went in her pink pussy. Gently ran my tongue over her already damp Stratford escorts, my tongue entered deeper and deeper, more and more it penetrated thoroughly licked her, sometimes kissing. Her breathing quickened with every passing moment. Okti massaged her breasts, kissed her, with her tits. I decided to use the fingers, one of which hit the pussy girlfriends when he was putting Paul gently bounced. I shot a finger in the middle, put the second, the third time when I finished playing with her hole exactly drove her tongue deeply as I could. I kissed Paulina, who in the meantime said “thank you”. My penis was stiff again and ready for further frolics. Octavia pushed me to the floor and sat on my face saying I can no longer wait, sorry. I began to fondle her pussy was even more wet than Paula. Just as well it is licked and kissed her. It regulates the strength of experience altitude above my head. At that time, Paul joined us and took my penis in his mouth. After a while, she told Okti go down with me, and she sat pussy on my dick slowly slid into her as she entered a half, in a split second she sat down on the whole, slipped all the heated her pussy. It was quite tight, she started to jump on it. I felt like in paradise, and in addition Paul kissed me and gave me her tits in front of his mouth. Quickly he took them and watched as my penis delves into her colleague, a little at this time Macała Paulina. A few minutes later Paul came down with me, she told me only that the railway Octavia.I told her to lie down, Paul before I could do anything she reached her mouth to pussy Okti and I licked a little before my entrance. When Paulina to become detached from it, I took a dick in hand, I set it in front of a hole Octavia and I started to put it. Her pussy was looser than its predecessor, szybo put the whole and sliding movements settled for it. Her moans were suppressed by pussy friend, who was sitting on her face. After a while Octavia shiver, her pussy began to throb, her bent in an arc, had her orgasm. When she calmed down, she recovered, I also felt that I was close to the end. I took it out with my girlfriends. The girls stated that they must share my seed. Stratford escorts so in front of me. They took my equipment in his hands and began to beat, while the fun and spurted on their faces. I had a big ejaculation, some of them landed on their faces, some skapnęło on their bodies and on the floor. Little girls licked from his face, the rest of the wytarły.

South Kensington escorts

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