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Southgate escorts


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Southgate escorts

Southgate escorts – chapter 1

My name is Victoria. I am 17 years old and I’m looking lovely girl with auburn hair and gray eyes. I live with my mother because my father left us when I was small. I hate him for it. Fortunately, my mother bounced back after that and was an Southgate escorts independent businesswoman. He runs his company, which is doing well, so the money never we are not lacking. As the mother to do so sexy, you watch the guys behind her. Mom likes it, but rather not attached. I do not want to be hurt again. Guys used rather as a sex toy. He plays with them once, twice, sometimes more and forgets them. With Tom thing looked a little different. He would come to us frequently, often mom flowed into him, until he moved in with us. I really liked him. It is always nice to me, caring. A bit like the father he never had. And he probably tried to be my daddy. Whenever I needed help, he was willing to bring it to me. He would do anything for her Victoria. I have not mentioned yet that Tom is a damn handsome. I decided that I had to pass him. I began increasingly to walk around the house in his underwear. When it did, I always felt Tom’s eyes on him. I’m sure that I always watched my tyłkowi. My plan worked. Increasingly also hugged him, just like that, for no reason. One day, when my mother went to work, and I was left alone with Tom, I decided to work harder. I sat in my room, Tom was in the living room. I stripped naked and went down to the kitchen. I went into the fridge and opened it. Tom looked in my direction. – Why are you naked? – He asked. – Did not you get out? – I went surprise and hands covered my breasts and crotch. – I thought I was alone, always walking around the house when no one is there. – We can pretend I’m not there. – He said Tom smiled. – You’re a joker. I’m going to get dressed. And you better do something about it – I said, pointing to the bulge in his pants. Everything came out just as planned. I wore underwear and went back into the living room. I saw the soldier Tom still stood at attention, and the Tom doing something on his laptop. I sat down next to him. – What are you doing? – I asked, pointing to the laptop. – I have to finish writing an estimate for the project. I saw that he could not focus and kept glancing at me. I grabbed his dick. – What are you doing? – He asked, surprised. – I help you. How will you just stood there, it never can focus. She knelt before him and took off his pants. I took off his boxers and grabbed his penis. I moved it a little bit before I put it to his mouth. I saw, or rather heard that Tom likes. I worked a couple of minutes and I felt ejaculation. I received a full dose of sperm in his mouth and swallowed it.

Southgate escorts – chapter 2

He licked the remnants of sperm from the penis, got up and went upstairs. I’m sure that Tom was staring at my ass when I walked up the stairs. In the evening I heard Tom rode mother. I quietly went to their bedroom door, opened it and I saw them in the “doggy style”. From time to time Tom hit my mom in the ass. She liked it because she screamed: “Tom, Tom”. When they came, quickly I got back to his room. The next day I went down for breakfast, and my mom and Tom were already eating. I started making myself breakfast, when I felt a slap on his ass. I turned around. It was my mother. – Naughty girl! Podglądałaś us yesterday, you left the door ajar. Another slap. – Why did you do? Another slap. – You need to be punished. Another slap. He came up to me, Tom. Mom took off my panties and pushed me so that I butt thrown out. Tom took off his pants and boxer shorts. Mom knelt and put his dick into his mouth. She made ice cream perfectly. When Tom’s penis was already neatly, Tom began to put it to my assholes. I’ve never loved to anally. It hurt like hell. Tom moved him for a while, until gushed in my ass. He founded boxers and pants and went back to the table. Mom licked the sperm flowing out of my anus, slid my panties back on and went back to the table. – Sit down, eat at the table – she said. I walked over to the table and barely sat down, ass ache mercilessly. When I ate my breakfast, my mother left for work and I was left alone with Tom. – How’s your ass? – He asked. – It hurts. – Can I make you a massage? You relax and forget about the pain. – Gladly. I undressed and lay on the couch. Tom sat on my ass and started massaging. He did it well and after a while I stopped to worry about the pain. It was pleasant for me. I started to moan. Tom stood. I felt it on my buttocks. After a while, Tom began to massage my ass. – Do you want something to drink? – Asked Tom. – Some alcohol, any strong. – With strong, then we probably only vodka. – Let it be. Tom brought vodka, glasses, cups and juice on Southgate escorts a chaser. I sat next to him did not dressing up, almost by this narozlewał. He looked more to me than the glass. I hugged him, so that my boobs flattened against him. After drinking a few glasses of vodka, Tom sat down on my knees and started to kiss him. He returned the kiss and began to grope my ass. I took off his shirt. Tom began to grope my tits. Tom pulled away from my mouth and began to suck and lick my nipples. After about two minutes I went down with Tom, knelt before him and took off with him the rest of the clothes. I grabbed his dick in his hand and started massaging him. After a while I began to lick it from the testicles to the acorn. I put the tip of his penis in his mouth and began to suck and lick it, then I put the whole cock and began to suck dick. When I heard Tom panting louder, I broke away from making ice cream and sat facing Tom, impaled on his cock. Tom grabbed my ass and controlled the pace of sex. I was very pleasantly, when so its mast come into my hole. We have come almost simultaneously: first, he dropped in my pussy, and after a few seconds I came myself. I sank into his naked body and … fell asleep. I woke up in his bed, Tom had to bring me to him. “I named him” I thought, “Now let him be happy with my mom.” From this situation, it’s been two months. Mom does not know, and I hope you will not know, because with Tom puts them really well, and I have finally my dad he never had.

Southgate escorts

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