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Stratford escorts


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Stratford escorts

Stratford escorts – chapter 1

It was summer. I was 20years. As always, holidays spent with friends at the lake. The day promised to be sunny, but there was no indication of what will happen later. For several days I watched as my friends Barry and Anne disappear somewhere for a few hours. Often I dreamed about it at night as they were beautiful creatures, the sight of whose steeds tore up his pants. Barry beautiful 18 year old blonde girl with Stratford escorts wavy hair halfway down her back, magical blue eyes, an increase of about 165cm, 58kg weight and lovely firm breasts the size of a large  that were breathtaking. Ania its peer is a tall 170cm, 60kg  with hair long and curly like spirals beauty of the Greek goddess of black big oczętami and awesome as big as watermelons, breasts.That day, as usual, according to tradition, the morning everyone was enjoying a refreshing dip in the lake. The girls presented themselves extremely in their skimpy outfits that wet wonderfully emphasized their sexuality. Several times while playing in water Kasia wiped out as if by accident on my manhood, which immediately react to these stimuli. My doubts were dispelled when I suddenly found myself between girls and felt their hands in my pants. A shiver of excitement went through my body and they gently massaged my stallion. Nobody paid any attention to us because we have become immersed in water at chest height. One massaged gently and tenderly my phallus and the other massaged eggs and incredibly sensitive black eye. I felt like I start to drift, like I bend my legs. It was an amazing feeling. For the first time they dealt with me for two women. The first time was caressed my prostate, which doubled experience. Accumulation of experience has led me to such excitement, that after a while gushed lava semen from a huge like a volcano force. Barry after he whispered in my ear – this is just the beginning of fun at Wild Tygrysku- today I was dumbstruck with amazement – watch as we go out for a walk and then go after 5 minutes behind us in line with the guidelines that will leave you on the way – she added with a smile and a glance full of fiery wild desire.About the eleventh hour, when the sun shone beautifully already I noticed that girls dressed in bikini and blanket in hand go for a walk. According to the request Kasi after 5 minutes I went after them. After about 300 meters I noticed a bra Neither fluttering on a branch. Inside was a piece of paper with a precise map, after which I have to follow a mysterious place girls. In about another two hundred meters my eyes appeared Kasia panties. They were nice and warm and smelled her beautiful flower pleasure. Another meters went by and I collected a wardrobe girls along the way. After some time, my eyes appeared a clearing overgrown with wild grass lush, surrounded by dense trees so that it was difficult to see it from the surrounding roads and paths. In the middle in the hot sun glistened on the blanket bodies of two beautiful nymphs entwined in a hot passionate embrace. I stopped and quietly reveled in his senses in the view. The girls included affectionately, stroking each other velvet body, they reflected the passionate kisses clasping their hot tongues in a love embrace. This view made my 18 inch dick enough, which is not ripped my swimming trunks. I took it out and gently began to rub looking to frolic girls. With pleasure for a moment I closed my eyes and suddenly I felt the mouth Neither take on the role of my hand. The girls dragged me on a blanket. Anna tenderly rubbed my lips Wacek, which is what moments absorbed in full after the eggs themselves in their deep gardełku. I grabbed her by the head and compressing at the same time to get a feel for the acorn her tonsils. Kasia at this time massaging my buttocks, licking groove and around the secret pond that will engage with the tongue in Stratford escorts its interior. I felt incredibly excited. I discovered on his body another place strongly, and perhaps even the most erogenous. Cherished in this way by the girls felt like my club hardens like a stone, like my eggs cook with pleasure as my body trembles incredible as if it was caressed by the thousands, millions of hot passionate mouth.

Stratford escorts – chapter 2

After some time I lay on my back and over my mouth appeared pretty cave Neither pleasure. I grabbed my beautiful buttocks, pulled my mouth and began to gently massaged tenderly mymi lips and tongue her lush grotto. My hands massaged her thighs and buttocks hot dark recesses of her backside. Kasia at the time was facing a bloated Neither she mounted my horse and began a steady gallop toward the land of bliss. I felt like rhythmically moves  as soon as possible, deep and clenching her vagina so that it strictly involve him. Girls at this time each caressed her breasts, kissed deliciously and their tongues danced in a wild passionate embrace. After a few minutes Kasia issued announcing her moan and rubella tightened strong in my phallus. I felt like bursting with juices from inside and flooding my body with hot stream. At the same time powerful heat wave shook my body and exploded flooding the interior Kasi to the brim his seed. When you went with me I lay down and do not lose time Anna began to suck the sweet cream with Kasieńki inside of the cup delight.I knew it was not the end, because Aneczka not yet had me in itself. After a moment of rest spent on our mutual delicate caresses, the girls joined again of my soldier at attention. This time, Kate mouth greedily consumed his way to the eggs, and hot tongue sensuously wrapped around them. I could feel the blood flows again and soon proudly flexed my knight. At that time I indulged Ania hot passionate kisses, tongue massaged, kissed her lips swollen with large protruding brodaweczki. Anne ignited sank to her knees, stuck her his lovely kuperek and Barry put my hand into the fiery steed interior of friends. I began to rhythmically slowly at first, then faster and faster to move in its wonderful interior. It was so tight that I felt I thoroughly entangling my dick. Wonderful blond beauty at this time rubbing one hand over my eggs and fingers the other took up my anus penetration. I advanced Ana harder and harder in the meantime kuperek penetrating her finger and preparing for my entrance member. I stepped it from its scabbard and headed toward her tajemnemu mesh. It was so hot that without much problem all slipped into the interior. His hand began to fondle her jewel, and my fiery steed penetrated her ass is increasingly becoming sharper until clenched tight on him, he Stratford escorts began to tremble and gave a loud groan of pleasure. Even made a series of powerful thrusts and fired again lava inside her tight hole. Tired legliśmy in the marathon at the end of three entwined in a passionate embrace and Musk hot sun. Even in the morning I would not expect that there may be something between me and any of the girls but the south lay naked with two of them tucked in me on a beautiful meadow bathed sun and flooded the nectar that gushed from inside their hot cups delight. From that moment many times in different places oddawaliśmy a moment of elation, but that’s a matter subsequent stories.

Stratford escorts

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