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Strawberry Hill escorts


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Strawberry Hill escorts

Strawberry Hill escorts – chapter 1

Hello baby – Ola smiled at Tom Strawberry Hill escorts, winked at him, gracefully turned and marched hips swaying to the kitchen.Hello. How do you flew day? – Asked Tom, hanging his gray coat on a hanger. He does not live to see the answer. Removing the jacket of his suit went to the kitchen for a tasty smell of tomato sauce – And what here’s that smell? – He asked, and then the feeling became Ola at the waist. The love of my life, he thought.Spaghetti. Apparently, you like to eat something good after a tiring, Saturday day’s work – she smiled and briefly kissed him on the lips. Tom felt his manhood stiffen. He was glad that he could not even remove loose trousers of the suit.You Are absolutely right – he whispered and gently bit her ear. Yes, this will be the day, he thought, feeling the excitement.I Think you’re not hungry – Ola turned to Tom and threw her arms around his neck.I’m hungry. But I do not feel like pasta. You taste a lot better. Can you give me finally try? – He asked. He chided himself for pleading tone in his speech. Ola, however, he did not pay attention to it. She smiled disarmingly, took Tom by the hand and led her toward the bedroom.The room was dark. The large double bed was perfectly Strawberry Hill escorts. On white linens imposed was light pink, glossy cover. The curtains in the window were drawn, and two night cupboards were candles. Tom found himself with his back to bed. Ola advantage of the situation and pushed him back with both hands. Tom’s knees buckled and collapsed on the bed. I barely had time to figure out and Ola was already on it. Sweeping movement took off his shirt and threw her out on the floor. Tom’s eyes appeared to her smooth, slender abdomen with a perfectly indented waist. The man put his hands on his hips Ola. She is undressing her with his eyes, but he could not wait to do it with my own hands. He reached to fasten her bra, but Ola surprised him by rejecting his hands. She moved a little lower and began tinkering with his fly. Tom until he realized that his penis can no longer stay closed. Another moment, and he will make a hole in his boxers. Because Tom was still wearing black pants suit, Ola easily tackled a button and a loose clasp. She began to slide out of it pants. After a while there was also a shirt. His yellow boxers seemed to be bursting at the seams of his swollen dick. Ola already was taking the pictures of his underwear, but do not let that completely took the helm. He rolled up and now he found himself over her. He unbuttoned her short blue shorts and like Ola did it with her blouse and threw it in a corner somewhere. Tom noticed that his lover held her breath. He stroked her thighs and parted slightly. He saw a small wet spot on the white underpants Ola. It excites him even more. Right hand slapped the girl’s inner thigh. As soon as he did it a second time, a little harder. Ola sighed. Her stomach rose steadily it up and down. The fingers of his right hand began to stroke her pussy through the material. Jenny groaned louder. At that moment, Tom did not want it to be just a quickie. He planned to gradually warm mistress, but his manhood seemed to cry out for help. Therefore, abruptly he ceased to fondle her femininity. The girl seemed surprised but said nothing. Jenny raised his trunk to get to fasten a bra. When he felt the lock releases, he whispered excitedly:

Strawberry Hill escorts – chapter 2

Ola nothing. Tom helped remove the upper part of his underwear. Tom looked at Ola firm breasts. The girl did not have very large breasts, but her boobs were too small. The main thing that were not sagging and beautifully complemented her gorgeous figure. Not only panties, he thought, but suddenly swapped roles again. Couple back to rolled. Now Tom was under Ola. Lover without much ado slipped boxers partner. His member was finally free. Tom’s penis slightly raised when boxers have stopped him imprisoned. After a while Ola she slid her panties. Now they were both completely naked, but none of them felt shame. Tom raised his arms and clenched his hands on his chest Oli. He felt like after a while the girl stiff nipples. Strawberry Hill escorts tits in his hands, enjoying the amazing touch. He could rub them for hours. Ola grabbed his arms and pulled vigorously. She sat at the feet of Tom and took his dick in his hands. Tom could not help but groan of pleasure. Ola regular movements began to caress his rigid manhood, which measured less than 15 centimeters each. Up, down, up down. At some point he changed the technique and began to rub Tomkowego penis between his hands as if going to warm up your hands in the cold. Tom was breathing faster and faster. After a moment he felt like a member of Ola takes his mouth. She made him a blowjob. At first she did it slowly, but gradually began to accelerate. When I gave advice to do it faster, Tom slipped cock with her mouth. Ola then began to massage his testicles, sometimes touching on the standing member, but without the use of language. Tom said that enough of a good thing. It behooves me to do something in return. Little to wondering, most zrzuciłby with each other mistress and entered into it with all vigor, but for now love to partner towered over his excitement. He pushed her gently despite the raging emotions in it. When again he towered over her, firmly he parted her thighs. He looked at her wet pussy. She looked so delicious. When he touched the language of the labia, paragraph Oli escaped silent cry. He licks her pussy from top to bottom and vice versa, ignoring at the same time not to touch the clitoris. When I said that you need to change something, he began to lead the language around the entrance to the uterus. Then he slipped into her three fingers of his right hand. Ola was moaning more and more often. Her cries excited him even more, so more quickly Suwała her fingers. Ola thought that this will end up foreplay, but Tom – still pushing his fingers into her vagina – tongue touched her wet clitoris. Ola loudly screamed with excitement. Vigorously licked her to the ground. Now the moment has come. This is the end of love frolics. Tom’s body could not stand the suspense any longer and took control over his mind, and excitement over his love for Ola. I do not wondering, Tom came down from the bed and quite brutally pulled Ola on its edge. The girl opened her eyes in surprise. She entered her without preamble, this time without romance and subtlety. She entered her swollen his friend with all his force. He immediately began to rapidly fuck her. He pulled and shoved his cock into her cunt as fast as allow him to do his hips. Ola was moaning with ecstasy, but at some point stopped and quickly breathed staring at Tom. The man could not stop now. He felt his stiff, thick dick rub against the wall of her pussy. Even if Oli ceased to please, Tom could not stop now. Again and again he struck her breast interior of his hand, still at the wildly fuck her. He lifted his head and moved her tirelessly, increasingly squeezing her tits and firmly pinching and twisting her nipples.

Strawberry Hill escorts

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