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Streatham escorts


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Streatham escorts

Streatham escorts – chapter 1

Ola was quite low, slender girl. She had long, dark blond hair. Just as I was 15 years old. She had a fine physique, which has added to its charm. Unlike most girls, always wore pants and sneakers. There was no way noticed in her some skirts, dresses or ballerinas.Always wore high sneakers, ankle. So high, that certainly would not have seen her different socks, usually short-footer. It would not be seen, if not that toyed with shoes and feet. Often, he took out his ankle outside the boots, sometimes took out a heel, and sometimes even entire foot.In the school playground watching her suffolk type often Streatham escorts my attention from lessons. Practically every day I could see some nice socks often cited sports shoes. Her feet were small, next to number 37. Often imagined her play her feet, moments in which her sweaty socks landing on my face and in my mouth.It was an autumn Monday. Everyone was tired and sleepy. No one wanted to think about the lesson, everyone just wanted to get back home and lie down. It was no different with me and with Ola. As it was our colleagues from the bench, mathematics sat together at the back of the class. Ola of the day came in high, white-blue nike’ach. As noticed during the play, this day was gray footer.It was the first lesson, the windows were still dark. Olek leaned my head and my shoulder, then gently hugged, so that the teacher did not notice. This sweet blonde was getting more and more sleepy, more and more she wanted to cuddle me to sleep.Our mathematician was also sleepy, anyway, so after a few minutes of a boring lesson we turned on the film, and she went to the staff room to drink coffee. Ola leaned against the wall and put his feet on me. I took off her sneakers and I covered it with his sweatshirt. Under the blouse that nobody saw, I began to massage her feet with short, gray socks. I played mainly exposed her kosteczkami and skinny fingers. On her tired face could be seen smile and pleasure.After a moment, gently I took off her socks and began to massage terribly cold feet. Feet massaged and warmed up my friend, surrounding them with their hands and wiping them out. Her delicate skin was very pleasant to the touch. It was obvious that and for Olki this game is enjoyable. Unfortunately, in the end he had to call the bell. Gently I started Oli gray socks on the feet warmer longer, she already put a foot in loose najki.Dissatisfied with the end of the lesson we walked out of class. It turned out that the next lesson is lost and we will have a window. We decided together to go somewhere quiet to relax and finish the massage. We chose the locker room near the gym. About this early hour, no one had yet WF-in so we could go there quietly. The locker room was fortunately open.

Streatham escorts – chapter 2

We went there and Streatham escorts door so nobody disturbed us. We lay down next to a radiator. I held tight sweet 15-year-old and lay motionless for a minute at peak pleasure. After a while, but she kicked me in the leg and said in a whisper, “Streatham escorts“. I went willingly to meet the desires of my delicate Olusi.I lay down at the feet Oli. Gently I slipped off the shoes from her small feet and put my nose to her thin socks. I puffed up the scent, and every now and then brushed her lips in the sticks. Olek scrubbing her feet on my face, which was a pleasure for both of us. After a while I took off her gray socks and a perfect put on a radiator.Ola was so sweet, small feet. When they were bare feet looked like a true angel. Her little fingers and unpainted fingernails made the Ola seemed so innocent and defenseless oeuvre that until I could not help but wycałowania her feet. I kissed her on the top side of the foot and immature sole, licked my ankle and the gap between your fingers and kissed the fingers Olki all at once. I say “kissed” because she moved his small fingers and drove them in my mouth, rotate together with my tongue.When licked and kissed already two feet again hugged my sweet friend. She curled up in a ball and clung tightly to me. I kissed her on the forehead and found it to be my best friend and I love her. He responded the same, put her head on my chest, and her feet surrounded my body.I loved that sweet angelic blonde and her feet. When the bell rang I dressed her heated socks and najki and nestled in her legs. I knew that would never meet someone as sweet as she did. Our close friendship continues today, often cuddle and have fun Her her feet.

Streatham escorts

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