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Sutton Escorts

Sutton Escorts – chapter 1

During the holidays, one of my clients in the agency was a businessman, aged about 50 years. I ordered a dozen times, and if I may say so proved to me from all sides. During one meeting he did not want to fuck me, but talk was for me a proposal. He suggested that I had seduced his son. Well, Martin, because that was his name, he was sixteen. According to his father, he was very shy and introverted, which Sutton Escorts  meant that not one of the most popular boys among girls. Father once caught him, actually noticed how entertains with each other. So he said that the time that his son was already a real man, and the best for this was experienced and reasonably sensitive (and what a whore is not sensitive for the appropriate money) whore. The plan was as follows father and his son had to go to a cabin in the mountains, I had to report to them on Friday afternoon to introduce ourselves as a subordinate at work. Late in the evening my father had received an urgent call from work, and I had to stay together with Martin for the rest of the weekend. Of course, not too much I wanted to spend the weekend with some brat, and in addition fucking with him. However respectively agreed sum well affected me. So shop a few details, the case was settled.
I got to  on Friday about four o’clock. After a few minutes of searching I found indicated Cottage. I knocked on the door, after a while I heard steps and doorway father. I went home and undressed himself. It was very warm, I wore a short and loose summer dress. After a while in the room appeared Martin, father introduced me as Iwona, subordinate, which has little to help him in his work. Martin was, I must admit, quite a handsome boy. It had some 180 cm tall and had dark hair, dark eyes. I have to admit that his face made me a good impression. What struck me as a little unusual for such a young man, then when I gave him his hand the whole time he looked me in the eye. Despite my lack of stretched neck and bodice he never once looked at my breasts. After a while, my father suggested a short and light dinner, during dinner, we talked about various minor matters. I was able to learn that Martin was a high school student, one of the most outstanding in its class. Most of the time spent on learning, so girls do not occasionally lost him. Despite this it was not how most eggheads napaleńcem that all the time glancing in my neck, or groin. He seemed to me a very nice and pleasant young man. After a short dinner, the father said he had to make a few phone calls, at that time I along with Martin walked to the terrace. I sat down on a bench at a small table, Martin leaned against the wall by the front door. He looked at me and then asked if Sutton Escorts I was a new toy his father. I told him that I was his collaborator, but do not sleep with him and I do not sleep. Martin told how often and his father were arriving various young women who shared a room with him.

Sutton Escorts – chapter 2

I threw a little of the reproach that even if I had to sleep on the floor I’m not going to share the bed with his father. Martin noticed that I was a little offended at him, so he assured me that if I had to sleep on the floor, he withdraws me your room. After a few minutes when there seemed to be a quick return of his father, I suggested a short walk. Before I changed into, I wanted to see if Martin would be so Sutton Escorts resistant to my charms in the new outfit. I put on myself short and tight denim shorts and a short and tight blouse, exposing my navel. Of course, I wore no bra, so my nipples were clearly visible through the material blouse. I assumed Martin could not resist. During the walk every now and then glancing at my chest or my stomach, directing his gaze in the vicinity of the lower abdomen. We talked about various minor matters. The walk lasted about two hours. After returning father said that he must now go to sleep, because tomorrow morning before leaving. He explained that he has some important business to attend to at work. Martin was not happy, but when my father asked me to stay with him until Monday, his mood improved. The improvement was even greater when I agreed. The father went to sleep. I told Martin that I’m tired and I want to freshen up. After a quick shower we decided to watch a movie and go to sleep. I took a hot shower. I decided to give Martin a lot to think about. When I got out of the shower, I wore only a long T-shirt, becoming naked underneath. After coming into the room Marcin almost jaw dropped when he looked at me. Before seeing the film I took a few drinks from the refrigerator, of course, leaning over and giving Marcin see my naked . After a while we were on the couch. I sat near Martin slowly moved closer to him. Movie I watched was a horror. So I, as the weaker sex, every now and then hugged him. Its member can hardly fit into pants. I did not want to frighten him, so just hugged him. Martin was a little nervous, did not want me noticed his erection while he wanted me to be close to him. Unfortunately, fatigue made itself known, after some forty minutes of the film I fell asleep hugging Martin. I woke up about two hours later. The film has already finished, and Martin did not want to wake me up, did not move. I apologized to him for the trouble and stretched.

Sutton Escorts


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