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Swiss Cottage escorts


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Swiss Cottage escorts

Swiss Cottage escorts – chapter 1

A beautiful, mature and experienced. Bored with the constant lack of his busy spouse, would again flourish. Feel the youthful fantasy that once never gave them no respite. She wanted to feel desire again after a while totally immersed in a sea of ​​delight, ready to sacrifice a lot in order to achieve sexual satisfaction.40 – so many summers had itself Maria. She had it all: a rich life, a job as president of the family corporation and adolescent, a wonderful son. Her husband – Peter was a man to whom she could always count, but for some time she thought that growing apart. The spark of passion, which once kindled their senses –Swiss Cottage escorts. They were now for myself more friends than lovers. Bored with the kind of life she desperately seek way out of this situation.Autumn of this year was very annoying. Bitter cold and biting rain gave its toll on even the greatest optimists. Jacek knew that he could not give stains. He was in the company just two weeks, and he was close to being late for his first meeting of the new marketing department. And the damn rain! It seemed to him that day everything is definitely against him. Tips on the dial indicated hour 19:33. Three minutes late – great. He fell sprinted to the elevator and strength pressed, as if it gave something – a button with the number “5” hoping and elevator throw fifth gear. Once you have reached – the lobby was empty and dark. Smoldering, only faint light marketing website services company. The first thing that occurred to him that – “wrong time”, but taking a few steps into the observed glow of light coming out of the office at the end of the corridor. Without thinking any longer, she rushed toward the light, as in a frantic chase, chasing an invisible enemy. When he arrived at the right door, he knocked timidly and went inside.The idea that the wrong timing of the meeting – came back again because besides the boss, no one was there! Maria sitting on the desk, watching the crowded streets of the capital sipping on champagne. She hated unpunctuality and liked acutely aware of that anyone who would expose her. In the end, he looked away from the window and began to closely follow Jack. He was twice younger than her. He stood at the very beginning of his career. Sam remembered that it was an experience when she started working at a roadside bar as a waitress. Jacek, a little confused this whole situation, greeted his boss and apologized for his lateness, justifying a mass of crap that and so a matter of fact was irrelevant. Maria, seeing zgorączkowanego, a young man, a gesture she silenced him, then got up, walked to the office door and turned the key in the lock. Jacek has become as petrified, not understanding too much – what this is about. But before he could utter a word, Maria abruptly yanked his tie and pulled tightly to each other. Based on the table by Jack juicy kiss. The heart began to beat him like crazy, thoughts flitted like a Formula 1 car, but even so – surrendered to her. He was unable to control it. Desire eclipsed common sense. She kissed his thirsty lips, rubbed prężącą masculinity, which just waiting for it to extricate her from the material of his trousers. She could feel the heat of passion enveloped her entire body and how much – he wanted her. Jacek tugged at her shirt. Buttons let go almost immediately, spilling a resounding throughout the study. He released her full breasts under the lace bodice and clung to them, sucking hard nipples, like a small child. But he still was not enough, so his hand wandered into much lower – under the skirt boss, where he hastily left on his knees her black thong and took her feverish femininity. Abdomen burned her like never before, and pleasant chills every move pierced her body caressed. He played with bare breasts, showering him with kisses, stroking with the hand swollen clitoris. Her breathing became heavier.

Swiss Cottage escorts – chapter 2

She was as stunned. Completely lost in the fire that was blazing uncontrollably in her veins, and as soon as he slipped deep into her wet fingers slits, a violent shock of pleasure almost took her from the senses. Maria struggled to assert themselves. Intoxicated with this wonderful moment of fulfillment. Jacek however, still felt insatiability. Painful erection in his pants gave more and more in the characters, and Maria did not intend to remain Jack owes. He picked up scraps of her white shirt and dragged by force into each other. They both looked into each other’s eyes, then fell with a vengeance on his knees before her lover. Leaning against the wall, trembling in anticipation of the coming pleasure, and once tackled a strap and buckle Swiss Cottage escorts his pants, he sighed deeply and completely to her caresses. Hard and thick organ, fired his underpants, like a shot. Barely he was able to cover her delicate hand over his impressive manhood. She pulled the foreskin and licked her dark purple, shiny head. Jack groan filled the office boss, and his legs had turned to jelly. Hot lips of Mary began to give him more and more pleasure, his hands constantly explored the size of the penis, stroking at the same intensity, his swollen with lust kernel. She knew perfectly well that the delays, it is inevitable. Throbbing prick the seed fired almost immediately, messing mouth and  bust his mistress. He felt as if his heart was about to snatch the chest, and legs completely refuse to obey him. At this moment, he was far enough impressions for one evening. Sapped the life-giving fluid still remains with its sloping arms, then he walked away and fell on the leather chair of his office. Gasping for breath slowly, he wondered – what now? In the silence, watching the woman, which never before would not even have dreamed. He felt that same bite with their thoughts. We both knew that, what had just happened, he can not leave these four walls.The next day, he Jacek fictitious report of the meeting. Despite the fact that acted as if nothing had happened in the middle still she could not believe she did it. It was a bad, dirty and perverse, and at the same dangerously seductive and although she was aware of the enormous consequences that was carrying her behavior that she had no intention to stop.

Swiss Cottage escorts

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