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Thamesmead escorts


– The man lies on his back, Thamesmead escorts woman sitting astride him – can thus control the pace compared by rhythmic movements of the hips and buttocks in Thamesmead escorts (using the foot as a support), or – as in the pictures – kneeling prop up his hands. In this way, it does not have the slightest problem would stoop and kiss his partner.

Thamesmead escorts

Thamesmead escorts – chapter 1

They were a holiday. I decided to first go to the colony. Since none of my colleagues had no such plans, I decided to talk about it with Antos, my internet friend from Thamesmead escorts. She also liked the idea, just as I and her parents.So, at the end of July it was time to leave. We had to go to the colony in the mountains, in the vicinity of Zakopane. Sent there were three buses, one of the Lublin area (this was driving me), second in the Poznań region (including going Antosia) and a third of the Warsaw area. Everything was fixed so we got there about 13. After checking in we had to eat dinner and then go out into the mountains.When you got to the hotel trip from Poznan he was already there. Antosia already managed to check in and get us a common room. When we arrived, we were already sitting on the bench at the hotel. At once I met her, but I’ve never seen the so-called. the real world. As soon as I got out I ran up to me and gave me a hug. Although our relationship was only a collegial, friendly, yet often timid flirted, komplementowaliśmy up. I’ve always admired in Antosia confidence and determination, as well as mental strength. Physically also it looked great. It was a moderately brunette with beautiful brown eyes, small nose and small mouth. She was quite thin, but luckily not enough, you could not see her great body shapes.After greeting the Antos took their bags and went to the room. It turned out that Antosia chose us a room with a double bed. Sweetly she smiled when she saw my surprise. She said that night in the mountains tend to be cold, and in summer here certainly does not heat up, so will have to hug someone. She made a sweet Minke and his small, red lips and kissed me on the cheek. When we unpacked the cabinets and cleaned off the bed, it was time to go down for dinner. We were told that directly after lunch we get on the bus and go to the mountains, so I immediately got dressed in a comfortable, sporty outfit.Antosia feet had white socks-foot, which she founded beautiful, pink . On the pink bra set up a blue shirt. She dressed as convenient, black leggings that emphasized the delicate shape of her beautiful body. She looked beautifully, did not give the council resist the urge hugging her, so before leaving she was in my arms.At dinner we sat next to each other. We not knew other people, but to acquaint them was only a matter of time. As long as we were happy with their own company. After lunch we boarded the buses. Antosia changed their places. Instead of sitting in the bus, which came from Poznan, he sat down to me. All the way merrily talked about. Every now and then one of us “accidentally” caught another person, either accidentally put his hand on the other person. Shyly also looked at each other. I liked the words brunette, and her eyes could read it and I liked her.On reaching the foot of one of the mountains began to approach. It was not a difficult climb, but certainly it was quite tiring. How very surprised when Antoni did not show any fatigue. It seemed to me that this slim girl should quickly get tired and slack off. And there’s nothing. No problem came to the summit and descended with him. On the contrary it seems to me that I was more tired than her.When returning to the hotel I told Antosia about your feelings, which clearly liked her. I noticed her smile and shining eyes. She said that it is because of exercise, and strength of character. I also suggested that I should be afraid of such a person in the room because can be dangerous. I did not know then how true are the words, I did not see any subtext then, I recognized it as a mere joke.When we arrived it was after 21:00. The organizers told us to disperse to the rooms. As soon as I entered the Antos to our room, I immediately zakluczyła door and hid the key. When asked why she did it, she replied:None of your business, dog!I thought it was a joke, like hit me in the face. I tried to laugh, which met with sharp, endurance answer. Antosia kicked me in the testicles, and when he crouched, threw me on the bed. She pulled out of his backpack string and then tied my hands and legs to the bed. I had no doubt about the fact that Antoni decided to become a dominatrix and everything was from the beginning to the end of a setup.

Thamesmead escorts – chapter 2

When I yelled at her and told to solve, she decided to gag me. For this purpose she pulled from her luggage long and thick white socks. Despite my protests, I was prevented from speaking. Antosia then also entered the bed in her pink adidaskach. Lightly he pressed the foot on my penis. Gradually she began to push harder and harder, until finally I could not stand the pain. Then she stood with both legs on my stomach. Contrary to appearances, it was not so light, as it looked. Then she walked down my chest, arms and legs.Later, she sat on my chest. She took off her pink shoes, sweaty after a long hike the mountain and held it to my nose. She told me to inhale their fragrance, which was a sign of dominance Antosia me. When asked if I quietly and can no longer remove the gag from my mouth, I nodded his head through traffic. When she left a thick, white sock, I took a deep breath. However, he did not last long, because immediately ordered me to lick the inside of sneakers. After a moment, she took off her socks and put them up my nose. They were heavily sweaty, hung from them exceptionally scent. His bare feet with red-painted nails, she put me on the face. When removed from my face your shoes and socks, he ordered Thamesmead escorts her fingers. First, in the hands and later the foot. Both of them were painted red, which was to emphasize the ferocity and strength.After a while she began to undress. First photos of her black leggings and pink panties, then blue shirt and pink bra. My eyes began to glow at the sight of her splendor.Starting today, I’ll be your lady, dog. Only in this way can you call me, understand? And you have to listen to me in everything! Of course, Mrs. Antosiu. I’ll be obedient slave.As a reward she sat down on my face, przytykając your vagina directly into my mouth. He ordered me to lick it carefully. I took this as the greatest reward. I began to suck pussy my lady, and when I heard moaning, I was in seventh heaven. I began to “kiss” from her vagina, dance tongue inside my owner. When she felt she was close to reaching she told me to stop. She stood up and deftly using fingers foot slipped off my shorts and boxers. She stared with pussy in my penis while looking me in the eye. I was still immobilized, which reminded me of the relationship that unites us. Antosia began jumping up and down on my penis, I was incredibly excited Antosia leaping breasts and her dominance over me. I came quickly, and she at the same time as me. She collapsed on me and kissed me on the lips. After a while solved me.We were totally exhausted after a day and a wild sex slave. We covered only a quilt and wtuliliśmy in yourself. We did not have the strength to wash and dress in their pajamas. We slept naked all night rubbing against each other our young, hot body. When I thanked my lady fell asleep for the privilege of sleeping with her. She kissed me and told me not to get used to.

Thamesmead escorts

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