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Town escorts


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Town escorts

Town escorts – chapter 1

My dad is a teacher of Polish. As is known in Polish public schools do not pay much, so he had to moonlight in the giving private lessons. Most often they came to him for high school seniors and students. This time, on Friday afternoon was the same. My dad came unknown to Town escorts me a third year student. When I entered the house he was inside. On the veranda he left his sweaty blue sneakers. Even from a distance you could feel that you are sweaty, because the smell of sweat hung around the room.I looked at the clock and when I saw that for a full hour still far decided to do something crazy. I sat down on the floor and I put myself these sweaty men’s sneakers to nose. The smell that wafted out of them was unearthly. The owner of smelly sneakers than I was six years is enough. Usually, I have not had contact with people in this age, because the smell was special to me.Suddenly, the door opened. Terribly scared. On the veranda student he came unknown to me. Whisper told me to be quiet and shut the door to the veranda.Shh, do not say anything. I came here after my set of tasks. I will not tell about what we saw little pedałku, but you have tomorrow to show me.He gave me his phone number and told the evening to arrange a specific time of the meeting. Very I scared, but I had no choice. I did not want anyone to know what I was doing. I was afraid of what could I do when I come to it anymore. I was concerned my head a lot of thought, having started from beatings, and rape is not the ending.In the evening, when no one was around I called to him. He gave me his address and told to come at 13:00. He said that nobody would be at his house. He forbade anyone to speak about where I was going. It scared me, but I was hoping that nothing I will not do. The whole night I thought about it, why should I go there. The whole night I did not sleep a wink, but I found that I have no choice. I had to go there.13:00 Before I left home. I told my parents that I was going to a friend’s to play on your computer. I still do not inquired. As I approached the house of the mysterious student immediately he opened the door.I was waiting for you. Come into my room- he said, pointing me to the door.I stammered Do not stress- Town escorts, My name Kamil. I promise that you will not do anything. I would just like to know what you did. I’m the world simply.Camilla sat on the bed, he sat down next to me. I looked at him carefully. He was very tall, thin and blond. He was washed in a white T-shirt and tube. He wore the same blue sneakers, yesterday, and white athletic socks.So, what did you do? You smelled my shoes? Why? – He asked with a smile and curiosity.When I felt the smell I could not help …- I replied cicho- I am a fetishist of feet and shoes, sex proprietor does not matter .Aaaah, I understand! – Said .- can now also want to smell my shoes?He lay down on the bed and told me to sit down at the bottom of the bed. I leaned against the wall, and then put it on Kamil me your foot in the arts, sports shoes. Slowly I started to take them off. When I removed the first adidas at once I put it to his nose and mouth. I began to lick the salty taste of sweat and breathe this unique scent. Then I took off him the second adidas and took with him the same thing.Kamil curiously looking at me. He began his white socks, which he still had on his feet touch my penis trapped in jeans. I grabbed his foot and pulled her to her nose. I breathed in the salty smell of. Then I began to lick sock. Long fingers Kamila put it in his mouth and began to kiss them. Kamil was more interested in my fetish, but it seems to me that he had been in a screw.

Town escorts – chapter 2

When I took off his socks, my eyes appeared beautiful, well-kept big feet with carefully trimmed nails. I kissed him in the foot and began to lick her. First I licked metatarsal, and then down between his fingers. When I started to lick soft sole Kamil turned out that he has a big tickle. I continued licking Kamil laughed and kicked me at the same time.
Exactly wylizałeś I know my stopy- said, pushing them Town escorts away from me-now I also would like to play in it. Lie down comfortably, and I’ll take care of your her feet.We traded places. I had feet high blue Converse and black socks. Kamil slowly approached my foot to his face. It was obvious that I had never done this, nor seen such porn. Timidly kissed my sneaker. Slowly he pulled the white laces. Then gently freed my feet from Converse. He began to pull their salty smell. Every now and then he looked me in the eye, wanting to make sure everything is doing well. I then took off his black socks. There were too sweaty, but for the first time the smell was enough to Kamil liked.Kamil said that from today it is a foot fetishist. Suddenly he kissed me. For me it was a big surprise, because I thought that our play will end up on your feet. During the kiss he began to undress me. He took off my shirt and undid his fly. I did not offer him longer. Quickly I pulled him T-shirt and dark tube. I knelt before him, and then left his black boxers and began to entertain His long, students penis. It was for both of us a great feeling. Kamil quickly I would have reached, if not stopped in time fellatio.How great was my surprise when Kamil after dismantling me to the end he said that he would like rozdziewiczyć my ass high school students.You are incredibly sweet pedałkiem- said to me- I would like you to enter. I promise I’ll be gentle and not harm you.When you threw out, He kissed me on the butt and he put his tongue into my hole. I relaxed and informed Kamil, that can go into action. He grabbed me hard and fast in me came. I went through a lot of pain, which as you go me was getting smaller. He masturbated while this sweet fucked fucked me in the ass. Suddenly he began to pant louder and fired a stream of hot cum in my anus. Quickly I forced him to take a kneeling position and began to move his lips. All his sweet face was covered by a white nectar.When Kamil and kissed me feel mixed taste of sperm and feet. Long and passionately kissed while lying next to each other in bed. We talked to get better acquainted. There could be a couple, because our parents and friends would not accept it. In total, we did not even want to be together. It took only our occasional meetings, during which time entertaining your feet and penises. After a while I got dressed up and went back into the house. Nobody ever knew nothing about it.

Town escorts

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