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Uxbridge escorts


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Uxbridge escorts

Uxbridge escorts – chapter 1

Maciej was a 27-year-old businessman. Not at all for such a thought, truth was a little different, yes he led several businesses, but the more correct term in his case would be a drug dealer or gangster. Maciek several years drew most of their revenue from drug trafficking, ranging from marijuana to heroin by amphetamines and cocaine ending, in short, he had everything people wanted doing drugs. In addition to his own restaurant in his free time he labored extortion and haraczami. Maciek is a well-built man, about a meter tall, with a slight beard as muscular, with black short hair, a lot of women generally regarded him as handsome. Despite the relatively good physical condition, to racketeering and threatening people he had a few “Uxbridge escorts“. He could afford to the latter, he more responsible in their businesses it was a logistical operation that went to him very well and do the dirty work commissioned his people. Overall, it was not the nicest type. Recently, he was able to introduce into circulation a considerable amount of cocaine, for which he earned several hundred thousand dollars. He invested them in it, what a long time trying on more and more – to start their own escort, and sometimes he thought about the extension of this activity towards human trafficking, mostly women. Three months ago he bought an old property on the outskirts of the city, which began work to renovate and today it just came to an end. He arranged it in a style similar to other brothels, or bar, poker tables, boxes of pipes in which women will dance and rooms for private dances and sex. The money he had, the premises had, bodyguards for protection or potential clients as well as turning out for several years in the company from the black side of town, he knew who would be happy to benefit from its services. He lacked only one thing – whores. He did not want them to be mere whores as competitors,  by hundreds of horny types of pussy so dispersed that jar of jam from my mother could there fit, he wanted to create a brothel more exclusive in his plans was the club for a pleasant stay, with a girl with a pretty face and not just a sexy body, with the girls that could keep the company of his guests, talk to them, joke level and his righteousness ignite their imagination to such an extent that they would be able to pay for services such women much more than in competition. In short, looking for a fresh face in this business, as best as the youngest, the best is yet a teenager.

Uxbridge escorts – chapter 2

He wanted to be a girl without big adventures in bed, virtuous, attractive, causing lust and not stupid. Extremely he did not like people witted and even a whore with a low level of intelligence did not have at his raison d’etre. The first girl that came to mind was his constant client to amphetamine and heroin, fifteen Beata, just fifteen years old. The girl did not have an interesting situation at home, two years ago, her father died, the elder brother do drugs a few years after my father’s death hard podłamana and without the support of her mother the girl began first steal drugs brother and that quickly from them addicted, quickly began to Uxbridge escorts  itself take. Where he did at that age had money on Drug use? She did not have. Sometimes only some minor thefts in shopping malls perfume gave her a few pennies, but generally it took more than a year in Maciek almost everything on Krech, now she had with him several thousand debt. Maciek some time trying on longer to open its “club”, so willingly gave the girl drugs on credit, he had a plan on how it will repay it later. He was driving in his Mercedes with just two gorillas on the estate, where they usually Hero would sit all day. They got out of the car, shook for a moment the yard and saw her sitting on the garage smoking a cigarette. It was a beautiful blonde, dream candidate for Maciek brothel. Long blond wavy hair, a round face, big green eyes and above all excellent shape, have both front and rear. 166 cm tall and 48kg weight meant that it was for what to grab, had little body, but really little, shapes simply were perfect, not too much, not too little. C Bust size, quite large neck blouse-shirt with bare shoulders and partly revealing the back. For this tight black leggings, where her ass looked just gorgeous. She dressed like a typical teenager – but very sexy and exposing much of her femininity. Maciek approached her and threw it to the girl:Well, Hello Beata, you long for me there was no new Drug use, I was afraid that I turned the of the syfów – he said with a slight irony in his voice.Well, All in all it had to choose today, but if you come here it can be a chance to do something on now? – He asked slightly trembling voice, which was heard need another dose of the drug.Of course, that is if you have the cash.Well, Just this may be bad, and would not give advice as always in credit? She asked a little quieter slightly lost his voice.In Credit, in credit, in credit and always in credit. And when I begin my dear repay, borrow more and more, grow interest and not give away money?Well, I know no one more year and I could have somewhere to go and I’ll work it pay off.Only That you owe me 30,000 plus interest, and that will not soon earn .And my patience is long over, so you better Embrace Tomorrow is a sizable amount of cash he’ll talk differently .MaciekWell, But you know, I have no where! She told me it is impossible anyway because she does not have, and I never employ at this age, so even I do not like their work off – desperately cried Beata – so what am I supposed to do now?Not My business, you had to think before you started to borrow and doing drugs …. Well, although perhaps there is some solution could and would work for you and do not bother me that you’re a minor .Really? What? – She asked enthusiastically girl.At this point, Maciek stepped closer to her first ran a hand through her long and silky smooth blond hair, then the soft cheek, then stopped on her breasts, shapely breasts. He began his fingers lightly dance on them, squeezing them gently, on the other hand went buttock girl who leggings looked brilliant, perfectly round, young, firm. Maciek grabbed him quite a bit, and this time pulled his face so close teenager, he heard and felt her rapid breathing. The girl said nothing, offered no resistance in up touching was a confused and slightly scared. Maciek in a low voice whispered in her ear:You’re pretty young, you have the perfect body, shame to waste them on it when you can earn well. I have many friends who would be willing to have benefited from it, and I in return unieważniłbym your debt and dostawałabyś as many drugs as you need .

Uxbridge escorts

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