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Vauxhall escorts


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Vauxhall escorts

Vauxhall escorts – chapter 1

Sanderssona snatched the phone ringing from sleep. – Yes ? – He grunted sleepily into the phone – Good morning, Mr. Sandersson – the earpiece said a warm female voice – or can we come upon a girl? I hope it has met your expectations? Sandersson looked at lying next to him naked brunette; on the collar was engraved the name of the company, which was the equipment. He remembered that ordered it a day, but had not expected so quickly it will order. She could be good fuck, but I think in addition to practice was including a lot of enthusiasm. Now, awake staring at him calmly – of course – he heard his voice -weźcie her for an hour. The girl sat down on the bed, stretched, yawned and went to the bathroom shaking her ass. She was about 30ki, at the ankles steel bracelets and colorful tattoo on his thigh. She was sweaty sex and she was a slave. Leased at a reasonable price to anyone who wanted to use it. He does not shut the door. He heard peeing and then, like taking a shower. She did not speak, but he did not let her speak. He was indifferent to his name and what he thinks. What kind would talk to her? In the end there was only the subject of which, when it wears out, it will be disposed of. He did not know what the truth as it recycles worn slaves but guessed. I was sure he soon finds out. He stood up, walked to the window. “You have to think about completing some small harem for their own needs.” The house was large enough that it could easily hold several pieces. No tearful and oils Vauxhall escorts. Only racial sluts without brakes, different ages and different races. He smiled at his own thoughts. These sluts cost, but it was not in his case a problem. He heard brunette comes out of the bathroom completely naked further (if ordered remembered the girl herself, without extra subsidies for clothes and shoes), it becomes embarrassed in front of him and humbly bows his head, apparently wanting to say something. – Speak – graciously nodded. – Can I get some water and something to eat? she asked husky voice. Do not pronounced well, “r”, which indeed lent her charm. He tapped his forehead, was delighted yesterday it in principle their sperm, have the right to dry her throat, she could hungry. He slapped her ass and commanded: – Let’s go to the kitchen. Moments later, they are sitting in the kitchen and ate breakfast; The girl pulled her knees under her chin and behaved naturally as tame, but watchful animal. Again felt a rush of excitement … – Come here – he threw short and parted legs. A woman like a cat jumped out of his chair and It has moved on his knees across the floor toward him. Sandersson put it to his mouth and his dick He pressed his head; She entered her all to the throat. Holding her by the hair gave rhythm of her head, the rest did her tongue and lips. It worked smoothly like an automaton, drooling, slurping and calling on the floor around a slim ankle bracelets. He had to cum in her mouth when I rang the intercom. – Do not rub, swallow – ordered rising. He imposed a bathrobe and went to open the door. They went two people: a mature woman in jeans and a bully. – Hello, we collect Eve -skin on kneeling over and licking his lips swollen sperm bitch. “Oh, so Eve,” he thought indifferently Sandersson. – Can we see it? – Yes – he said Sandersson watching the slut Eve gets up and subjected to a visual examination of a woman with the agency. The inspection went well, no damage was found, signed documents; Shtarker founded and led handcuffed Eve. -Our Company offers attractive slaves also available – smiled woman – if you were interested in, prepare an offer. – I am interested – smiled Sandersson – and waiting for an offer. The woman, when she heard it she looked at Sanderssona and asked – what budget you have? Sandersson withstood the look and replied after a moment’s thought – let the Budget Do not worry, I can assure that there is sufficient anyway, please take a look around. It’s rather let you convince me that you have an interesting offer and take something from you buy. Let’s sit down. They sat on the sofa; -rasowa woman shopkeeper – he felt the game and started hunting. Sanderssona sat a little closer than it was expected, but without physical contact; rolled up her legs, arched gracefully toward him and smiling apologetically took out the phone – Olek, deliver to customer’s Eve alone, I have to do something – she said, and hung up. She was not old. Exceeded 40 EC and it long ago, but took care of each other and the figure was impeccable, at least indicated that the tube jeans and black high heels and a nice tight fitting white blouse breasts. Face – a little dilapidated and too pouting lips that gave the whole presented a bit vulgar. And this Senderssona always excited. However, now they have a place of trade negotiations and not advancing. – I’m going to complete his collection of women – he began cautiously. Several dozen pieces. They have to be healthy, fertile, stacked, after taming. Interested only real whores without inhibitions. Best of all ages and different races. For diversity. Do you have such? – And if you did not go through the night Eve? – Answered a question with a question shopkeeper – Is that it is not appropriate whore for you? It is fertile, obedient, and you can do with it all. is bisexual, she can be cruel, and has. And like her we have at the moment a few. We can sell you Eve, you can choose a different one. If you’re interested invited to the auction, which will take place tomorrow. After payment of the deposit, up to 6 hours before the auction can be our slaves to study and watch.

Vauxhall escorts – chapter 2

Here is the Catalogue – she pulled from her purse tablet and moved to Sanderssona even closer. He felt the smell of her perfume and the warmth of the breast, which “Vauxhall escorts” to his side. Sandersson he knew what to do. Not getting up he reached into his wallet and pulled him a wad of money – I do not know – he said with feigned uncertainty, pretending that counts banknotes – whether the deposit deposit, at the end of a slave can buy even on the Internet, I do not need to push the auction – At the same time took shopkeeper arm and She put her hand on her hip. Shopkeeper snorted as if it indignantly: – you misunderstood me! – But he leaned bliżej- personally take care of the master added, and slipped his hand under his robe. Sendersson thought it was from her 10 years younger; It excited him. He took off her pins, freeing neat, somewhat stringy feet and slipped her tongue to his lips. Instantly she clung to him, throwing her arms around his neck. Without breaking the kiss unbuttoning her blouse, she helped him tear it with each other; They are kissing like crazy. He did not think that mature women can be so much fire. Ripped off his bra, her breasts sagged slightly. They were shapely, but not firm. nicely hung; She had large warts around the nipple; Sandersson grabbed one of his teeth and began to suck; He groaned. He bit lightly. She hissed, but did not protest. He picked it up, unzipped her pants and pulled off together with the briefs. She stood before him now completely naked. He pulled her to him, his face was in front of her shaved, loose, wet pussy. He slid his tongue inside. A groan, a paroxysm of delight tugged at her body arched and nearly collapsed, he had to hold. Sucked her until she got the first orgasm, she began to tremble and cry. Only then did he let her go. She fell to the carpet, immediately stuck her to him; He knelt and slowly, very slowly, but it slipped deep. She began to rhythmically move your hips. Their skin covered with sweat, was unbearably hot. When he felt that it will not last long, she came out with her. He laid her on her back; He scattered her legs from side to side. He liked. Her skin was smooth and delicate as a child, slender legs, breasts at the same time. He came at her again. She hugged him bite the ear, as you go moaning louder and louder. He fucked her faster and harder until her boobs were jumping until finally dopchnął deep inside and fired, poured into it the entire semen which was still in it and fell panting beside her on the carpet. They lay there for a moment next to each other. Shopkeeper stroked his cheek – It was nice – she said, and sounded sincere – Yes – he said was silence. – I should go – she finally said, after a minute stretching like an eternity – I use your bathroom? – Sure; is on the left side of the hall … you know what? – Yes ? – You do not have to go. You can not stay here. – Silly – but I laughed so insecure – nothing about me, you know, probably not in love? – Of course not. That’s not what I mean. We can be lovers is obvious; but I need maybe someone like you. How to buy a few slaves, you have to manage them. Organize their work, exude food tie for the night those with whom I do not sleep … I suggest you a job. Sex is on offer. She stood up and headed toward the bathroom she said – first buy these hoes. then we think. And when I went out, already dressed, with wet hair, walked up to him, kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “Jenny,” she laughed, and she was gone. Sandersson slumped exhausted on the sofa “It should finally buy a pair of whores. But if I can find better hooker than Jenny?

Vauxhall escorts

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