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Waltham Forest Escorts – chapter 1

My T-shirt rolled up to give him a good look at my thighs. Martin did not know where to look or see my breasts or my thigh. I said I’m tired and I want to go to sleep. It features had a small room next to the room Martin. When I changed to sleep, actually I kicked off only his shirt, I decided to check what does Martin. The door to his room was closed, but from what keyhole. When spied him, I Waltham Forest Escorts was not surprised, Martin entertained with each other. He was pulled down, and his hand was moving up and down quite a long member. I admit that for a sixteen year old, his penis was really quite big. No eye was about eighteen centimeters and was slightly curved. Martin moved his hand faster and faster, massaging the tight head member. He was very strong, masturbated in this way about seven minutes or a little without breaking. Finally, his movements became faster, until it is completely stopped. Marcin experienced orgasm, slightly groaned and began to squirt semen from the penis, flooding hands and abdomen. For several minutes he lay on the bed, his rapid breathing gradually slowed. Finally, he got up and headed for the door, quickly evacuated into my room. After a while, I was already in bed, and a few minutes later I fell asleep.
The next day woke up around nine. Slowly I got up out of bed and headed straight into the shower. After a hot shower came down, the home was empty. On the table I found a card. Martin wrote that he went shopping. When I read about shopping, I immediately remembered that I am terribly hungry. I went upstairs, where he quickly got dressed. I decided to give a rest to Martin, assuming jeans and a long t-shirt. When I went downstairs, Martin was already in the kitchen arranging purchases in the refrigerator. We had a long breakfast, and decided to spend the rest of the day in Zakopane. After long walks and dinner eaten at one of the restaurants we went home. It was about six o’clock and came for it, so I finally went to work. Being in borrowed some videos on our evening. One of them was light erotic. After eating a light dinner, we decided to spend the rest of the evening watching TV. The first film was a sensational crap. It was about nine o’clock thirty when I put the tape into the VCR with the film and I let him. Martin said that it is a movie erotic. He felt embarrassed, but said nothing. I was dressed in a light and a long shirt and black lacy panties. Martin sat down and started watching a movie. When it came to the first scene where some guy contented blond beauty, I started a conversation with Martin about his sex life. I asked if he has a girlfriend, of course replied that he did not, but trying. Then he crashed into the thick tube and asked if he was once with a woman in bed. This question completely threw him off guard. He replied that he is a virgin, then he asked me why so interested in his intimate life. I replied that I just liked him and would like to Waltham Forest Escorts know more about it. I did not want to drill this topic for too long, I noticed that his penis was already clearly visible through his pants.

Waltham Forest Escorts – chapter 2

Anxious to get off the topic of my motives, I told him about what he did last night in his bed. Martin was completely disoriented, he tried to explain, tried to stammer something, but rather explanations he did not go too well. I did not want him totally disconcert, because once I put his fingers to his lips and said that masturbation at his age, especially when it can not satisfy a woman, is a natural thing. That’s what I said then completely surprised Martin. Well, I expressed my desire to see how masturbates. Martin was totally surprised and shocked. But seeing that not joking, and he was wise enough that saw an opportunity to Waltham Forest Escorts the fired grandmother, slowly began to unbutton his fly, undid the button of his pants and pulled them while pulling panties. Slowly he returned to bed. His penis was already hard and he wanted to flush the excess sperm from the testes. Slowly he began to move his hand up and down. Member became larger, and the head every now and then revealing from under the skin was getting wetter. I looked at the member as slowly harden and . Martin approached orgasm, I did not want to release it too early interrupted his caresses. Martin was a little surprised, but when I asked if I could continue with his play, his surprise grew, as did his excitement. Without waiting for an answer, slowly I put my hand on his penis, slowly massaged and caressed his head. Completely slid the skin from the head of his swollen member, and I began to slowly rub a damp head. The head was getting wetter, with holes at the top of the head slowly flowed sperm. Martin was so excited that I could not stand. He began to orgasm, sperm suddenly welled up, pouring my hand and thigh. After three gunshots sperm flowed only from soften the head. Martin did not know what to say, he would mutter something but did not let him. Slowly I wiped my sperm in a towel, which already have prepared.
After a while I asked him if he wanted to see how I entertain with each other. Martin only nodded slightly. Slowly I got up, took off the head of a t-shirt. Marcin almost fainted when he saw my naked body covered only by a silk panties. Slowly I took off my panties and leaned against the couch, legs spread wide. My right hand slowly slipped between the legs and began stroking my damp pussy. I massaged faster and faster, slightly parting his lips, sometimes gently inserting a finger inside. Martin did not know what to say, he was so surprised that even tried not to breathe. After a few minutes of my fun I suggested that he continued. Martin said he did not know what to do. I decided to show him how to accommodate women. Slowly he lays down between my thighs. I showed him how to find his lips and clitoris. And now I said that he used his imagination. Slowly, he began massaging my lips. He took it between his fingers, he went and rozmasowywał. Finally took up my buttons, gently he poked a finger at him, until passed into massage. The most pleasant thing was when he took it between his fingers and began to knead. I was becoming more and more excited, my pussy produce more and more wet materials that slowly rolled down onto the couch. Finally, completely emboldened Martin put his finger into my vagina, it slowly began to turn in the middle, caressing the walls of my hot interior. He noted that when stopped caressing my guziczka stopped moaning. I suggested to my buttons took up his mouth. Initially, he was not convinced by the idea. Slowly he came back into my womb, until his tongue slowly touched my hot and hard. His mouth covered my button and began to slowly suck, meanwhile, already two fingers were inside me. I started slowly closer to orgasm, I felt more and more strongly. My nipples were hard and incredibly stuck to relieve them started squeezing them and tousle my fingers making himself an extra pleasure. My young lover had  a lot of porn because he knew what to do with the hot and wet pussy. I tried to control myself, but when someone fucks me with your fingers and at the same time leads to madness, my button is hard for me to control himself. I was becoming more and more excited, I began to squirm and tried to tamp movements of their hips to toes Martin. I started to moan louder and more often. I could feel the juices slowly roll down my lips down to the keyhole between my buttocks until running down on the couch, which was already becoming wetter. I felt beautiful and exciting feeling in your abdomen, indicating a slowly approaching orgasm. My body was already sweaty with excitement. Martin meanwhile started getting more and faster massage and penetrate my body. Thumb hand grabbed my pussy while all the time entered in me two fingers. Meanwhile, his tongue and lips firmly massaged my hard button. I felt that I can not stand it much longer. Finally, after a few seconds happened, I started climax. Martin rejected from each other, I want to experience it myself. My pussy began skurczać, more and more juices flowed out of me, before my eyes made me blind. I rolled my eyes and tilting his head, deep and loud She groaned. Contractions began to move slowly, my breath began to slow down, slowly recovering. When I opened my eyes, in front of me I sat Martin. The boy was a little surprised and did not know what to do. He looked at my face, lifting and drooping breasts, and glanced at my wet pussy. I looked him straight in the eye and said that was really great. Slightly flushed, and I approached him and started kissing him. I slid his tongue deep throat after a while he began to fight with my tongue, until his tongue penetrated into my mouth. Now it is time to make him a man. I noticed that the erection returned. Slowly put my hand on his penis Martin and gentle movements began massaging him. Every now and then caressed the nucleus to go back again to getting harder and bigger penis. After a few minutes, much fun it is time for real sex. Martin was already very excited when caressed his member deflect his head back and closed his eyes. Finally, I put it on the floor while I took the condom and put on his sticking member. Slowly I sat on it. Member slowly penetrated in me. He did not move his hips, I noticed that even the slightest movement would cause ejaculation. For a few seconds I allowed Martin to enjoy my warmth and moisture. I picked up his hands and slowly placed them on his chest. Martin began to slowly constrict my erect nipples. I leaned into his hands and started to light and slow movements move your hips forward and backward. Marcin more confident and harder began to oppress my breasts. I saw that all the time fighting with your body, not to squirt. My hips began to move faster and faster. His penis was not big, but very thick. I leaned into his hands even tighter, one of my hands went between the thighs, wanted to caress the clitoris. But Martin could not take it anymore, I felt his penis periodically shrinking and discarded seed. After three wytryskach was the end. Martin grabbed my hips and pressed to each other. Slowly I lay on him, pressing my body against his chest. My mouth slowly and gently touched his dry lips. Slowly my tongue penetrated inside his mouth. For a few minutes we kissed. Its member came out of my body. After a while I got up and left the room to take a hot shower.

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