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Walthamstow escorts


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Walthamstow escorts

Walthamstow escorts – chapter 1

Victoria was my good friend, we knew each other for many years. Often spent the whole day together, everything together we talked, we were practically inseparable. It was me only a year older, you can, so to say we were peers. The situation, which tell happened when I Walthamstow escorts was in the first class of high school, and Wiki in the second.The former winter holidays. Victoria’s parents are away for a week in the Alps, like my parents, who have chosen but the Tatras. It was about twenty when Victoria wrote me on Facebook, I came to her. She claimed that she was afraid to be alone at night at home, and with me could talk, cuddle up and watch horror movies. I did not wait long. I dressed quickly, took everything I needed and walked a few blocks to get to Victoria.She waited with window and as soon as I saw, she ran to open the door. At the outset, she snuggled up to me and touched noses. I must note here that Victoria was a tall girl. She was 180 cm. She was a beautiful brown hair with long legs and a fairly lean build. She was wearing a black T-shirt featuring her large breasts, tight black pajama pants and red vansy and black socks.We loved to cuddle and touch their faces. Sometimes we exchanged kisses on the cheeks, nose, forehead. It’s fair to say we were best friends and we could not live without each other. When from each other, I took off my jacket, hat and boots. Victoria said I could immediately go change clothes and pajamas and into her room. Not surprised that Wiki let me into your bed, because many times we were lying next to each other in the supine position.I went to the bathroom and changed into black pants and a navy blue T-shirt, then ran barefoot to Victoria. I was cold because the temperature in the house is not too high.How can you cold-said to Victoria entered the room.Come to me, warms up already- said, making both sweet face.Quickly I jumped into bed and went under the covers, and then hugged my beautiful, high friend. She grabbed my hand and turned another part of the “Saw”. We loved watching horror movies together and cuddle up to each other in defense against fear. This time it was the same. Wiki grabbed from behind waist, under her breasts and hugged tightly to each other.While watching the film repeatedly we changed the position, wiping probably in every possible way. When the final credits began wondered ourselves that we lie in so strange position. I lay on my back, and Victoria was lying on my stomach. Both had head turned toward the TV. After a while Victoria propped up on his hands and was still lying on the terminator approaching me, his face close to mine. She touched me on the lips, then put it into my mouth his long tongue. We started kissing passionately. We did not do the first time, but this rarely happened. When finished, Wiki turned off the TV. It was late, so we decided to go to sleep.We lay down in the pose of a friendly, gentle hug, but after a while Victoria took me with her long, slender legs. Harder to and breathed virtually simultaneously. well as the beating of our hearts, so we were together very nicely.I love you, my sweet- you said, kissing Wiki in the forehead.I love you too, – replied, stroking my hair.I began to kiss Victoria in the neck, which started her sighing and faster breathing. Sometimes we liked to play with as it would normally do not play with friends, but steam. The truth is that we loved and love was not always just friendly. But we did not want to spoil his very long association through some normal walking together. We were fine as it was.

Walthamstow escorts – chapter 2

Under the covers did we getting warmer. At one point I pushed the Wiki from each other and took off my T-shirt to a little cool.I would also Walthamstow escorts– said quietly – but I have no bra underneath and a little ashamed …But there is a dark said, kissing her in nosek- and I’m your best friend and you need not be ashamed of me.It convinced her and after a while a black T-shirt landed on the floor. My sweet friend quickly hid under the covers and snuggled into me. Large breasts brushed against my chest, what was for me a unique experience. For Victoria certainly also because wiping face with a face I felt strong pastries. Victoria kissed her gently on the lips to relaxed and calm. I felt as if her feet, which are still in black socks, began playing with my feet. Victoria’s feet were large, and everything in her. We were huddled together tightly when I caught my toes eraser her socks and began to take off. I did it gently, and several times I had to start from scratch, Wiki helped me, but his movements.When after a while Victoria was barefoot, our tongues entwined in a passionate dance, called a kiss. After a fairly long kiss, Wiki came out from under the covers and their sweaty feet closer to my face. I began to suck her long fingers, a gentle lick the sweat between them, and kiss long ball of the foot and the sole. Wikus was moaning during these operations and rode his big her feet on my face. We were both very nice. Then put your foot on my penis and thin cloth trousers began to play with it. Then she grabbed an eraser fingers between my pajamas and pulled her quickly. She grabbed my penis between your soles and began to move her feet up and down. Initially, she did it gently and slowly, then faster and faster. After a while the fun, combined with admiring my beautiful breasts bobbing Victoria, fired straight at her foot. Semen smeared on his foot, and then cuddled up to me, we covered the quilt and gave me a kiss on the cheek.I decided to return the favor with a great pleasure. I went deeper under the covers and I found myself between the long legs of my friend. I slid her tight pajamas and kissed the large, juicy pussy. Later I got to ride tongue around her and for her. When the first juices have begun to emerge, his fingers parted her hole and put there language. I started doing circles and hearts inside the vagina of my beloved Wikusi. I heard moans, screams and rapid heartbeat. I began to enter the language deeper and help each finger. I was in the mouth, more and more sweet soczków Wiki. The groans grew louder, until the process of doing another language wheels and insert into the vagina of the fourth finger, Victoria exploded and screamed with all my strength.When Walthamstow escorts already thoroughly all the juices, lay down again beside the Victoria and kissed her. She thanked me for it and found that our friendship has entered the next stage. When I lay down on my back, my treasure laid his head on my bare chest and translated my leg. In this position, we fell asleep and slept until morning. The whole week we stayed and slept together. Further, we believe, however, that we are friends, not a couple and that our love is the love of friendship.

Walthamstow escorts

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