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Wandsworth escorts


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Wandsworth escorts

Wandsworth escorts – chapter 1

Hi. My name is Chris, now I’m 17 years old and begin teaching in the second high school. The story I will tell you today took place in the second class school. I was 14 years …Our class came to Casper. He had nice hair, a darker shade of blonde. When we walked into the classroom, the rays of the sun coming through the window made his green eyes gleamed wonderfully. He was not too high, just over 160 cm. I am for what I had dark brown hair and 172 cm. These were the times in which … you know … people my age began to mature and a little more interested in girls. I was different, but I myself did not realized their sexual orientation. From the fact that not much time was spent with the girls, and not even trying to pretend sometimes heard “gay,” “Wandsworth escorts” etc. to me. On the next day, for the third lesson we had mathematics. After that, we all headed to the next grade, passing  again heard from one of them, “queer” … Then, just do not expect Casper came to me and told me not to worry, that in the previous school also insulted him. Thus began our friendship, which later evolved into a … Oh, and so you know;) Then I started to realize about their differences. Even I did not expect that he too might be “different” … One evening, in the shower, I realized that he could tell, rather others are not even on the ground that it is not liked. Everything I planned, I left home in the morning with stressed out to the max. Going to school all the time I thought of it. I came about 7:35 and it was not further. 7:45, 15 minutes lesson, it was 8:00, no … It seemed to me that it is late, yet always came. 3 lessons I lost hope, I did not tell him about what I wanted. I left the school devastated. Just before the house called me Casper! He said he overslept and woke up at 11, and his father went for a week to London for a conference. (My mother passed away from them, so the father he had to keep their two) and if I could bring him lessons. You do not know how glad! After dinner I went to him. He wore no shirt, just tight tubules that beautifully showed his youthful buttocks, and Białutki socks (I have a fetish for that point!). Even with the soldier at the ready I walked into his room. I gave him books, and he thanked. He stood at the door. I hesitated. Then he jumped he has something to tell me. He said he … liked him!

Wandsworth escorts – chapter 2

He directed me to the stairs, and he followed me. He slapped my ass, slightly smiling. He pulled a sexy, tight tube on which view to drool, and I saw a white Calvin Klein panties. The front protruded 12 cm soldier. I took off my shirt and pants, both of whom were only in panties and socks. We went to the bathroom. He had a large bathtub, which would fit with 10 people. But this time, we were the only ones. He poured hot water (day was overcast, occasional rain), which further warmed me. He pulled panties. My eyes appeared a beautiful asshole, without a single Italian. Perfect, Wandsworth escorts, firm … I did the same, and together we walked into the tub. I will note that he’s still wore socks, as if he knew that I like it! We started kissing passionately, our tongues danced with each other. Then I went down below. I licked his nipples, dipped his head and kissed the penis. It was wonderful. I wanted it. I wanted him to have in himself. Just now! Hardly what I knew, and I ran out of air. I went under the water. Then he stood up. He turned to me and puffed out his buttocks. I thought he was going to explode. Gently I entered in his hole, which tightly clenched on my penis. I penetrate the interior. Kernels bounced off his buttocks, producing a characteristic sound. He loud from time to time entertaining his hand. I ejaculated in him. Then I lay down on the floor on his stomach, with his head under water. Also smothering me excited. He started to put me, gently at first. I had no air, I wanted to resurface, but he put on me. Both were under water. Suddenly I felt something warm floods me from the inside. It was wonderful. After all I dressed up, and he thanked me for lessons. Thus began our adventure!

Wandsworth escorts

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