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Waterloo escorts


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Waterloo escorts

Waterloo escorts – chapter 1

Waking up in Elizabeth, through heavy sleepy eyes saw a blurred image disgustingly slimy-green piece of carpet, made from long fringe on which lay her heels, contrasting with its greenness red carpet. Next to the shoes were scattered parts of her wardrobe. Her black short dress, lacy black knickers, a lacy black bra decorated with tiny red roses and fishnet stockings. All carelessly strewn across the carpet. Waterloo escorts Elizabeth tried to figure out where she is, but she was unable to remember where she was and what she did the previous day. She lay on her side so she lifted her head to look around the room.Next to the bed she saw not tall table on which stood a bottle of wine and two empty glasses. Alongside were two leather chairs to lay crumpled terry towels. On yellow wall hung a reproduction showing some villagers on the car, next to the cabinet it was a small 20 inch TV and next to it was a small wardrobe .. She realized that he was in a hotel room, but still could not remember where here came from. Trying to remember what she did the night before Elizabeth realized that someone sleeping next, and includes her hand. Slowly she turned her face to see who it was. He speechless with shock. It was Thomas, the husband of her daughter Stephany. He slept peacefully beside, breathing evenly and deeply. Elizabeth felt that not only the hand of Thomas it includes, also, and his leg was lying between her legs and it seems that both of them were lying under the covers completely naked. Elizabeth suddenly realized something else. She refused at first, however, admit to yourself that thought, so she decided to check it out. Slowly, his hand slipped under the covers and began to move it towards your womb. Her fingers felt the first bunches of posklejanych her pubic hair and then felt it in her vagina is its member. He was not in the feint, so I felt it right away, but obviously he was in it. She slid her finger gently deeper into the vagina over the penis and felt that it is all in a warm, sticky liquid. “It seems that I loved him,” she thought, horrified. She was not ready for such a discovery. At all costs tried to remember what she did last night and how it happened that she woke up in a hotel bed with your own son-and worse with his member in her vagina. Unfortunately, despite strenuous efforts little she remembered. Gently move your hips so that his penis slipped out of her and quietly got out of bed. “Maybe I can get away from here so that you do not wake up and maybe no one will ever know” – she thought, but then another thought occurred to her, “and can be and talk to him, maybe I can explain the whole situation? I do not know “Possibly as quietly as she could went into the bathroom and closed the door gently. “First I need to wash and freshen up,” she thought, “I’m finally wearing his seed, and then decide what to do.”Standing naked, Elizbath looked toward the large mirror hanging on the bathroom wall.She saw this 54 year old pretty neat slightly overweight women. Small folds of fat around hips aside and abdomen did not affect too much on her figure. No, on the contrary they added her femininity and grace. Oriental beauty, big dark eyes, full lips were a result of the admixture of Indian blood. “I used to be an attractive and pretty woman, the guys behind me be viewed, but it was 30 years ago, he started a family and home and family become important until finally there was an accident that killed my husband and I became a widow. Actually, for 8 years I was alone and did not think of himself already in the category attractiveness and sex appeal “- she thought. Elizabet fingers brushed his hair back, went into the shower and turned on the hot water tap.

Waterloo escorts – chapter 2

She felt like a cold stream of hits in her smooth skin, backed up automatically but then the water became increasingly warmer, more pleasant until it became hot and wonderful. Elizabeth tilted her head back and closed her eyes to let the hot water ran down her face. She stood still Waterloo escorts, trying to remember the events of the previous night.Because he still was not able to recall what she did with Thomas, he took the hand of fragrant almond milk and honey fluid into the shower and began to wash his body.First hand soaped her breasts. It was a large, round and heavy. Protruding nipples surrounded by darker coating once hardened. Actually, it has always been proud of her breasts. She liked it and liked the gentle caress her breast. She loved her husband playing with them as they caressed and touched. She liked it alone touch them. Actually, for 8 years he was the only person who touched them. Elizabeth then slid his hands fullness of foam on his stomach, round hips and buttocks, washing it in a circular motion. She started to gather again the liquid to wash your pussy when I thought that once again check to see if they really had sex with his son in law. She slipped between the thighs my hand and gently pushing the labia entered his middle finger in the vagina. First, he slipped only half a finger and immediately felt warm and sticky liquid, which sticks to it. Then he slipped it deeper, and there also was filled with this mixture of sperm from her juices. “But it was not a prediction, I really loved him” – she thought confused. He does not, however, slipped a finger in your vagina. Her hips slowly began to undulate forward and back and her hand began to rub her womb. Put forward and slid his finger slowly, his other hand began to massage the clitoris. She tensed muscles tight, clenching his sheath around the finger. They always did when he masturbated to enhance your experience. Her thoughts revolved around Thomas. Since Stephany, her daughter brought him home and introduced her, Elizabeth is immediately liked him. He was handsome and funny. He worked as a manager in a large company financial well-earned. Always with great respect he refers to it and has never happened that he refused her help. Generally he had about him a very good opinion. He had not thought about it but never in the category lover, after all he was first a man and then married her daughter.Elizabeth further caressed, her pussy became hotter and wetter, and thoughts increasingly focused on the erotic elements of familiarity with Thomas. Not once she saw his naked muscular torso and arms, like her three-day stubble on his chin male and fancifully disheveled, tattered hairstyle. He recalled the smell of fresh lime green and cydrowy scent of his cologne. She could feel her emotions and the excitement grows and begins to reach the upper limits. Her breathing became faster, more violent hand movements. Excitement strengthened the hot water flowing down her skin. This condition requires that Elizabeth suddenly began to recall the events of the previous night. As if by magic wand she remembered what she did yesterday and how it happened that she woke up next to Thomas with his member in her vagina …Elizabeth had to go to her friend to Dundee at the wedding of her daughter. Thomas while driving business to Aberdeen and Elizabeth took advantage of this opportunity and took with him. In the evening, a terrible storm caught them, the car fell into the slip and falling out of the road hit the stone damaging the wheel. Fortunately nothing had happened to them. Thomas was not going fast. They found help in a nearby town. Unfortunately, the car repair could be done until the next day. They had to find some accommodation. Throughout the town there was only one small inn. They were the only customers so the owner offered them two separate attic rooms connected by a shared bathroom. Unpacked and went down for dinner. While waiting for food, they ordered a glass of whiskey with ice. They are having talked about different things. First, about the accident but then the conversation went on more loose threads. After dinner, the innkeeper lit the fireplace. They sat on high chairs, ordered another portion of whiskey and continue talking. The warmth of the fireplace and the blood flowing in their relaxed whiskey quickly. The talks became more cheerful, frivolous and naughty with each successive glasses of alcohol. In the end, they felt tired and went to their rooms.The room Elizabeth called her friend telling her about their adventure and arranged to meet the next day. At that time, Thomas from his room went into the bathroom and began to take a shower. Elizabeth finished talking and they also wanted to wash. She came from the other side to a shared bathroom and saw a naked Thomas. She felt confusion and quickly left without waiting for his reaction is. He is leaving the door but did not lock it. Thomas stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around hips and entered the room of Elizabeth. He asked if everything because something happened so quickly entered and emerged from the bathroom. Alcohol asking if something happened. Elizabeth said that in all a very shakes her head. Thomas sat beside her on the bed. He put a hand to her forehead to see if it has a temperature, after which he said that is warm but it’s probably whiskey and rude conversation. Elizabeth laughed and said that naughty this soon will be. Spontaneously zerała Thomas towel from the hips, exposing his bosom, penis and Jadar. Thomas’s reaction was a little different was she. Rather than cover up, Thomas stood up and showed up Eliabet naked in all its glory. He stood and said nothing. He looked fantastic. Elizabeth could not take his eyes off his body. She did not love the man for 8 years so I immediately felt her every part of the body to lift the spans in erotic. She knelt before him and took his hands in his testicles with a penis.

Waterloo escorts

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