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Watford escorts

Watford escorts – chapter 1

Day like everyday. In the morning a quick breakfast, easy to digest. You planned a decent, hot coffee immediately after arriving at the office. Dressed up as always elegantly, even Watford escorts pins, although you had concerns about whether it’s a good idea, because after walking a few hundred meters down the sidewalk you’ve had quite enough. You got to the house, your office, of course, was high in this office, but I liked this urban fabric ..You walked to the elevator. It was quite early, before you started working in about 20 minutes. Who would have thought that  so quickly. In the elevator you rode with some guy. I think quite handsome, but especially he did not , moreover, he wore a cap, so maybe it’s a courier, or who .. thinking about what awaits you at work,  himself the previous day and układałaś schedule for the next few hours .. you turned there attention when he came on the 5th floor are two guys dressed in typical costumes office – suits. Absorbed in your thoughts startled when suddenly it seemed to you that something you touched on the ass! No .. not .. certainly the case ..But after a while you felt distinctly masculine hand that gently brushing the you on the back and glided down toward the buttocks … rapidly, but at the site when the elevator stopped and the lights went out .. what the truth after a while has launched emergency lighting, but before it was passed a few good seconds ..During those few seconds you felt suddenly like one of the guys in the elevator behind you, that the earlier you took a courier grabs you tight under the bust, and the other hand obscures your mouth .. you were so paralyzed with fear that you have not even know what to do. .You heard her whisper in your ear. “Hey, Honey, surprise ..” not met him by his voice, but when połączyłaś all the facts arrived to you that soon you’ll be fucked hard, and that’s stopping the elevator was not accidental .. as if in response to your thoughts, you felt again a male hand on thigh .. .. glided between the legs from the knee up .. and quickly approached the pussy .. did you feel like when you brush against my pussy and gently sounds the thighs .. and after a while again returns to pussy and this time vulgarly maca you through panties ..All the time you were firmly held by one of them .. but someone deft movements unbuttoning your skirt and jacket. You had wanted to scream, kick a .. jerk .. but for some reason you became so paralyzed and waited what would happen next.In less than half a minute from stopping the elevator and you were standing between the three guys in a light blouse and tights .. after a while you also removed her blouse and bra .. one of the men forced you to kneel in the middle of the elevator and firmly grabbed you by the hair with the other hand unbuttoning his fly .. after a while seen an as removed his pants swollen penis and a strong gesture pushes you to the mouth .. In the first second you wanted to frantically scream and cry .. but at the same time you thought myself it was a little too thrilling and exciting .. you were angry at each other, but also noticed that guys are elegant and fragrant, and the one who raped your mouth had a very pleasant, hard cock, with a nice shape of an acorn .. decide to go ahead, that nothing you do not care and do them fairly indifferently what they want ..After a moment, did you see that stood beside the first attacker and the other Watford escorts two each had stretched out on top of the phallus .. lightly they caressed his penis to harden .. and approached to you.They forced you to any hand caressed one penis and mouth enough to satisfy the third and every now and then they told you to take in the mouth next .. felt like sticking their phalluses penetrate your throat, and though you tried to loosen up after a while they started running out of air in your penis .. the mouth was exceptionally large and to muzzle you completely, and entered so deeply that you started to weep eyes ..

Watford escorts – chapter 2

Did you think you can handle it, but it lasted still, as if time had stopped, and you still havent throat clogged penis. Did you feel that any of them miętosi your tits, but did not know even Whose hands .. someone has left you a pantyhose and panties .. and began to molest your pussy, gently at first .. but when I sensed that you are getting wetter put you two fingers inside and sharply Watford escorts you hand .. at the same time further krztusiłaś while doing a blowjob to change three horny stallions. After a while one of them walked behind you and slightly parted legs .. they started banging hard you from behind while you the one who was standing in front of you .. you wondered how much is this going and when someone finally fix the elevator .. you were completely dominated .. but for some reason it was very enjoyable.After a while they changed places .. the one who fucked you in the back, suddenly found himself at the front .. you felt on his dick taste of their own pussy .. after a while again were penetrated with the two pages ..Again they changed and the third one began for you from behind .. but attacked your other nostril .. first hard you there , spit your ass large amount of saliva smeared her finger and then slowly but surely slipped inside .. and when he was in the middle of it began to bang you, just as predecessors in the pussy ..After a while, they did change the position again .. the one who you from behind in picked you up, so you were facing the other two .. three of you kept the air, while that penetrated you standing behind your back. you tight on your dick and despite the fact that you were close to orgasm, you felt a slight pain. He had a terribly hard penis. Suddenly, one of them approached the front and came to you in the pussy!Yet this had never felt! You were together two cocks, so close together that touch eggs when you entered. Despite the initial shock, you figured quickly to the conclusion that it is divine, unique feeling of orgasm will give you just what else in life, you have not. After a moment, gentlemen again changed and the last of them came at you from the front, and the man retreated .. you felt a wave of orgasm .. which was spreading from the hips to the toes ..Your elegant rapists were also close .. again put you on the floor, where Watford escorts and even a few seconds of a change ssałaś .. felt that his legs and hands refuse to obey you, but ssałaś them further with some stupid gratitude for this mega orgasm.One by one they lowered you in the mouth or face .. you feel the sweet taste of their hot cum on the tongue, on the lips, her cheeks, and even from his forehead ..Gentlemen instantly be dressed and got out of the elevator .. when you finally got off on its own floor .. you were already back smartly dressed .. that something has changed cheating just a little disheveled hair and a slightly shaky step .. colleagues in the office have thought, that unless you had a sharp balanga at the weekend, but even nothing commented.

Watford escorts

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