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West End escorts


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West End escorts

West End escorts – chapter 1

One holiday day in the morning I was awakened by a knock at the door. I got up and went to the door. When it opened in the threshold fixed Olek and Olivia. Olek was 15 years old and was a tall skinny blonde with green eyes. She was dressed in gray leggings, sneakers and a white T-shirt. Olivia was younger than she was 14 years old but looked much older. She was about 165 cm tall, it has a slim had a lot of tits and ass. She wore a white denim shorts blue shirt with long sleeves and a black handbag. The girls recently started to give the nose, not przesypiały night and seemed to care less about each other. They said that they have spytały case and whether they can enter. West End escorts and told them that I was going to wear. Poprosiłybym was and have stated that they do not mind it. A little of them stank of sweat, but did not say anything. The girls wanted to borrow 20 zł for the next plot. I looked in my wallet and I had the last 30 zł and said that it lent them 20 girls almost did not . I began to beg and beg, asking what to do I’d lent them money. They offered me a room cleaning, the apartment but further disagreed. To Oli phone rang and had to leave for 20 minutes. Starting told Oliwce even get along with me. I looked at the computer and back in the direction of Olives, which fell to her knees on all fours and headed in my direction. She came to me and said that he would do everything I say. I smiled at her and replied, mocking voice: -This I like small, try to ask nicely, and I’ll give you the money. -Well Szefie.-answer Oliwia.-But now I’m the and not bathed, and it is hot and a little spociłam.-Not is it for me Fix the issue-I replied no, gently pinching her cycka.Uśmiechnęła stood up and began to twirl ass before me. I gave her some mild spanking. Slowly he began to pull his koszuleczka, under which was a black bra that was removed immediately after the T-shirt. She went to the sofa and stood before me continue to writhing. I shook her pussy in front of the same face. a button on her shorts and fly. Olivia stepped off the couch and stood with his back to me while doing slope so that her ass was the disconnected before me. She gave a slap se, and I slowly pulled her shorts. The girl was where no where sweaty, but at that moment it made me excited. She had white panties with bow front. I felt like my dick hard. I kissed her pupe through panties and put him in the hand between her legs. Panties were wet in the groin area and at the same elastic. I downloaded it and hitting it with  ass I said: ‘You know who you are now? My bitch, you understand? If so, -I’m your bitch and you my lord and władcą.-answer-hot .-I’m all for you. She sat on me straddle and began to rub bare on my shorts. We began to kiss, held her tight buttocks crushing them. After a while came down with me and knelt. I stood up and pulled me Olive shorts with boxers and began to suck dick Pale. I grabbed her by the hair and compressing to a large 17 cm cock. Choked him, I sat back on the couch and the young took pole between the tits and began the Spaniard. Vigorously I grabbed her by the hair and slapped her, saying: -Suko time for your smelly ass. Would you like me to lick them? What do you say, bitch? -My lord, but if you do not want to not do tego.-she said softly, holding the smoke in dłoni.-I’ll do it, but you’ll be much movement and bita.-said, and pulled the girl’s hair stood up to . Olivia leaned against standing next to a desk, walked up to her and stood behind her. I grabbed her tits, and she wiped .-But it is hard and very big. I’ve never seen such a big kutasa.-the girl said, shaking her bum while puffing. Suddenly there was a pókanie the door, it was Ola. Olivia said please. Olek came in and looked at us doing big eyes: -Ola if we want to have these two dychy it must be said -Oliwia.-And what I have to do? She asked Ola.-You have to be obedient and leave the room, the time will come and on ciebie.-I said.Olka left the room and closed the door behind him, and we got back to continue playing.

West End escorts – chapter 2

He crouched and began to bite her buttocks. The girl stood astride and opened her buttocks. I began to lick his dirty ass. Oil groaning with delight and said she is my whore. I lifted her one leg and started to lick the sweaty pussy. -aaa !!! But I get wet, pepper mnie.-said, rubbing chewed by me.-You fucking bitch. Oh -in saying this I got up and took a cock to West End escorts.-Take my pussy and rip it as much as possible, his great.-se said, giving kand slowly pushed the hardware to its young, wet pussy. Olivia squealed in pain. I grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck hard. The only sound was flat and scream girl. I felt that I come quickly took out piles and said morde-opens and  bitch took cock and after a moment she dropped her to .-Okay, tell Olce what kaman and punish her -I said firmly and sat on the bed .Oliwka went out and after a few minutes, came into the room Olcia. She came to me while shaking his skinny bum and turned her back, saying: – his faithful bitch and  and pulled her T-shirt. She was under her tiny bra.  were the size mandarin. We kissed, and I massaged her pussy by leggings. It was wet in the crotch. He pushed her onto the bed, and she leaned against the back of the disconnected my way. I gave her a strong slap and pulled leggings. She had a tight pink panties with lace. She sat on the bed raising skinny legs up so that it was easier to download panties. She stood up, panties fell to the ground, and she sat on my face and we started to position 69. licked her pussy and putting on my finger. Pussy Oli was terribly.-But the great chump, afraid to jej.-said, taking a dick to ręki.-You have to be scared bitch, string him. Already! – I shouted hitting. and took it into his mouth, after a while I got up with me. I was lying on its side, and Ola put in front of me. I grabbed her pussy and began to kiss her neck, punishing her lift one leg. Olek lifted skinny leg, and I slowly began to push dick in her mink. The girl howled with pain and pleasure. I started to push, it was really tight. I fucked her and she tearfully begged me to slow down. I pulled it cock and told her to sit on it. She crouched and wcelowała equipment pussy, then slowly sank hissing. When I turned to fuck her in this position, I called olive and told them suck. The girls have done what you need, took the money and came out satisfied.

West End escorts

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